I wasn’t expecting to be back in Ortigas for our planned staycation. My husband and I knew that we were still not yet ready to travel to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Aside from paying two mortgages, we were not sure if we could handle the stress of travelling with a milk monster in tow. A few days before our anniversary, we simply agreed to book a hotel so Zayne could experience having a staycation for the first time.

Staying in Discovery Suites was a last-minute decision. Our initial plan was to book an Aqua Room in Hotel H2O, thinking that Zayne would definitely enjoy looking at the fishes. But our internet connection at home was acting up. By the time I was about to book, the hotel was already fully booked. I almost panicked until I realized that one of my best friends, Joie, mentioned a nice hotel in Ortigas.

We scored a room for PHP4,000++ which already includes buffet breakfast for two. The cost is not bad at all considering that there are pricier hotels in the Metro. I wasn’t expecting much from Discovery Suites, but my first impression was immediately changed even before I made an online booking! I was looking at the different rooms when something that looks like a chat box popped up from the lower right side of my screen. I was having second thoughts on what room to book, so I decided to send a message through the chat box. Much to my surprise, I actually got a reply! We talked for a few minutes, and the Virtual Concierge was very helpful. Talk about having a good start, eh?! :)

We arrived at the hotel a little past 2PM. It was the peak of people trying to check-in, but I was surprised that we didn’t wait that long. One of the staff members immediately handed us two bottled water. I also saw a corner at the reception where iced tea is being served. We were ushered to our rom after a few minutes of signing papers and paying for the incidental deposit.

discovery suites ortigas (25)

I loved the personal touch. Although I am actually jealous that the welcome message was addressed to my husband. I booked the room so the odds are high that they’ve mistaken JERELLT as a guy’s name (as always). But still, I appreciate the thoughtfulness. Hihi!

Going on staycations for years, my husband knew that nothing should be “touched” until I’m done taking photos. But times have changed. We now have a new boss. When she says she wants to sit on the bed, she’ll sit on the bed. Hahaha!

discovery suites ortigas (20)

discovery suites ortigas (19)

discovery suites ortigas (18)

Now that we’re already talking about the bed. Ohemgeeeehhh, their bed! And their pillows!!! Gusto kong iuwi!!! I remember Joie kept on telling me that Discovery has the best pillows evahhhhh! She’s absolutely right! ‘Yung parang nangolekta ka ng feathers ng pakpak ng anghel tapos hinigaan mo, ganun e! Char! But seriously, their comfortable bed, fluffy pillows and nice-smelling linens are just few of the many good things that Discovery can offer.

Our room’s AC is outstanding. I’ve read some hotel reviews from bloggers complaining about the hotel’s air conditioner. I’m glad that we didn’t have an issue with Discovery’s AC. It worked hand in hand with the bed and pillows in giving our family a good night sleep!

I really love the lighting of our room. It’s not too dim and not too bright. What sets Discovery apart from the other hotels that I’ve been to is the book lamp that’s attached to both ends of the headboard. This is perfect for bookworms like me! (My husband immediately inspected the book lamps. I need not to ask him because he already knew that I was crushing over the lamps! Haha!)

discovery suites ortigas (6)

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you probably know that aside from the bed, I’m also very particular with the restroom. Hotels get plus-plus-plus points from me if their restroom has a bidet installed. Congratulations, Discovery Suites!!! And thank you for making our butts happy. Hahahaha!!!

discovery suites ortigas (36)

The bathroom is very spacious! I honestly love the design and aesthetic of their bathroom. The bathtub is separate from the shower area. And there’s a large gap from the bathtub to the toilet. The bathroom is also well-lit. The bathroom is so nice that even I won’t mind to sleep inside! Hahaha!

discovery suites ortigas (32)

discovery suites ortigas (30)

discovery suites ortigas (28)

The hotel also provides basic toiletries. I love their toothbrush holder, tissue holder and cotton dispenser! I think it’s such a brilliant addition because it’s functional, and it’s also a nice accent to the bathroom. The bathroom also has a hair dryer and a mirror perfect for women who do their makeup. And yes, there is another bottled water on top of the sink!

discovery suites toiletries

Placed near the window are a couch and a table. I was surprised to see some ripe mangoes and another bottled water waiting for us. Too bad I forgot to eat the mangoes.

discovery suites ortigas (16)

