2015: Push Mo ‘Yan Je!

Published on January 09, 2015

I have been planning to post my 2015 goals, but I felt that using “My 2015 Goals” as the blog post’s title is too mainstream. So my super brilliant best friend suggested Push Mo ‘Yan Teh! But because I want my goals to be unique and personal, e ‘di Push Mo ‘Yan Je! Ewan ko na lang kung may makapareho pa ako. Hehe!

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Anyway, people close to me knows that I am a go-getter. That’s why at the beginning of every year, I would jot down on my planner all the things that I want to achieve. And by the end of the year, I would revisit these goals and see where I succeeded and where I failed. But for 2015, I decided to document it here so that I will be “forced” to do everything to make my goals materialize.Kahiyaan na lang. :p I will try to make a quarterly update to let you know where I am with the following goals:

1. Read at least 20 books this year.

Everybody knows that I am a bookworm. I think I started reading books when I was in fourth grade. Sweet Valley High! Hahaha! But my book addiction became full blown when I was in college. I would save what’s left from my school allowance just to buy books. More often than not, I could not afford it. So in those times, I would just spend hours in National Bookstore just so I could read a book. When I started working, my book collection became even bigger. Unfortunately, I may have the money to buy books, but I no longer have the time to read them all. My to-read list is getting longer, and I must work on it. Reading is something that relaxes me. Every bookworm will probably agree with me that we read not just to know how the story ended. We read because we want to be a part of the story. It brings us to places. It makes us discover our most inner thoughts.

This was my 2014 goal, but I think I only got to read around 15 books! But this year, I plan to hit this goal. I have at least 7 new books that I bought a few months ago. And I think I have more than ten unread books which have been collecting dust in my book shelf. So, where should I start? Haha! :p

2. Increase my blog’s readership by at least 25% from 2014.

By the middle of 2014, I got really frustrated with the outcome of my blog stats. I wasn’t hitting my goals. I wasn’t blogging as much as I wanted to. But towards the end of the year, I felt like my blogging life turned 180 degrees. My blog hits have increased. I got four sponsored posts from Nuffnang in a span of two months. And I hosted two consecutive giveaways! I still don’t know the formula behind the success of a blog. I just blog because I want to write. But I think I will be a hypocrite if I tell you that I don’t care whether people read my blog or not. I want more people to be engaged in this blog. So this year, I am setting a goal. I want an increase of 25% in my stats! Help me, okay? Hihi!

3. Create a new blog “series”.

Saying that the Kolokoy Household is a vital part of the success of my blog is quite an understatement. People actually have the tendency to forget that this is primarily a food and lifestyle blog. The Kolokoy Household just served as a breather for me, and because I also wanted to share a piece of my crazy family to my dear readers. I didn’t expect that people would actually love it. Proof to that is the spike in my blog’s traffic every Monday. Parang lahat naghihintay ng bagong episode?! That’s why my husband suggested that I come up with another blog series. I already thought of something, but I still need to iron out some things. Watch out for it! =)

4. Finish my dream/secret project within the year.

I mentioned in my year-ender post that I finally had the courage to take the first step on my dream project. Yes, I wanted to become a model, but it’s not that! Hahaha! It’s still top secret. I only told my husband and a very close friend about it. I should have started this years ago, but my fear was always greater than my dreams. But now, I’m going to make this happen! There are days when I easily fall into the bottomless pit of my own laziness, but I promise to get things done before the year ends. I do hope that you will all be with me when that happens!

5. Build my dream kitchen and our home library.

Just last week, we had a quick look at our house. I still don’t know when our unit will be turned over to us because there are still some finishing touches that need to be done. My husband and I agreed that we will not be moving in right away after it gets turned over. The house is bare so we need to build a lot of things. It’s a three-storey house so we absolutely can’t afford to have everything constructed this year. Besides, it’s too big for the two of us. That’s why this year, our aim is to finish at least some parts of the house. We’ll start with the bedroom. (Of course! :p) And then, we’ll build our kitchen and our library. My husband wants to have all my books and all his Lego toys to be in our library. I'm now Pinterest-ing like a cray cray looking for design ideas!

