The Kolokoys in Baguio

Boyet and I decided to go to Baguio to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. We extended the invite to my parents who were also celebrating their 36th. Baguio was initially out of the equation for our anniversary getaway because Boyet and I had been there years ago. Believe it or not, it was Zayne’s idea! And when you’re a parent, there are really times when your kid holds you hostage and tricks you into following their whim.

You’re probably asking how a two-year-old did it. (Oo, guys! Two years old pa lang si Zayne that time kasi June 2018 pa kami nagpunta sa Baguio! Ang sipag ko mag-blog, dabah?! HAHAHAHA!!!) Nanay Inday, our stay-out nanny goes to Baguio with her church mates every year. She started telling stories to Zayne about her latest trip to Baguio for the Holy Week. A few days after, Zayne already had a Baguio Bucket List! She even started praying at night. “Papa Jesus, sana po makapunta ako sa Baguio!” And when you ask her what she would do in Baguio, she would say, “Hmmmm… Mag-boat, mag-bike, sakay ng horse, kain ng taho, maglalaba, maghugas ng pinggan!” HAHAHAHAHA! As in! How can you say NO to that?!

We left Manila around 8AM on a Saturday hoping we would be in Baguio by afternoon. I was wrong! It was Boyet’s first time to drive to Baguio so we decided to skip Kennon Road. Unfortunately, there was a typhoon (or was it just a habagat?) beating almost the entire Luzon. We were driving through Marcos Highway when the cars started slowing down. We literally didn’t move in a spot for two freakin’ hours! Walang echos, guys! We saw other cars turning around. We asked one driver, and he said that he would try Kennon Road. We decided to stick to our initial plan which turned out to be a good idea because I found out later on Twitter that Kennon Road was closed down that day. We found out from drivers driving the opposite direction that there was a truck carrying gravel which got stuck, and there was only one lane available for commuters. Would you believe that we arrived in Baguio around 8PM?! Sakit ng pwet ko, mga besh! HAHAHAHA!

We went to Baguio with Nanay Inday and Tita Flory, Papa’s older sister. We booked a two-storey house with two bedrooms owned by Boyet’s colleague through Airbnb. I was hoping to cross out at least one item from Zayne’s bucket list on our first day, but the only thing that we wanted, next to going to the bathroom (HAHAHA) was to eat dinner. Good thing that there was a nice restaurant near our rented home.

The “seniors” woke up earlier to prepare a home-cooked meal to set us up for a jam-packed day. Or so I thought. Haha. You’ll know in a little while. We drove to Burnham Park to cross out two items from Zayne’s list. Although it was drizzling, we still enjoyed biking around the park.

We actually waited for a few minutes because they ran out of bikes with umbrellas. Mej marami pa ring tao kahit umuulan, but Zayne still had tons of fun kahit paikot-ikot lang naman kami! Even Mama and Papa couldn’t stop giggling. Enjoy na enjoy rin sila kahit may halong kaunting bangayan once in a while. HAHAHA!!!

Husay ng Tatay ko. Si Mama pa ang pinag-pedal! Wahaha!

We rushed to the other side of Burnham Park to tick off another item from Zayne’s list. We saw a very nice boatman who was cleaning his boat. Rain was started to pour so he asked all of us to get into the DIY shed while we wait for him.

Our boatman was not only nice and accommodating, he was also very patient. E puro tanders nga mga kasama ko kaya madaming mga tanong at mga opinyon sa buhay! Akalain mo bang nalaman na namin kung paano ang business operations nila. Mga besh, kasama ang hatian ng komisyon. Siniguro ng nanay ko na hindi lugi sa buhay si Kuya. Wahaha! We also found out from Kuya that they “park” their boats in the middle of the lake. Bakeeet? May mga nagnenenok daw kasi! Susme, aanhin nila ang bangka, dabah?!

We didn’t get to try strawberry-picking during our first visit so I was hoping I could try it that time. But Kuya discouraged us to go to the Strawberry Farm. He said that it got flooded, and that strawberries were very scarce. Puro lettuce lang daw ang mapipitas. :(

Our boatman also gave us tips on where to eat. We ended up following his suggestion. We ate at a Chinese restaurant that serves affordable yet very delicious dishes! Sobrang sulit.

