Baguio Trip: Day 2 (Camp John Hay)

We wandered around Camp John Hay after our lunch at “Everything Nice”. Kuya Roy suggested we take pictures of The Manor Hotel, which is one of the finest hotels in Baguio. Boyet told us that we should not take pictures of the Ina Mansion so we could brag to other people that we stayed at the The Manor. Hehe!

Us in front of The Manor

Posing with Liberty

After meeting Liberty, we went straight ahead to the Historical Core. I had a nice walk, away from all issues at work and the problems of being an adult. We strolled at the Cemetery of Negativism. I wished I could also bury all the negative feelings I have inside. Hehe! :)

with Erlie

Ko Lakas Ang! :p

It’s really nice to be far away from home because you have the luxury to fool around. Like these people…

Below is my favorite part of Camp John Hay. I took this one on the balcony of the Bell House. I'm so proud of myself! *wink*

More pictures :)

Next stop was the Bell House. If you have not seen enough goofing around, let me show you more!

Hay! I want to go back to Baguio!!!!! ^_^

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