Zayne's Jollibee Birthday Party

My husband and I decided to throw Zayne a Jollibee party for her second birthday. We were initially torn between a Jollibee birthday party and a trip to the beach. Zayne wasn’t much of a help either because she also kept on changing her mind until the last minute. It also didn’t help that my husband and I were both swamped with work leading to Zayne’s second birthday. Before we knew it, almost all the Jollibee branches near us were already fully booked! The nearest branch available on our desired date and time was Jollibee Harbour Square. We went to the branch to pay for the reservation fee. Zayne was sooooo into Hello Kitty at that time so the theme was actually her choice. Tatlo lang naman ang choices ng theme, hahaha!

We booked in advance and then Boyet and I got even busier with work. It was fine because Jollibee offers hassle-free birthday packages. We could book everything online, but we decided to drop by Jollibee Harbour Square to see if the venue could accommodate all our guests.

E kaso eto na ngaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 

A couple of weeks after we booked Jollibee, the government finally announced the schedule for ASEAN! Zayne’s birthday party fell on the ASEAN weekend! And to make things even more exciting, sa CCP branch nga kami nag-book! Nandun lang naman ang lahat ng hanash for the ASEAN!

A few days before Zayne’s party, the staff of Jollibee informed us that the area would be on partial lockdown. We informed the guests to bring valid IDs and be prepared to be subjected for police inspection. Our guests were also fully aware that traffic would be horrible that day. True enough, the venue was surrounded by tons of uniformed men. We were all subjected to a security check as we entered CCP complex. Big time si Zayne! Ang tight ng security ng party! Harharharhar! :p

The party was supposed to start at 4PM, but most of our guests were trapped in traffic because of the countless of rerouting schemes. I was just glad that the kids (and kids-at-heart) who were at the venue on time were at least kept busy as they got their faces painted by Pintwora Face Painting Services.

Kwentong ASEAN: Do you know where we were yesterday? We were celebrating Zayne's 2nd birthday at Jollibee Harbour Square. Yes, mga beshies! Nasa CCP kami! We weren’t aware of the ASEAN schedule when we booked the venue. Party was supposed to start at 4PM. By 2PM, our phones were restless as we started to receive last-minute cancellations from friends who couldn’t make it. By 4:20, only two tables were occupied. Jollibee was very considerate to extend the waiting time. I looked at the clock for the nth time. It was 4:40. Ang sakit sa pusong isipin na halos walang bisita ‘yung anak ko. So at that moment, we had two choices - dwell on the negativities or look at the brighter side. Tapos parang magic kasi dumating sabay-sabay karamihan around 4:45. Hahaha! We could have unfriended those who didn’t make it. Friendship over na tayo, guys. But that would be unfair. We know how horrible the traffic was. So I just looked at the almost 60 people (we were expecting around 90) who made it yesterday and told myself that we’re so lucky to be surrounded by people who are willing to turn EDSA into the Red Sea just to party with my daughter. Thanks, guys. Mga mandirigma kayong tunay! Party party kahit basang-basa na ang mga kili-kili sa traffic. Bwahahaha! Instead of the usual 30 minutes, we had Bestfriend Jollibee stay in the party for one hour. That made Zayne so happy! Hindi na nakapagtrabaho ‘yung mascot kakayakap ni Zayne. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming those who were just doing their jobs, we just laughed at our situation and all agreed that Zayne was such a VIP that day! Ang dami niyang security! Bwahahaha! P.S. This actually happened when we saw the entire first floor of Jollibee filled with policemen. Zayne (points her finger at everybody): Ay, ang daming pulis ha! Me: O, you say HI to them. Zayne (waves at everybody): Hi! Those who saw us smiled and waved back. 😂😂😂
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The party before us finished late so we were not able to set up earlier as we initially planned. Looking back, I guess their guests also came in late because of the heavy traffic. Anthony, the host of our party, told us that they would give us more time because of the delay. We were supposed to start the party at 4:30PM, but there were only very few guests by that time. We started around 4:45PM, and by this time, most of the guests who confirmed started to arrive!

The package we got already includes mascot appearance for 30 minutes. Anthony asked us if we wanted to extend Jollibee’s “exposure” to one hour. My husband agreed because he wanted to make the most out of whatever time was left out of the party. It was actually a very good decision because everybody loved spending time with Jollibee! Zayne was so ecstatic! She always wanted to go to JABI, and I kept on telling her that JABI needs to work. HAHAHAHA!

I’ve been to countless of Jollibee parties before that’s why I already know the flow of the program. Because we were pressed for time, I noticed that Anthony made some tweaks with the program. We had to start late so Anthony and Jollibee did their best to wake us all up! There weren’t a lot of kids in the party so Anthony only hosted a BRING ME game with a twist. I guess the competitive kids still enjoyed the game!


Hindi ko alam bakit ang saya ko dito! HAHAHAHA!

There was also a MINIMUM TO MAXIMUM slash BABY SHARK DANCE CONTEST slash BEAUTY PAGEANT for the adults! Feeling ko nga mas mahaba ang games for the adults. Siguro dahil nga kaunti lang ang mga kids na nakarating.

Anthony was such an effective host! Wholesome ang mga jokes pero hindi boring! The photos are proof enough that everybody had fun. Sulit na sulit din namin si Jollibee! He went out of his way to go around and entertained our guests. Mayor na mayor si Jollibee! HAHAHAHA!

Enjoy pa rin naman ang mga kids dahil BABY SHARK all the way! Hahaha!

We bought some toys from Edeng’s Toy Store. Some were given away as prizes along with the Jollibee loot bags and giveaways that were part of the party package. We made some personalized loot bags by printing Hello Kitty on some brown bags. Each loot bag contains a Hello Kitty blind bag and some chocolates and candies.

Because Zayne’s Ninang Joie, who used to bake all of Zayne’s birthday cakes, is now in New Zealand, we decided to just get the cake from Jollibee. (Ang totoo din kasi, nilamon kaming mag-asawa ng trabaho kaya hindi na rin kami nakahanap ng ibang cake supplier! Nyahahaha!) If I am not mistaken, we got the large cake which costs around PHP1000.

We opted to have two different food packages for the kids and the adults. For kids, we had spaghetti, chicken, fries, sundae and soda. The adults had the upgraded version with rice. Because we knew that our guests would be trapped once again in traffic, we decided to have last-minute additional orders of Yum Burger for them to take home.

Boyet and I initially felt bad for our daughter. But then we realized that Zayne is very lucky to be surrounded with a lot of people who love and care for her. And besides, Zayne didn’t seem to mind all the hiccups. She was just so happy to sing and dance Baby Shark with Jollibee! Suffice to say, we as parents went home with overwhelmed hearts! Zayne just couldn’t stop talking about her Jollibee party for weeks!

Jollibee makes sure that parents get the hassle-free party that their kids will definitely enjoy! There are 3 easy steps in booking a Jollibee party online.

First, find a store for your party venue. The website already provides the available date and time along with the party zone’s capacity. This saved us tons of time! I remember the good old days when parents need to call or personally drop by the store to check for availability. Hihi!

Second is to plan the details of your party. You can indicate on this part the number of guests that you’re expecting. You have to pay a party fee of PHP1500 for the name tags, balloons and the likes. You can pay PHP2000 if you wish to add 10 loot bags. The party fee already includes Jollibee mascot appearance. Next is to choose the food package and add-ons like the cake and additional mascot.

And lastly, pay online!

It’s that easy!

Apart from a fun-filled birthday party, we also took home a cute Jollibee doll and a fun catcher toy! :)

* All photos were taken by Dar Calado of Frames Perfect Studios.

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