Restaurant Review: Quiznos at Glorietta 3

I had been craving for a big, good, tasty sandwich for the longest time. Gone are the days when I could just grab one in Subway because all the branches near me had closed down. I saw a Subway branch in Glorietta when I went there after Christmas with my husband and my younger brother. I mentioned from an earlier post that I asked my brother to help me find a new laptop. And to “pay” for his services, I decided to treat him to lunch at Kaya Korean Restaurant. And before we headed home, I offered to treat him to an afternoon snack. I was about to suggest Subway, but I was too tired to walk to the other end of the mall. Plus, that meant that we needed to walk longer to get to the parking lot. My brother also wanted to have coffee, but all the seats in Figaro were occupied. That’s when I spotted Quiznos! I had been bugging my husband to try Quiznos ever since it started its operation in BGC. Unfortunately, in the many instances that we were in the area, he was always craving for rice. But the god of sandwiches was probably listening to my endless prayers, and I finally got the chance to try it!

Me: Hay sa wakas! Makaka-try na rin tayo ng Quiznos!
Boyet: Ay, nakakain na ako dito e.
Me: Hindi pa kaya tayo nakakakain dito.
Boyet: Nag-lunch na kami dito ni Boss.
Me: Kapag ako nagyaya, ayaw mo?! Kapag boss mo, okay lang?
Boyet: Libre e. Hehehe!

Because I was the only first-timer among us, I let them choose what to get. They ended up getting two “regular”sandwiches which we split among ourselves. Aside from the size (small, regular, large), diners also can choose what kind of bread would be used for their sandwich.

Double Cheese Cheesesteak, Quiznos Double Cheese Cheesesteak (Regular) PHP295

The boys obliged after I suggested the Double Cheese Cheesesteak. The thinly-sliced steak is very tender and very juicy, too. I loved the fact that I need not to spit out any rubbery part. The combination of Swiss cheese and mayonnaise added richness to this classic sandwich. The sandwich is perfectly-toasted so the cheese completely melted giving it a divinely creamy texture.

As per my husband’s request, we also had the Classic Club with ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. I was fortunate enough to have large chunks of bacon on my first bite. I could not stop saying how good this sandwich was as soon as I got a taste of the smoky bacon. The ham is very tasty, too. Plus, the vegetables are very crunchy. I only have one complain, though. The boys requested for the sandwiches to be cut into three. But I guess the cashier failed to relay the instructions to those who were preparing the sandwiches. So after my first bite of the bacon and the ham, I passed the sandwich back to my husband. And when I had it back, I ended up eating mostly vegetables. Towards the end of the meal, I was only eating pure bread. Hahahaha!

Classic Club, Quiznos Classic Club (Regular) PHP175

I saw from the poster that they use the same coffee being served in UCC. They ran out of creamer that day, so my husband skipped coffee. But my brother still went ahead with it. I had a few sips, and I absolutely loved their brewed coffee! But Abes told me that Family Mart also uses UCC coffee, and sells it at PHP40. The one in Quiznos costs PHP80. Hihi. E sa UCC kaya, magkano? =))

I definitely enjoyed my first experience at Quiznos. But the most surprising thing that ever happened that day is that Abes paid for our bill! My super duper kuripot at never magugulangang younger brother?! Inutusan ko na nga, nilibre pa kami?! :p

Level 2 Glorietta 3
Ayala Center, Makati

* All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3600

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  1. At dahil mahilig ako sa sandwiches at dahil nasarapan kayo sa Quiznos, it will be on my list of food to try this 2015. Hahaha, ako rin tuwang-tuwa kapag nalilibre ng younger bro ko! Once in a blue moon lang kasi mangyari. :)


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