Our room also has a study area. Before we had Zayne, I would usually spend a couple of hours in this side of the hotel room so I could catch up on my pending blog posts. I brought my laptop with the hopes that I could squeeze in some time to blog. That didn’t happen because I was too busy chasing Zayne who got so excited crawling in the carpeted floor. (My surface cleaner came in handy, haha!)

discovery suites ortigas (14)

I mentioned in an earlier post that my husband said in jest that our TV at home is bigger than the one in our hotel room. Haha. But it’s a good thing that they have a good cable TV reception. Believe me, I’ve been to other hotels with limited channels and horrible reception. I'm glad that we didn’t have that problem in Discovery.

discovery suites ortigas (12)

The bar in our room has the usual essentials – chips, nuts and water for sale. They have an electric kettle, utensils, and complimentary coffee and tea. And oh, they provided more complimentary bottled water! More chances of winning ang peg! :p

discovery suites ortigas (26)

The room has a personal refrigerator with juices, soda and beer for sale. They even have a microwave oven.

discovery suites ortigas (9)

Our room has a large closet. It houses the safety deposit box, flat iron, ironing board, flashlight, umbrella, bath robes and slippers.

discovery suites ortigas (7)

I asked the hotel reception if they have a baby bath tub. She smiled shyly and said that they don’t have one. I guess this is something that the hotel can work on in the future. Anyway, the receptionist offered me a cot instead. I’m glad we accepted her offer even if Zayne sleeps with us. Zayne wanted to take it home! Hahahaha! Look how happy she was!

discovery suites ortigas (51)

discovery suites ortigas (50)
Zayne: What?! I cannot take this home?!

discovery suites ortigas (56)

Because our wedding anniversary also happens to be the Philippine Independence Day, we got to avail of their Independence Day promo. We were entitled to a free pizza! If I’m not mistaken, the offer is limited to bookings made directly to their website.

We were given three choices. We made ours based from the receptionist’s suggestion. Sorry, I forgot the name of the pizza. Haha. The receptionist told me that this is her personal favorite, but she warned me that I might not like it if I’m not a big fan of garlic. Well, I’m glad that I followed her suggestion! My husband and I loved it. It has mushrooms, bacon (or was it ham?) and tons of garlic. Since the garlic pieces were already caramelized, more than the pungent flavor, all we could taste was the sweetness of the garlic and a distinct kick at every bite.

discovery suites ortigas (21)

I thought the pizza was the end of it. Around dinner time, we got knock on our door, and one of the hotel’s staff members arrived with a plate of sweet treats and a cute cupcake!

discovery suites ortigas (52)

Our accommodation comes with a buffet breakfast for two. I wasn’t able to take photos of the food. We waited for Zayne to wake up so it was already past 8 AM when we went out for breakfast. The restaurant was already in full swing when we arrived. The last thing I would want to do was to get nasty stares from hotel guests who could not get food while I was busy taking photos of the buffet station. Haha!

Their food is ok. I don’t have any complains with the taste and presentation. As a matter of fact, I loved the different kinds of bread and pastries I tried. However, the hotel can definitely improve on the food choices. The buffet spread is a bit limited. It would have been nice if they serve the usual Filipino breakfast staples like tapa, tocino or dried fish. :)

After breakfast, we got the chance to check out their swimming pool. We still don’t allow Zayne to swim in public pools so we left as soon as we took some photos.

discovery suites ortigas (72)

discovery suites ortigas (75)

Zayne was not able to enjoy the pool, but she had a blast in the hotel’s kiddie/play area. We were the only ones at that time so we had the area all by ourselves. If you think I’m a praning parent, wait ‘till you see my husband! That’s why I was quite surprised when he allowed Zayne to crawl on the carpeted floor. Haha. Naniwala na yata siyang ok lang magka germs si Zayne.

discovery suites ortigas (83)

discovery suites ortigas (82)

discovery suites ortigas (78)

discovery suites ortigas (79)

Our fun was cut short because we smelled (literally and figuratively) that Zayne was up to something! This is probably why Zayne suddenly changed her mood (See photo below! Haha! :p) I was trying not to giggle while we were inside the elevator with two Korean hotel guests. Hahaha!

discovery suites ortigas (1)

Overall, I highly recommend Discovery Suites. They can probably improve on making their hotel more baby-friendly (I’m surprised that this is now a factor in my reviews, haha) and extend their breakfast choices. It will also be great if they do something with their parking spaces. It’s quite steep. While I was checking out, I heard another hotel guest who also gave the same comment. :)

