Baguio Trip: Day 4

Baguio had a different atmosphere on our 4th day. The heavy traffic seemed to be a thing of the past. The roads are clearer compared to the previous days when I felt that walking along Divisoria was a far better experience than walking on the roads of Baguio.

Our goal for that day was only to buy “pasalubongs” then leave after lunch. We got a taxi and went ahead to the Good Shepherd. We were all surprised to know that it was only 2-3 blocks away from the Mines View Park. So we grabbed the chance to go back to the park since we didn’t get to see its beauty when we first came.

Mas mataas lang yung tinatapakan nya ha!!!

Jeff and Joie

Hala galit pa rin sa Pizza Volante??!!

I was the one who insisted to come back because I really wanted to see the infamous St. Bernard dog. We came so early that’s why we didn’t see it when we went down the long and winding stairway that leads to the viewing deck. Even the Igorots were just preparing the costumes for rent when we saw them. In short, we were the “buena manos”. Hehe!

I texted Papa to verify if the dog was really in Mines View Park because I might be mistaken. As soon as I sent the text message, I was so surprised to see that big fury dog. I shouted like crazy out of excitement. I think they charge Php20 per shot, Php50/3 shots.

Je: Nag-steroids ka?
DJ: Di ha! Balbon lang!

Sana eto na lang ang pasalubong ko ;)


DJ (Douglas Jr.) is at home with DJ (Daddy Jeff) :p

We had to go back before I fold DJ to make him fit into my bag so I could bring him home. Before we left, we all enjoyed a cup of buttered corn with cheese because we didn’t eat breakfast. Then, we walked to the Good Shepherd to buy our “pasalubongs”.

I bought 2 ube jams, 1 strawberry jam, peanut brittle, angel cookies, lengua de gato and 2 mixed choco flakes. After that, we waited inside the Ibay Zion Plaza while Joie, Jeff and Erlie sought for silver jewelries. They say that Ibay’s sell cheaper silver jewelries.

We then walked to a hotel near Mines View (I’m not sure if it is the Mines View Hotel) because Jeff suggested we try Half Moon. We didn’t know that they are serving bibingcrepes (bibingka crepes). We were willing to try but we needed to be full tank for the 7-hour drive back to Manila. The crew was so nice to accompany us at the restaurant nearby. It was obviously new but the interior was nice and cozy.

We were the only customers inside so the waiter was a bit excited to serve us. He was apologetic and told us that they just opened last October. They only have 4-5 entries on their menu which was only a piece of laminated paper.

Joie, Jeff and I ordered their Cordon Bleu Chicken while Boyet tried out their steak. If I’m not mistaken, each only costs less than Php200.

Cordon Bleu Chicken

Steak for Boyet

We finished eating a little before 12 p.m. just in time to go back to our hotel to check out. The all-around waiter, who was watering the plants when we were eating, even accompanied us to get a taxi. Talk about excellent customer service! Hehe!

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