For the Love of the (Online) Game

Filipinos are naturally fun-loving individuals. I know a lot of foreigners who tell me that they have at least one neighbor, colleague or acquaintance who happens to be a Filipino. And all of them unanimously say that Filipinos are very happy people. I can list down a lot of factors that contribute to my country’s high happiness index. But for now, I would like to focus on one thing – my people’s love in playing games!

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I am proud to say that I grew up in the generation wherein the old-fashioned and modern ways of gaming met. Growing up, I spent hours playing outdoor games with my childhood friends. When weather didn’t permit it, my friends and I would play board games to ease our boredom. At the same time, I also got the chance to play computer games, which at that time were already starting to dominate the planet. Hihihi!

If you think that fun is only limited to Filipino kids, then you’re absolutely wrong. If you are familiar with the Filipino culture, then you’re probably aware that an improvised basketball court made from scrap of woods is a staple in every street around the country!

boomtown bingo

When it comes to the more senior age group, BINGO is probably topping the list of the most famous pastime. A usual afternoon sight in my country includes neighbors playing BINGO. You’ll see a toothless middle-aged woman laughing her heart out as she wins a game. You’ll hear endless squeals from the younger ones observing the game.

Now that everything already involves computers, it’s inevitable for these traditional games to be “migrated” into the online world. You can now play basketball without sweating. Kids who used to team up for an afternoon outdoor game now team up for a virtual reality game. Solving puzzles using a pen and a paper is starting to become obsolete as we install such games in our mobile phones. Even BINGO, who the younger generation thinks as a game for the oldies, has also penetrated the online world! This kind of innovation makes the game more accessible even to the younger generation. There are a lot of online bingo sites so it’s very helpful for users to have access to online bingo review sites.

The world of games is continuously evolving. We all live in a face-paced world that’s why it’s really helpful for us to spend a little time to enjoy and unwind. Some still prefer the traditional way, while others are up to the more modern approach. Whatever works for you, make sure you find some time in your very busy schedule to have fun!

How about you, what is your favorite pastime game? =)

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