How Young Living Essential Oils Changed My Life

I joined the wonderful world of essential oils last June, and my life has never been the same since then. (Ok ba intro ko?! Hahahaha!) Before I tell you why I decided to make the big jump, allow me to share with you first how I discovered Young Living essential oils. I was first intrigued when Joy, a fellow mommy blogger and virtual friend (never pa kasi kami nag-meet, haha), shared how an essential oil helped minimize his husband’s snoring. (See her post here.) My curiosity was immediately piqued because my husband is also a big snorer. Joy then kept on sharing how other essential oils have been helping her manage her family’s health. Before you judge me of just bending due to peer pressure, I have to say that such is not the case. Nakayanan ko nga na hindi uminom, manigarilyo at mag-drugs noong teenager ako, sa essential oils pa ba ako magpapa-BI?! Hahahaha! But seriously, the reason I decided to try out EO lies in my long history of poor health. =(

I grew up with asthma. I quit my first job after just a four-month stint because I developed severe hyperacidity. I also have migraine. I have PCOS which was the primary reason I struggled with infertility. After taking the maximum dosages of Metformin and Clomid for years, I realized the kind of stress I put into my liver and other internal organs!

When I became pregnant with Zayne, I promised myself that I would be breastfeeding her for as long as my body permits it. But with the kind of immune system that I have, I knew that I needed all the help that I could get. I resorted to going back to basics each time my body would fail me. At the onset of runny nose or itchy throat, I go to our mini garden to get some oregano. I grind the leaves to get the extract and mix in some calamansi juice and honey. If I don’t do it, it will definitely escalate to upper respiratory tract infection. Yes, people, that is how my immune system works. In most cases, I would rather sleep than take a Paracetamol to help me with my migraine or an antacid for my hyperacidity. I know some of you would say that these two are relatively safe for breastfeeding, but I opted to be on the safest side. I guess my turning point was when even sleep has become some sort of a luxury given my demanding job and very busy schedule. I felt like I wasn’t being the best version of what I hoped to be – an effective leader at work and a doting wife and mother. I realized that my poor health has been dragging my life for a very long time!

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I decided to signup to Young Living and purchased my premium starter kit. (Just to be clear, this is NOT a sponsored post. I do hope this is, but it really isn’t. Hihi!) I received my kit just in time for my “flu months” which happen to be July and August! The same week that I got my kit, I started feeling some flu symptoms. Same time last year, everybody in our household got sick all at the same time. Hawa-hawa kami! I was out of office for a week after Zayne and I got sick. The following week, si Boyet naman ang nagkasakit! Considering that my workload now is heavier compared to last year, I was actually very surprised that I still haven’t taken a single sick leave since I started with my EO journey! Shemay, pwera usog!!! :p

I started diffusing lemon, purification and thieves last month when I woke up with an itchy throat. I was so happy that it didn’t escalate into something more serious. I have also been diffusing the same combination the past few days because Zayne’s yaya hasn’t been feeling well. It’s working so far! I also used the same blend to deodorize our house especially during the time when Zayne had a bout of diarrhea! Ang bango bango sa bahay, promise!

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With the help of Joy, I joined several online communities of OILBULARYOS! Hahaha! That’s how they fondly call themselves. I was so surprised with the amount of information that is readily available for a newbie like me. I didn’t know that there are a lot of uses of essential oils!!! I’ve been diffusing EO for weeks when I finally had the courage to try coming up with my own topical blend. Using grapeseed as carrier oil, I mixed panaway, lavender and peppermint hoping that it would help me with my migraine. Grabe, this blend works magic! This blend changed my life! Hahahaha! I don’t remember the last time I took a Paracetamol for my headache!

There was this one time when I put my oil blend to a test. I woke up with a terrible headache. I was planning to take a day off, but I decided to go to work after I saw how full my calendar was. I had to interview a couple of candidates and attend to a meeting. I already gave my husband a heads up to fetch me at work after my schedule frees up at 2PM. My first interview was scheduled at 11 AM. I was initially hesitant that this oil would help me, but I realized that I already had nothing to lose. I came prepared so I also brought some Paracetamol. Boyet sent me a message around 4PM.

