Restaurant Review: Filipino Favorites at T.G.I. Friday's

I was once again craving for grilled meat, well, meat in general. My husband initially suggested that we check out the other Korean restaurants outside Robinsons Manila, those along the same strip as Hwangso-Ga Korean Restaurant. But I saw that T.G.I. Friday’s has finally reopened after its transfer to a new spot in the Midtown Wing of Robinsons Manila. I was planning to have a big, fat, juicy burger until something on the menu caught my attention!

The menu says that the Three-Meat Platter is already good for 3-4 persons. We even asked the very pretty (and very friendly) server assigned to us, Luvie, if this dish indeed serves 3-4. When she confirmed it, my husband asked her if she thinks that the two of us could finish it. She giggled, and told us that two very hungry people can probably wipe it off.

DSC_2587 Three-Meat Platter PHP1,195

The Three-Meat Platter includes grilled liempo, pork adobo and BBQ chicken, all of which are dear to my heart! Haha! It comes with an ensalada on the side. We devoured this along with two servings of rice. We were like hungry wolves who hunted down a meek deer in the middle of winter! We were chewing non-stop, not minding that we are eating something that is already enough for 4 people!

The pork liempo is grilled to perfection which sealed the meat with its distinct smoky flavor. Whether you dip it or not in the vinegar, you’ll surely love the signature Filipino flavors infused in the meat. It’s savory with a slight hint of sweetness.

I was expecting the BBQ chicken to pale in comparison when put side by side with the liempo. But I was wrong. The chicken is perfectly charred which gave the skin the right crunch, but still kept the meat juicy and tender.

And the adobo?! Homaygad, the adobo! It looks plain, doesn’t it? It looks like a simple, unassuming slab of meat. I was initially disappointed the moment I saw it. But I immediately changed my mind by the time the meat said “Hi” to my taste buds! Looks can really be deceiving.

The menu isn’t lying when it promised to give diners fall-off-the-bone pork adobo because the meat is fork-tender. I’m thinking that this is a deconstructed version of the usual adobo because the adobo sauce serves as the dip. The dip has the perfect blend of sour, tangy and peppery flavors just like the traditional adobo. We even requested for a second and third serving of the dip!

So, in case you are wondering whether we did it or not, here’s the proof that we can do anything as long as we put our hearts (and stomachs) in it! Hahaha!

DSC_2595 Nanghinayang ako sa ensalada, so inubos ko talaga ‘yan after ko ma-picture-an! :p

Gone are the days when all you could find in the menu of T.G.I. Friday’s are burgers, fries, pasta and steaks. Filipino dishes are definitely on the rise! =)

T.G.I. Friday's
Ground Level Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. Whoah! We are supposed to eat at Fridays nung Monday after Skye's check up. Kaso tinamad kami maglakad papuntang midtown wing. Hehehehehe!

  2. wow, may pinoy dish na pala sa TGIF. i need to try that when i get home. :)
    i was actually thinking which one is the adobo, yun palang malaking parang liempo? kakaiba sya ha. i also like it fork tender cos masakit sa ngipin pag hinde, baka mabunutan na naman ako ng natitira kong wisdom tooth pag nagkataon hahaha.


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