This was Zayne outside the restaurant. :)

It started to rain really hard after our lunch so we opted to go back to the house. Zayne also needed to take her afternoon nap. We decided to drive to Camp John Hay when we noticed that the skies finally cleared up. I really wanted Zayne to roam around and see the pine trees because she had a lot of fun when we went to Crosswinds Resort Suites in Tagaytay. Believe it or not, it started to rain really hard again when we arrived at CJH! Our car roamed around the Bell House with the hopes of getting a decent parking spot, but it rained even harder. The fog got so thick. We then realized that the Bell House would be closing in less than an hour, and we still hadn’t found a parking space. We ended up driving home instead. Ang saya pa naman lumibot sa CJH. :(

Ayan, picnic sa living room ang ending ng bagets. Hindi ko alam bakit kailangan niya ng sardinas! =))

We spent the cold night at home. We all contributed in preparing a hearty dinner. I felt like we drove almost 12 hours to Baguio just to have a staycation. I initially felt really bad, but I eventually liked the stillness of the night as we catch up and reminisce old stories.

It was time for us to drive back home the following day, but we still had one thing left from Zayne’s list – horseback riding. We went to Sta. Elena Fun Farm months prior to our Baguio trip, but Tatay didn’t allow Zayne to ride a horse. Ok daw kay Tatay sa Baguio basta hindi naman umaandar ang horse. Haha! We drove to Mines View Park to complete Zayne’s Baguio Bucket List.

And then 2 seconds after...


The weather was very gloomy that day with thick clouds and fog almost blocking the view. We also had to walk for a few minutes in the middle of the rain because parking spaces were scarce that day. But much to our surprise, there were still a lot of people in the park even if we were there on a Monday morning.

Best in Photography ang Tatay ko. Pantay na pantay ang kuha! :p

Mama and Papa

Zayne’s Nanay Inday and Mama Powee

We also bought some pasalubong and a lot of plants at Mines View Park. Nagmukhang gubat ang likod ng kotse namin sa sobrang dami ng binili naming halaman ni Mama! Hahahaha!!! Anyway, we were very lucky to have a glimpse of the park because it started to rain heavily again as soon as we got into the car!

Because Mama, Tita Flory and Nanay Inday wanted to buy fresh vegetables, we decided to go to the local market. It was still raining, Zayne got so sleepy and we got nowhere to park so we opted to just stay in the car. Mej bad idea nga lang kasi walang pumigil kay Mama. Binili nya ang buong palengke. Hirap na hirap mag-drive pauwi si Boyet sa bigat ng kotse. Wahahaha!!!

Being an I-want-everything-to-be-planned kind of person, I initially despised our Baguio trip. It started with a half day travel to Baguio. Weather was horrible, and nothing went according to our plans. It was Mama’s first time in Baguio so I was hoping she would enjoy going around. But they all said that they enjoyed our trip albeit most of our plans going down the drain. And Zayne! Zayne didn’t mind all the botched plans at all. She still talks about our Baguio trip up to this day. And yeah, she still asks us when we’re going back!


  1. Awww Zayne is such a darling! Minsan kung ano pa ung mga plans na di super nagwowork-out, yun pa ung mga masasaya :) Tawa ako ng tawa sa pic ng parentals mo nagpepedal si nanay hehehe. Happy Chinese New Year, Jerellt! :)

    1. Thank you! :)

      Haha! Oo, tawa kami ng tawa habang nag-aasaran sina Mama at Papa. :p

  2. Ang cute-cute talaga ni Zayne! At ang bibo pa! :)

    Nakakamiss ang Baguio, nagpa-plano kami ng Tropang Ramen ko na umakyat nung long weekend ng November last year kaso di natuloy kasi natapat sa lipat namin ng Bacoor for good. Andami ko pa gusto gawin at kainin sa Baguio, hehe. :)

    1. Thanks, Edel! Kami rin gustong-gusto na namin bumalik ng Baguio kasi ang dami naming gustong gawin. Kaso traumatized si Boyet sa pag-drive. Hirap daw kapag naka manual. Haha!


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