The Kolokoy Household on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

Published on January 13, 2014

What? You didn’t see it? Well, good! Hahaha! I intentionally didn’t post it because… well… I’m embarrassed! Believe it or not, hiyang-hiya ako! =))

Everything started last Wednesday when I received an email from Cherry, the program researcher. She told me that she read my blog post about the 52-week challenge and asked if they could interview me. I then received a call from her. I told her that it isn’t originally my idea and that I only got it from a viral Facebook post. The last thing I want to happen is to receive hate messages from people saying that I stole someone else’s idea. When she told me that they already found the person who started it all, I started to entertain all her questions. The following day, 3 staff members went to our house to shoot!

I thought it was just going to be a short interview. But I was dead wrong!!! ‘Yung kakarampot na acting prowess ko, na-drain ng bongga!!!

The shoot lasted for almost two hours. ‘Yung ilang minutes sa TV, 2-hour shoot ‘yun! It was the third shoot for that day for Meg (segment producer), Mike (cameraman) and Pat (assistant cameraman). Pero grabe!!! Unlimited ang energy nila! I always thought that people in the news and current affairs industry are stiff and serious. Takot na takot akong magkamali! But they are very nice and patient. They laughed with us and even shared stories with us over dinner. At lahat sila sinabing kamukha ko si Kathryn Bernardo. Kaunti na lang talaga, maniniwala na ako! Chos! :p

Those two hours were the most exhausting two hours of my life. Hindi siya madali! Paulit-ulit. Iba-ibang angles. Hindi ko alam bakit nagpapakamatay ang iba na maging artista, e ang hirap pala! Bwahahahaha!!! But still, it was such a memorable day! For a very shy person like me, doing the things I did that day was already a big stretch. I never imagined that I could come out of my shell and step out of my comfort zone. Pero parang ayaw ko na siyang ulitin! =))

94 lbs. lang ako sa personal, 96 lbs. kung bagong kain. Kaya walang pwedeng magsabi na ang taba taba ko sa TV!!! Sa mga magpapalibre po sa’kin, wala po akong talent fee! :p At sa mga nag screenshot ng fez namin ni Boyet sa TV, at ni-tag pa talaga kami, humanda kayo sa’kin! =))

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