Restaurant Review: Tambayan Sa Kanto at The Podium

Aubrey and I went to a blogger event over the weekend. She tagged along my cute inaanak, Skye, while my dear husband was our official driver for the day. The event, which I will tell you more on a separate post, was held at The Podium. Prior to the event, the three (and a half) of us decided to have lunch first. It was my first time at The Podium so I didn’t have a single clue of what restaurants are inside the mall. The horrible traffic that we had to endure just to get there didn’t help with our decision-making. Aubrey trusts me so well when it comes to food so she just agreed when I spotted Tambayan Sa Kanto.

Tambayan Sa Kanto The Podium
We scanned the menu which was placed outside the restaurant, and we were immediately convinced to give it a try. I was expecting the interiors to be rugged to stand by its name. Sa Kanto kasi kaya akala ko may mga basag na bote ng beer tapos ‘yung bangko ng tambay ang upuan! Haha! But a homey and a bit classy kind of tambayan welcomed us.

Tambayan Sa Kanto The Podium
Tambayan Sa Kanto The Podium
Tambayan sa Kanto serves Filipino dishes. You’ll get the usual dishes that your mom prepares for dinner, and also the Filipino specialties from different parts of the country like bagnet, dinakdakan and bulalo. And judging by its menu (and the name itself), it serves some of the infamous street food.

I was with a breastfeeding mother and a husband who can’t eat without sipping a hot soup so we had Sinigang na Pork Ribs. We were so surprised when it was served to us. It came in a big pot palangana! Pwedeng maglaba sa laki! Haha! Good thing about it, though, is that it came with a built-in flame to keep the soup hot.

sa kanto podium Sinigang na Pork Ribs PHP255

The pork ribs are very tender, and the vegetables didn’t turn soggy. The tamarind broth has the perfect blend of sourness and saltiness. I usually eat sinigang with fish sauce on the side, but TSK’s version was good enough even without it. I think even Baby Skye liked it!

We also got their pork sisig, which according to the menu, is one of their bestseller dishes. I am very particular with pork sisig probably because 1) I have eaten a lot of really tasty pork sisig, and 2) my mom’s pork sisig is so delicious that it can compete with those from #1. TSK’s sisig is good, but it failed to sweep me off my feet. It has a hint of sweetness, and the meat didn’t have the crunch that I usually get from grilled pork ears. Maybe these two are the reasons why it didn’t suit my picky palates.

Tambayan Sa Kanto The Podium Pork Sisig PHP290

The pork sisig may be a bit of a disappointment, but this next dish saved the day! Aubrey and I were both eyeing the isaw so we gave it a try. Guests have the choice to have it two ways -  either deep fried or grilled. We opted to have the latter.

Tambayan Sa Kanto The Podium Isaw PHP88

We got 6 pieces of chicken intestines with sinamak on the side. Aubrey was the first one to try it, and her first reaction was, “Ang sarap! Parang hindi lasang isaw!” I immediately understood what she meant as soon as I tasted it. It didn’t have the bitter taste that I usually get from eating isaw. It’s also very savory, and the smoky flavor reminded me so much of chicken inasal. It also has a sweet aftertaste, which my husband’s guess is from ketchup. It’s also very thin which just means that it has been thoroughly cleaned! It’s perfect from the taste even up to the texture. I usually don’t like eating street food in restaurants because it does not give justice when it comes to authenticity. (Mas masarap daw kasi kapag sa labas kasi mas madumi, haha!) But TSK’s isaw proved me wrong!

Aside from the good food, service at Tambayan sa Kanto is fast and very efficient, too!

Tambayan Sa Kanto
Ground Floor, The Podium,
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre,
Mandaluyong City


  1. Nacurious ako sa isaw nila ha! Not bitter at all? I like! And at P88 for 6 sticks, hindi nahuhuli sa presyo sa kanto namin na P10 each. Haha. :)

  2. Gusto kong bumalik para sa isaw. Hahahahaha! Buti ni post mo na to. Ili-link ko nalang to sa post ko. Hahahahahah! Alam mo na puro yummy lang alam ko. :)

  3. Natawa ako dun sa planggana hahaha


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