Discovery Suites Ortigas
25 ADB Ave. Ortigas Center,
Pasig City

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie
Hugot lines are everywhere! A simple statement can get overly dramatic and sometimes sarcastic when injected with a “hugot”. #LoveHugot has given birth to #OfficeHugot, #TravelHugot and even #TrafficHugot. But have you ever heard of a #NanayHugot? Hindi pa? Eto ang sample. :p

This is just a casual conversation between two moms. Let’s call them N1 (Nanay1) and N2 (Nanay2). Names are withheld to protect the identities of these mothers. :p

N1: Ampucha! Pagod na pagod ako!
N2: Antokwa, ako din.
N1: Kung gaano katanda ‘yung anak ko, ganoon na rin katanda ‘yung pagod ko!
N2: Hahahahaha! Ako rin! Twinning ang peg ng pagod at headache ko!
N1: Ngayon ko na-realize na isang malaking kaartehan lang pala ‘yung pagod ko noong single pa lang ako. ‘Yung pagod ko noon, wala sa kalingkingan ng pagod ko ngayon.
N2: Inaantok din nga ako. Hindi ko na matandaan kailan ako nakatulog ng matiwasay. ‘Yung tulog na walang iiyak, ‘yung tulog na walang hihila ng dede ko, ‘yung tulog na walang pwet na sasalpak sa mukha ko.
N1: Partida pa, ‘yang antok mo, normal na antok pa lang ‘yan. Iba pa ‘yung antok at pagod mo kapag may sakit ang anak mo!
N2: Ay oo, sinabi mo pa! Tapos punyeta pa, kailangan ko pang magtrabaho! Gigising ka ng maaga kasi kailangan mong umiwas sa traffic. Kaso, ma-traffic ka pa rin. Sa gabi, imbes na lalaruin mo ‘yung anak mo, maiipit ka pa sa traffic.
N1: Oo! Tapos maiiyak ka na lang kasi ang bilis lumaki ng anak mo. Ang dami dami mong na-mi-miss sa paglaki ng anak mo kasi kailangan mong magtrabaho at wala kang choice kundi maipit sa lecheng traffic!
N2: Sana manalo ako sa lotto para mas madalas kasama ko ang anak ko. Kaso lang, hindi ako tumataya! Hahaha! Sana magkaroon ako ng chance na maging stay-at-home mom na may financial freedom pa rin. Sa ngayon kasi, hindi ko pa kaya. Hindi mo naman pwedeng ipambayad ng tuition fee ang pagmamahal mo. Hahahaha!
N1: Kaya nagtatrabaho tayo. Kaso lang, hindi rin naman natin marating ‘yung sweldong gusto natin kasi nga, madalas na namemenos tayo sa office. Wala e, nanay na kasi tayo.
N2: Korek! Kapag nagkasakit ang anak, kailangan mong mag-leave kasi nanay ka e.
N1: Tapos hihiritan ka pa ng, “Bakit, wala bang ibang pwedeng mag-alaga sa anak mo?” Ang sarap nilang sagutin na, “T@ngin@ niyo, e ako ang nanay!”
N2: Kapag hindi mo naman inalagaan, huhusgahan kang masama kang ina!
N1: Kapag inalagaan mo naman, sasabihin na hindi mo binibigyan ng halaga ang trabaho mo. Kingina talaga e!
N2: Alam mo, kaya magulo ang mundo natin e. Kasi kulang sa pagpapahalaga ang mundong ‘tong sa mga nanay.
N1: Sinabi mo pa!
N2: Kapag may salot ng lipunan, ang unang tanong, “Sino ba kasing nanay neto?” Ni minsan wala man lang nagtanong kung nasaan ang tatay nila! Hahaha!
N1: Pero kapag matalino at magaling ang mga anak, kung sinu-sino ang nag-te-take ng credit!
N2: Tapos kapag Mother’s Day, akala mo kung sinong mga kegagaling mag-appreciate sa mga nanay! E kung tutuusin, kulang ang isang araw para sa pagod ng mga nanay!
N1: Exactly!
N2: Tapos bilang nanay ka, bawal kang mapagod. Bawal tamarin. Bawal magpahinga. Bawal magreklamo.
N1: Gawin mo ang isa sa mga ‘yan, masamang nanay ka na agad! Hindi ba pwedeng, tao ka lang kasi?
N2: At hindi ka lang nanay ha, asawa ka pa. So empleyado ka na kailangang i-please ang boss mo, nanay ka na kailangang alagaan ang anak mo at misis ka pang kailangang alagaan ang sarili mo kasi kung hindi, mambababae ang asawa mo.
N1: Minsan nga kahit tulog ako, parang gumagana pa rin ‘yung utak ko. Hindi nawawalan ng laman e!
N2: Dati ang iniisip mo paano dadami ‘yung milk supply mo, tapos susunod mong iisipin anong healthy food ang ipapakain mo kasi baka sawa na siya sa carrots, kalabasa at patatas. Kapag lumaki na, iisipin mo ano namang ibabaon niya o kung paano mo tutulungan sa homework.
N1: Hahaha! Oo, hindi natatapos ‘yan.
N1: T@ngin@ng buhay ‘to!
N2: Ang dami na nating sinabi. E bukas naman malamang pagod, tinatamad at inaantok pa rin tayo!
N1: Hahahahahaha!
N2: Kaso hindi mo naman pwedeng sabihin sa labada mo na pagod ka na. Hindi mo rin pwedeng sabihin sa boss mo na inaantok ka. At lalong hindi mo pwedeng sabihin sa anak mo na tinatamad kang alagaan siya.
N1: Korek! Gusto kong mag SL! Sleeping Leave! Bwahahahaha!
N2: Dapat may separate na leave ang mga nanay e. Sana pwedeng mag-leave para makapaglinis ka ng bahay o kaya makabawas ka ng labada. Kasi hindi naman siya SL kasi hindi ka sick. At duh! Lalo namang hindi siya VL dahil hindi ka naman nagbabakasyon!
N1: Ano ka ba?! Bawal kayang mag-leave ang mga nanay! Bababa ang productivity mo, heller?! Hahahaha!
N2: Ay, oo nga pala! O sige, sana makapagpamasahe man lang ako.
N1: Ako rin!
N2: Ang tagal ko ng hindi nakakapagpamasahe. Hindi ko na matandaan kailan ang huling pedicure ko. ‘Yung buhok ko puro patay na!
N1: Ako, gusto kong manood ng sine!
N2: Tara?
N1: Sige!
N2: Ay kaso lang, nagtitipid pala ako.
N1: Wala rin palang magbabantay kay (Baby’s name).
N2: Hindi rin pala ako pwede this weekend kasi magluluto pa ako ng baon namin!
N1: Ayan tayo e! Hahahahaha!
N2: Noong isang gabi, nag-daydream ako. Ay, pwede bang mag-daydream sa gabi? Hahaha! Anyway, sabi ko sana makakuha ako ng isang araw lang na ME time. Papaayos ako ng hair, punta ng spa, papa-wax ng legs, shopping ng kaunti. Try ko rin isingit ‘yung 10 years ko ng plano na ipaayos ang kilay kong abot na hanggang EDSA! Kaso iniisip ko pa lang, namiss ko na si (Baby’s name). Tapos bigla siyang lumapit sa’kin at niyakap ako. Parang alam niya ‘yung plano kong iiwan ko siya ng isang araw! Hahahaha!
N1: Tapos, wala man lang maka-appreciate sa atin! Hindi nila alam na hanggang pangarap na lang ang pagpapamasahe natin!
N2: Taena! Pwede na tayong gumawa ng libro e. Hugot ng mga nanay!
N1: Ay pucha! Baka ayan na ang susi sa pagyaman natin!
N2: Hahahahahahahaha!

