Restaurant Review: Samgyupsalamat (Jupiter, Makati)

Some of my teammates and I decided to spend our last day in our Makati office by devouring over unlimited BBQ at Samgyupsalamat. It’s a Korean restaurant concealed along the very busy Jupiter St. in Makati. I was so surprised that a restaurant actually exists in that part of the city. We’ve been passing its spot every day for the longest time, and I didn’t even have the slightest idea that there’s a hidden foodie haven in the area.

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I wasn’t able to take photos when I first tried it with my teammates because I promised myself that I would be bringing my husband with me on my next visit. I told my husband about Samgyupsalamat, and he didn’t stop bugging me until I brought him with me! A couple of weeks ago, Boyet and I finally went on a date! I think it was only fitting for Samgyupsalamat to be our choice for our long overdue date. It was our first time in months to grill meat and eat for two straight hours without a toddler pulling our arms! Hihi!

Their menu is quite extensive, but we decided to avail of their unlimited BBQ promo. Hungry diners have the options to have either unlimited pork (lunch PHP380 / dinner PHP430) or unlimited pork and beef (lunch PHP480 / dinner PHP530). We decided to go with the second option. Minsan lang kami mag-date, so all out lamon na! Hahaha!

There are nine kinds of meat from the second option. My teammates and I only got to try four out of the nine. In the spirit of making an honest and subjective review for my blog, my husband and I tried to eat as much as we could. Unfortunately, we were only successful in trying seven out of the nine. Sorry, mga bes. The spirit is strong, but our tummies could only take in that much meat! Hahaha! This is why I highly suggest that you go to Samgyupsalamat with your friends so you can eat as many kinds of meat as you can! Hahaha!

The first thing we tried was the yangnyum beef. It was the only thing that my teammates and I kept on asking when we went to Samgyupsalamat! Eto ang salarin kung bakit hindi ko natikman ang ibang choices on my first visit!

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It is sweet and tangy. It’s perfect to be wrapped in lettuce with the pungent kimchi to give your palates an extraordinary contrast of flavors.

I forgot to take a photo of the bulgogi meat. It was also another favorite of the group. For me, it’s best eaten with rice and spring onions.

The classic beef samgyupsal has a more subtle taste. I like it wrapped in lettuce with kimchi, spring onions, pickled radish and tons of gochujang paste!

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We also tried the daepae. Just like the beef samgyup, I highly suggest that you wrap the meat in lettuce. The meat is more tender compared with the beef samgyup so the cooking time is faster. It was gone in seconds! Hahahaha!

The buljib is quite thick so it took longer to cook. When the meat was cooked halfway through, Boyet asked for a pair of scissors to cut the meat into smaller pieces. I suggest you cook it well done as in sunog-sunog level kind of luto na because the fat is really thick!

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We also tried the gochujang pork and gochujang beef. These two are the culprits why we failed to try the remaining two kinds of meat! Both were served on separate plates, and both plates deceived us! We honestly thought that the servings were small. Siksik pala! We were so surprised with the amount of meat staring at us on the grill! Hahaha! Pero sobrang sarap! Those who like spicy dishes will surely love both. Para siyang spicy tocino. :)

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Apart from the meat, their unlimited BBQ deal also comes with unlimited servings of rice, soup, lettuce and side dishes!

I love Korean food, but I am very particular with kimchi. I had a couple of “bad” encounters with kimchi on some occasions in the past. But the kimchi at Samgyupsalamat was such a delight to my taste buds. It has the perfect pungent flavor which complemented the grilled meat.

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Samgyupsalamat is absolutely a good foodie find. Just don’t expect it to be on the same level of the more posh Korean restaurants. The ambiance is mediocre, and the service is just okay. But the food is definitely to die for… literally and figuratively! Hahahaha!

UPDATE: July 17, 2017
This blog post has been getting a lot of traffic so I decided to update it with their new address. I read from their Facebook page that they had to stop their operations for a few weeks because the owner and the building administration that used to house Samgyupsalamat had some issues. They moved to a new location, still in Jupiter St. Super lapit lang, as in isang dighay lang from their previous location! Hahahaha! :p

Level 3 Eurocast Building,
124 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air,
Makati City

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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