The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Last March, our little family went to The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena, and we had a great time! It was one of our many spontaneous trips. My husband had a client meeting near Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. He asked me if I could take a day off from work so he could bring me and Zayne with him. He initially wanted to go directly to Tagaytay after his meeting, but because of our recent experiences being trapped in the horrible traffic in Tagaytay, I suggested we go to The Fun Farm instead. Honestly, what really happened was that I told Boyet, “May okay na farm for kids near Nuvali, doon na lang tayo.” We were already in the car when I searched FARM FOR KIDS NEAR NUVALI. Hahahaha!

Bachelor of Science in Motherhood Major in Cramming ako that day!!! 

I then remembered that one of my former office mates, Anna, posted about it on Facebook. Luck was really on my side that day because I was able to bug her while we were on our way to Laguna. She told me that I needed to make reservations because the farm is trying to control the crowd. My husband called the number given by Anna, and we were able to confirm that we could simply walk in that day. I guess it was because we came on a Tuesday. There was no crowd to control because we owned the farm that day! Hihihi.

The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Entrance fee is PHP400. Kids below 2 years old are free. Zayne was already 2 years and 4 months old during our visit, but they told us that we need not to pay for her. Yay! The rate is good for a 4-hour stay and is already inclusive of the following:

1. Carabao pulled cart ride
2. Horseback riding
3. Mini zipline
4. Animal feeding
5. Mini row-boating
6. Fishing
7. Use of playground, obstacle course, sand house and pavilion

Guinea Pigs at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Rabbits at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Zayne had tons of fun feeding the bunnies and the guinea pigs! They provided us with a large plate full of carrot strips. Zayne was scared for merely a couple of seconds, but she ended up loving it. We actually spent most of our time going back and forth to feed the bunnies and the guinea pigs. Hahaha! She kept on saying, “Balik tayo sa bunnies!”

Can you see the sparkle in her eyes? You’ll also notice in the video at the end of this post that Zayne didn’t want to be bothered at all while she was feeding her “friends”. Triggered siya ng slight sa nanay niyang kuha ng kuha ng photos at videos! :p

Animal Feeding at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

My husband and I have been making conscious efforts to expose Zayne to nature and outdoor activities. We allow her to watch YouTube videos but only when she’s with an adult. She doesn’t have her own phone or tablet so she knows that she can only “play” when we’re around. Every morning and after her afternoon nap, we allow her to go outside to play with our neighbors. And as parents, we try so hard to inject trips like this to encourage her to learn and appreciate nature. Zayne talked about animals for days after our trip to Paradizoo last year. And now, she still talks about the animals she saw months after our visit to The Fun Farm!

Ducks at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Apart from getting kids get exposed to the different kinds of animals, The Fun Farm is also one big playground! Zayne had a great time running around despite the fact that we arrived around 1PM. It was a hot March afternoon, but Zayne didn’t really mind.

Zayne was still too small for the obstacle course, but I’m pretty sure that the older kids will love it! Boyet decided to slowly go through the parts of the course while carrying Zayne.

Obstacle Course at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

The sand house was also a big hit for Zayne…

Sand House at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

and well, uhmmm... for me, too! Hihihi!

I would have wanted to let Zayne go horseback riding, but my husband, being the over-protective father that he is, insisted that Zayne is still too small to try it. Pfffttt!

Horseback Riding at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

I was thinking that if he didn’t want Zayne to try horseback riding, then I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t also let Zayne do the zipline. So I just told my husband to go with Zayne and see the tree house. As soon as they got there, the guy convinced Boyet that Zayne could try the zipline! “Pwede na po ‘yan, Sir. Sabay po kayo!”

Zayne was so brave! She actually did it twice. You have to see it in the video at the end of this post! I was so glad that I got to “trick” Boyet into letting Zayne try it. HAHAHAHA!:p

Zipline at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

We didn’t get the chance to try the boat ride because we got so preoccupied in trying to catch a fish! My husband wanted to try fishing for the longest time! He was quite disappointed when we didn’t get to do it when we went to Cintai Corito’s Garden. Wala pa daw kasing fish at that time. Mej malas yata kasi talaga siya. The woman who assisted us at The Fun Farm was so stressed out because the fishes were not going after the bait. “’Yung guard po kasi kanina, aliw na aliw magpakain! Binuhusan ng binuhusan ng pagkain kaya busog na sila ngayon!” HAHAHAHAHA! Hindi yata talaga para kay Boyet ang fishing! :p

Fishing at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

That small fish was all he got! No fish was harmed during this trip. We returned the friendly creature back to the water. Hihi. (Check the video kasi may bloopers si Zayne while fishing. Haha!)

We sealed our trip by meeting the very lovable carabao, Chocnut! After our ride with Chocnut, I think I finally understood the reason behind the crowd-control. Aside from giving the guests a quality time by making sure that they make the most out of their four-hour stay at the farm, managing the crowd is also for the benefit of the animals. Can you imagine if Chocnut gets to tour around a thousand people a day? Wawa naman siya ‘di ba?

Chocnut the Carabao at The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Zayne definitely enjoyed our trip to The Fun Farm. It was tiring, which explains why she refused to smile when I asked her for a selfie. She immediately dozed off the moment we got into our car. But despite the exhaustion from the heat and all the running, there was an indescribable joy on her face that day. She fell asleep that night still talking about the animals. She still remembers about The Fun Farm each time she sees our photos!

Albeit the scorching heat and the countless times we had to chase Zayne, my husband and I had a very nice time. Boyet definitely enjoyed his fishing experience. I enjoyed seeing Zayne beam with excitement, and I definitely liked looking at these small “reminders” scattered all over the farm!

If you decide to go to The Fun Farm especially during summer, I highly suggest you bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, extra shirts and insect repellent. We brought water, but it wasn’t enough so we ended up buying more from the store.

As promised, here’s a compilation of the videos I took during our trip to The Fun Farm. Pardon my very lame attempt at video editing. This is one of the reasons why I cannot vlog! Hahaha!

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The Fun Farm
Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate
Santa Rosa, Laguna
For inquiries:(02) 935 8954 or 0920 913 1349
Operating Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM (Tuesday - Sunday)

* All photos and were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie


  1. eto pala ung sta elena farm! so kelangan ng reservation? and pano kapag commute? or need ng car pagpasok sa loob?

  2. Looks like a fun family day out! Zayne, ikaw ba si little white riding hood? Ang cute-cute mo talaga (pwera usog)! I hope to see you in person one day! :)

  3. Pinakita ko kay Kakay. Lalo na excite sa pagpunta namin. Sana di kami ulanin.

  4. I was eager to see details about the farm, pero may napansin ako. Yung red na chucks <3 I remember the first few posts you made about the struggles of pregnancy. Yung may picture sa may pinto ata yun, kasama yung chucks nyo na mag-asawa Ang saya lang!!!! So happy for your family :)


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