Normal na usapan pa lang ‘yan mga teh ha! Wala pang beer at pulutan! Hahahaha! :p

Minsan, napapaganito na lang ako e. @_@

Ay oo nga pala, hindi ako si N1 o si N2 ha. Promise!!! :p

Nanay ka na rin ba? Ano’ng #NanayHugot mo?! 
Helloweeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh! This is actually my fifth post for the month of July! I guess I’m starting to get my groove back. (I am currently typing this because I forgot what I was supposed to say next! Aside from the lack of time, I am not blogging as frequent as I used to before because my brain cells have been failing me big time! Hahaha! I was supposed to have a decent introduction, but I totally forgot about it! Mag Kolokoy Household na nga lang tayo! :p)


Boyet was telling me and Aubrey a story about a girl who got really drunk in a bar. Apparently, that girl is very, very, very sexy.

Boyet: Grabe, Nay! Lasing na lasing daw e. Ang kwento pa sa’kin, CHICK pa daw ‘yung babae e.
Me: O tapos, anong nangyari?
Boyet: Ewan ko na. CHICK pa naman daw ‘yung babae .
Boyet: Bakit?
Me: E kung maka CHICK ka, very 90s e!
Aubrey: Hindi man lang HOT?! CHICK talaga! Inulit-ulit mo pa!
Me: So ano kayang nangyari sa kanya? Nakauwi kaya siya galing sa DISCO?!
Boyet: Gago kayo ha!


carpet cellphone

This photo has been going around in Facebook for a couple of weeks now.