Our house is far from what I have dreamt of. It’s in the heart of Manila so we basically chose location over size. It may not (yet) be our dream house, but I vow to build my dream kitchen and library out of it! Itaga niyo ‘yan sa hollow blocks! :p

6. Have our own herb garden.

On my free days, I spend hours watching shows on the Food Network. I have always envisioned myself turning into a Giada de Laurentiis, Ina Garten or Rachael Ray in the kitchen. Part of this fantasy is being able to cook using the herbs that I grow. I already told my husband about it, and he promised that we would make this work. I am not so sure how we can grow one in Manila, but I promise to have fresh herbs on my Je Tries to Cook posts by the end of the year. Itaga niyo ‘yan sa paso! Haha! :p

7. Invite family and friends in our home.

Last year, Boyet and I imagined spending Christmas in our own home. But it didn’t materialize because of the countless of delays from the developer’s end. Kapag hindi pa naman kami nag-Pasko sa bahay namin, aba ewan ko na lang. This year, I do hope that Boyet and I can finally welcome our friends to our house. And yes, our families already decided to spend some time with us during the Christmas season. Naunahan na kami. Na-invite na nila ang mga sarili nila. Haha.

8. Buy a new car.

Our car is a second-hand 1996 Honda Civic which we have been overusing for the past three years. People (and by that I mean Mama, Papa and Abes) sometimes tease us that our car is already bulok, but I don’t care. I’m proud to say that my husband and I bought it using our own hard-earned money. We let go of our dream of getting a brand new car to pave way for buying our own house. That’s what you call prioritization, baby! Haha! But now, we feel that our car, Balty, wants to get some rest. We use it almost every day, and he definitely needs someone to help him get us to places. If it will not happen this year because we will start paying for our house amortization, 2016 it is. Madali akong kausap. Haha! :p

9. Invest in the stock market.

Last year, our ultimate goal was for both of us to get a life insurance. Now that it’s out of our list, investing in the stock market is our next bold move. I have always planned to do it, but paying bills and the house, and then came the life insurance and my never-ending medical expenses, we didn’t get the chance to do it. A lot of people have discouraged me to invest in the stock market, telling me that it’s risky, unpredictable and blah blah blah. Even my husband almost got brainwashed by my mother when she discouraged us to do it. But I firmly said that we should do it. There are two kinds of people who get rich: those who steal other people’s money and those who take great risks. Although I am so tempted to join the first group because it’s probably easier (haha), my conscience tells me to be part of the second instead. I am naturally frugal, so saving is no longer a problem for me. I have been keeping money in the bank even before I started working. Years ago, I also tried putting money through mutual funds. And now is probably the best time to try investing in the stock market. I am surrounded by people who have been doing it for years. Joie has been bugging me to join her, and she continuously gives me tips on how to manage money in the stock market. Hindi ko naman i-invest ang buong kaluluwa ko sa stock market! I will only be putting the amount of money that I am willing to lose. Hindi naman OA sa pag-invest. Gusto kong yumaman pero hindi naman ako gahaman. Haha!

Anyway, my husband and I agreed that this will be our 2015 challenge. We failed big time with the 52-week savings challenge that we had last year. (You know, that thing that even got us featured on national TV. Kaso, waley e, bigo! Haha!) Kesa kasi ihulog sa alkansiya, pinangbayad na lang naming sa bahay. But we will be using the little amount that we got from the challenge as our initial investment. And our challenge this year is to allot a small amount from our monthly salary to be invested in the stock market. The more exciting part about this is that, two of my office mates, Abby and Mitch, will also be trying it out. May kasabay na akong walang alam sa stock market! Bwahaha! But I know that Joie and all my friends who have been investing in the stock market for years will be there to guide me. Yehbah!

10. Get a tattoo!

Nahhh! I'm just kidding! Bwahahaha!

As promised, I will try to review these goals every quarter to see how I have progressed. I seriously hope that I’ll kick the ass of 2015! Nyahahaha! =)

So, what are your goals for this year? Let me know! =) Kaya mo ‘yan! Push mo lang teh! O mas uso yata ngayon ‘yung PUSH PA MORE! Hahaha! :p

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