My Two-Year-Old Clearly Knows Her Priorities

Our darling, Zayne, turned two years old last November. She’s growing up to be more talkative and inquisitive as days go by. You may say that I’m a bit biased here, but other people who have seen Zayne lately also tell us that she thinks and speaks a bit advanced for her age. Even before she turned two, she already knows how to count from one to twenty. And it’s not purely memorization because she really does know the concept of counting. There was even this one time when she surprised me and Boyet when she was able to perform simple subtraction! She also knows the alphabet by heart, and she can effortlessly identify the letters even if jumbled or randomized. We figured it out when she was able to successfully spell out the words FIRE EXIT while we were in the hospital. On some days, I find myself just scratching my head in disbelief for the things she says and does. She now formulates her own opinions. I think we’re raising an assertive young lady who clearly knows her priorities in life! HAHAHA!

Last Christmas, Boyet and I gave Zayne an inflatable house. She still uses it especially when we have other kids coming over to the house. This year, we were initially planning to give Zayne a kitchen set. On her second birthday, we bought her to a toy store and let her choose what toy to get. We were actually discreetly convincing her to get a cute Barbie kitchen set which costs around PHP1500, but she refused and insisted on getting a much cheaper kitchen set which was only PHP150. With that, my husband and I were back to zero on thinking what to give her for Christmas.

I mentioned in previous posts that Zayne loves watching those unboxing videos on YouTube. She specifically loves watching a couple of videos unboxing and building Doc McStuffins Lego Duplo. While we were shopping for Christmas gifts for our godchildren, Zayne also kept on “checking” the aisle with all the Doc McStuffins toys. We visited the SM Aura branch of Toy Kingdom, and on all occasions, Zayne always ran directly towards DocMcStuffins!

This parenting thing is hard, isn’t it? We went to the toy store today to buy for Christmas gifts. My husband suggested to leave us at the nursing room as he shops for toys. He thought that it would be difficult to manage Zayne because we’ve seen her touch everything inside the toy store. My husband’s idea was more convenient, but I realized that I need to teach my daughter some valuable lessons in life. She started squealing when she saw Doc McStuffins and Hatchimals. Zayne: Nanay!!! Me: Ok, tingin lang. Zayne: Bukas natin. Me: Where’s your money? Zayne: Wala po. Me: Wala pala e. E di tingin lang tayo. That scene was on loop for a long time. (Bakit kasi ang tagal bumili ng toy car ng asawa ko? HAHAHA!) It pains me to see my baby girl get disappointed each time I said NO to her. I told myself that I can actually afford to buy the toys. (Pero potek, 3k yung itlog ng Hatchimals, haha!) But buying her the toys will defeat the purpose of why I decided to bring her in the toy store in the first place. I think I would rather bear the heartache of seeing my daughter “disappointed” today than deal with a much bigger heartache in the future when she turns out to be an entitled spoiled brat. So I told her that she could have one toy as long as Nanay has the money. She grabbed a Peppa Pig ball that costs PHP150. She later changed her mind and grabbed a Sofia the First blind bag. I lost count of how many times she changed her mind until she finally settled with a Hello Kitty surprise egg that costs PHP60. Bwahahahaha. Hay. It only just begun. And to think that we’re praying to have another child. 😂😂😂
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Now, here’s the fun part. We made a conscious effort to expose her to books at a young age. She is my daughter so we didn’t exactly need to exert much effort. We had really been planning to expose Zayne to Lego. We wanted to see whether she would be as interested as her Tatay. Thanks to YouTube, Zayne's anticipation built over time.

We also want Zayne to realize the importance of money at a young age. I know that a lot of parents usually “shield” their younger kids from their financial burdens, but I want to be as open to Zayne as possible. It’s not that we’re in deep financial trouble. Hindi naman kami naghihikahos. But we’re paying for a house, a car and three life insurances, among other things, so we try to instill in Zayne’s young mind that we are not rich. I always tell Zayne that she’s not supposed to waste food, that we can’t buy all the toys in the toy store, and that there are more important things where our money should go to. So far, I think we’re succeeding with our daughter’s financial education. Haha.

Little Kolokoy - Lego Duplo

Little Kolokoy Priorities

Don’t you agree that our two-year-old clearly knows her priorities? Hihi!

We were supposed to wrap a sack of rice for Zayne to open on Christmas day. Good thing I already claimed the Sodexo gift certificates that I got as a prize for winning Nuffnang’s Del Forever blog contest! Hahaha!

We went to Hobbes and Landes in BGC to look for Doc McStuffins Lego Duplo. One of the salesmen told us that it has long been phased out. (My husband actually didn’t believe him because he saw a Doc McStuffins Lego Duplo in Toys R Us. Hihi.) Boyet then went to other Toy Kingdom branches, still failed to get one and finally settled with this one.

lego duplo house
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Here is a video of our baby girl on Christmas Day! :)

But because our darling Zayne loves ANYTHING she receives, she immediately fell in love with our Christmas gift! (Yes, Ninang Aubrey. That includes the purple monkey that her Ate Skye gave to her as a birthday present. The same monkey that you hate so much! HAHA!)

Zayne has been playing with her new toy since Christmas day. The label in the box says that it improves motor skills and develops creativity, but I have to say that it gives us so much more! We’ve been spending HOURS playing with it as a family so it’s definitely a good bonding activity. Toddlers also tend to have shorter attention span, but I’ve seen that this particular activity makes Zayne focus more. We’re also trying to work on Zayne’s patience because she has the tendency to get frustrated when she can’t do a specific task. Again, these bricks are helping her. When she starts to whine, I usually ask her if she needs Nanay’s help. If she agrees, then she says, “Thank you, Nanay!” Nakakadevelop din ng GMRC! HAHAHA!

Lego Duplo

My problem now is that it looks like my husband and my baby now share the same “addiction”. Ang mahal ng bisyo ng mag-ama! Sana talaga bigas na lang ang binalot ko! Cheret! :p


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