Me: Nakita mo na ba ‘yung cellphone sa carpet?
Boyet: Huh?!
Me while showing the photo: Eto o. Nawawala daw ‘yung cellphone.
Boyet: Ay tanga! Bakit hindi niya i-miscol?!



My husband attends numerous meetings in a day. Some of these meetings are done outside of the office. Every day, Boyet would tell me about who he had met with through coffee. Madalas, girls ang ka-meeting ng mokong! At mas madalas, libre ang kape niya!

Boyet: Hindi na naman ako makakatulog mamayang gabi.
Me: Bakit?
Boyet: Nagkape kami kaninang umaga ni (girl officemate). Nung hapon, si (another girl officemate) naman ka-meet ko.
Me: Ikaw, umaabuso ka na ha!
Boyet: Nay, nasa harap ka ng anak mo. Huwag mong iparinig sa kanya na babaero ang tatay niya.
Me: Tay, huwag makapal ang mukha. Wala akong sinabing babaero ka. Ang gusto kong sabihin, huwag masyadong gahaman. Puro libre kape mo!
Boyet: Hindi ako gahaman! Patay-gutom lang!

Na-disappoint siya. Umaasa kasi siyang pagbibintangan kong babaero siya. :p


I mentioned in a previous post that Zayne’s favorite TV show is Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. Also mentioned in the post is how I am very strict with her TV time. I also remind everyone looking after her to be really careful with what they say. I call their attention when they say bad words when Zayne is around. E kaso, may nakalimutan akong pagsabihan!

Boyet: Nanay! Huwag mo na ngang papanoorin si Zayne neto.
Me: Bakit? Maganda kaya ‘yan! Anong episode ba ‘yan?
Boyet: Nanalo kasi sa game si Peck. Tapos ‘yung mga friends niya, natuwa. Sigaw sila ng sigaw ng…


@_@ @_@ @_@

Enjoy the rest of the week! =)
I have long accepted the fact that Je’s Anatomy is no longer a food blog. I also noticed that my blog’s traffic goes wild when I post anything related to Zayne. Suffice to say, my site has turned into Zayne’s Anatomy, and my old followers converted into being Zayne’s fan club. Hahaha! I am not complaining at all. Although I no longer have a lot of time in my hands, I still manage to find joy in blogging about my Little Kolokoy. I can’t blame you, people. I know that you would rather see this cutie patootie over my face and my horrible food shots! :p


I am quite amazed at how my life was completely transformed ever since I became a mother. My husband and I still go on food trips once in a while, but it looks like my daughter is trying to dethrone me as your resident food blogger! Hahaha!

My daughter showed readiness to eat solid foods as early as four months. She was already doing lots of chewing motion, and she was grabbing food and utensils. And her eyes! Oh, my God! Her eyes follow wherever the food goes! It took me a lot of patience to stick to my plan of not giving her anything by mouth except breastmilk on her first six months. My energy also got drained convincing the “oldies” around me that it is still better to delay water and solid intake. But I guess Zayne had the bigger sacrifice. It takes a great deal of willpower to resist food after all! That’s why when she turned six months old, I tried introducing solid foods to her.

Her first food – BANANA! She didn’t like it at first. She was probably saying, “Ahhmm… It’s too mushy for my very young taste buds!” :p


I strictly followed the three-day rule so her palates could get used to whatever she’s eating and to check for possible allergies. After three days of eating nothing but banana, I let her try avocado. I was 100% sure that she would hate the avocados that I gave her. I anticipated that she’d throw it up in the air, but she loved it! I guess my little food blogger has a knack in appreciating different kinds of flavors.

Look at her face. It’s as if she’s saying, “Mmmmmmm! That hint of sweetness complements the bitter aftertaste!” Hahahaha! :p


She then had apples, carrots and sayote. Here she is, checking out the texture of the boiled carrots! To be a successful food blogger, you need to pay attention with how the food appeals to all of your senses! :p


Zayne didn’t like sweet potato at first. She got used to having pureed foods so the introduction of something starchy probably surprised her. But I told her that foodies need to have adventurous palates. Plus, some things really deserve second chances. (But when she grows up, I’ll tell her that cheating bastards must rot in hell and should not be given second chances. Haha!) She gave sweet potato a second chance, and she loved it! She loved it so much that she shared it with her neck, her arms, her legs and MY ears! Hahahaha!