Boyet: Akala ko ba uuwi na tayo?
Me: Shet! Masakit nga pala ‘yung ulo ko kanina?!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Nakatipid ako ng SL, mga beshies!

I use also this powerful blend to ease muscle pains. On several occasions, I asked my husband to use this oil to massage me. I have been waking up with stiff neck or achy back because Zayne is sometimes latched the entire night.

young living essential oils (1)
Move over, Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid! =))

My husband has been supportive of our EO journey. He has been preparing our diffuser every night. Lavender has been helping us sleep soundly every night. Before EO came into our lives, I would wake up every morning feeling even more tired. We add other EO to lavender depending to our body’s need. On normal days, it would just be lavender and RC because I noticed that RC helped minimize my husband’s snoring. On some days, we mix lavender with peppermint to help me with my migraine.

I think my husband initially supported me out of his unconditional love for me. Hindi pa siya masyadong convinced… not until Digize changed his life!!! Hihihi!!!

Digize was the last bottle we opened from our kit. Joy has nothing but good words for Digize. Lifesaver daw ang Digize for her. One time, I panicked when my husband complained of tummy and chest pains. Kapag lumilipat-lipat ang sakit, acid reflux! Before EO, he would resort to water therapy. Kapag hindi kinaya, laklak ng antacid! That night, I asked him to put undiluted Digize near his navel area. Within minutes, he started burping! I initially thought he was just teasing me to make me feel that he really is impressed with Digize. But a few days after, I also felt the need to use it. I felt like throwing up because of hyperacidity. I put Digize, and the pain was gone in minutes after I burped countless of times!

A lot of people think that being an oilbularyo is expensive. That was what I thought, too. My starter kit put quite a dent in my monthly budget, but it’s totally worth it. The Premium Starter Kit (USD160 + USD14 shipping fee) comes with a diffuser and 11 kinds of oils in 5mL bottles. Lavender, which we use every night, lasted for two months. ‘Yung ibang oils, ang dami pang laman!

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Some members of the online groups I belong to share how EO helped them from insect bites to recurring allergies and chronic pains to name a few. I’m still pretty new in this journey that is why I’m so amazed with how others have completely integrated EO in their lifestyle. I read how a lot of women come up with their own blends of insect repellent, home cleaners, moisturizer, toners and facial wash out of EO! OILBULARYO LEVEL 99999999!!!

I’m not saying that the use of essential oils is the be-all and end-all to a healthy lifestyle. For me, I consider EO as an aid for my body’s first line of defense. It’s very important to know your body and when to seek doctor’s help. In my case, I know that a simple itchy throat or runny nose would lead to upper respiratory tract infection. Dati kasi, nangangati pa lang ang lalamunan ko, laklak na agad ako ng gamot! Madalas, diretso antibiotics na agad kapag hindi gumaling. That is why I know when to use my EO. Knowing your own body and use of common sense are very important when you decide to go into the world of EO. Hindi naman pwedeng iasa mo lahat sa EO, dabah? Ubo ka na ng ubo, ayun pala pneumonia na! Again, I use EO to help support my almost non-existent immune system. Minsan, pang-arte din, like this one time when I had a huge pimple, and I decided to put frankincense. Infer, natuyo siya after two days! Hahahaha!

Update – October 12, 2017:
There is a flu bug going around our home, and my essential oils have been working overtime! I don’t think I would have survived this hell week without my oils. A lot of people have been telling me that the essential oils are expensive. Pero, gahhhhdddd! Super sulit na sulit ako sa mga kalangisan ko! HARHARHARHAR!!! I try to post my EO journey in my Instagram page once in a while. See you there! =)

In case you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me a message in my Facebook page. (‘Yung mga friends ko, you all know how to reach me. Hihi!) Again, I’m still new to this so I might not be able to answer some questions, but Joy promised to help me out. Kapag marami daw nagtanong, mag-hold daw siya ng classes! Hahahaha!

Update – November 26, 2018:
Here is a vlog that Zayne and I made as we unbox our September Essential Rewards! :)

If you’ve already decided to enter the wonderful world of EO, you may check out this link to start your journey. :)

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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