Okay, I give up. I’m “training” her into becoming an effective food blogger, but it looks like she does not need any mentoring at all. Look at her!

She poses for the camera better than I do! 

My awkward smile has nothing to say with her kunwari-stolen-shot pose.

She looks good even after going into a food coma!

Hey, followers, K.Tnx.Bye.

Your resident food blogger is now signing off! 

Hahahahahaha! :p
My husband and I are big ramen lovers. When I tried Mendokoro Ramenba when I was still around six months pregnant, I promised Boyet that I would be with him on my next visit. After more than a year and countless of visits without him (haha) later, I finally fulfilled my promise. We were scheduled to meet our best friends for a planned staycation so my husband and I made a side trip before checking in to the hotel.

I set his expectations beforehand that the place can get really packed especially during lunch time. Unlike other ramen houses with tables and chairs setup for group of diners, Mendokoro Ramenba has a single ramen bar. It’s on a first come, first served basis, and there’s a big chance that you won’t be seated together with your companions. We arrived around 1 PM on a Saturday, and as expected, the place was full of people getting a much-needed ramen fix. As soon as we got our seats, our next challenge was to make sure that Zayne “cooperates” with us. Our baby is a cheerful one, but she knows when to cry! Parents who can relate, raise your hands!!! Hahahaha!

Aubrey almost killed me when she found out that we went to Mendokoro. To save our friendship, we went back the following day! We came back a little past 12 noon on a Sunday. We initially requested for eight seats since our dear two-year-old #FabSkye is already considered a “real” person because of her appetite. Haha! Surprisingly, there were seven seats available! Side story: I was holding Zayne who was sleeping soundly despite the noise around her. Boyet’s food arrived first so I asked him to eat right away. I only put down Zayne when my order arrived. We were both able to eat in peace. Happy endings are real! Hahaha!

mendokoro ramenba makati (28)

In all of my visits to Mendokoro, I always find delight in watching the staff members in the open kitchen. Diners can have a glimpse of how the food is being prepared. I am actually quite amazed that albeit the chaotic vibe, especially when the place gets really crowded, the staff members still glide with ease when they move. Parang chillax in the middle of WWII. Ganern e! :p

mendokoro ramenba makati (32)

On our first visit together, I had Tantanmen while my husband tried Shoyu. The following day, I had Shoyu while he went ahead to try the not-for-the-weak-hearted Tantanmen.

Every time I go to Mendokoro, I always get either Shoyu or Tantanmen. Because I’ve tried several ramen houses throughout the years, I find Shio a bit too subtle for my adventurous taste buds. Haha, ang echosera ko! :p But seriously, I think it’s about time to give Shio a try next time. I also did a mental note to try out their Tsukemen. (I am just making excuses so I can come back really soon! Haha!)

mendokoro ramenba makati (20)
Shoyu PHP390

There are a lot of things going on in a bowl of this Shoyu Ramen. I felt like my palates were jumping out of so much excitement because each sip from the bowl is a unique experience. The milky broth is packed with so many flavors. Its aroma is a perfect match to its rich and garlicky taste. My husband thinks that the broth is overpowering, but I had to disagree with him. The mixture of the garlic, spring onions and sesame seeds definitely awakened all my senses!

Another thing that made their Shoyu extra special is the thick cut of chasu. When I first tried it, I was expecting the meat to be a bit chewy because of its cut. But the meat is so tender despite its thick cut. The grilled marks were also beautifully made which made the meat such an eye candy. The smoky flavor was also a treat to my palates.

My husband used to hate spicy dishes, but his taste buds probably got trained after being married to someone who loves anything spicy. I was actually quite surprised when he told me that he’d try Tantanmen. What surprised me even more was when he told me that he actually liked the Tantanmen more than the Shoyu! Oh, what love can actually do to a person! :p

mendokoro ramenba makati (19)
Tantanmen PHP440

I’ve had other versions of Tantanmen that are spicier than Mendokoro Ramenba’s. But their take on it is spicy enough to make my sweat glands work double time. I really like its pungent taste. The spices perfectly coat the melt-in-your-mouth ground meat and the thick noodles. I think that the slight hint of sweetness makes their Tantanmen more bearable to the tongue. It balanced out the strong and spicy taste of the broth.

Aside from the ramen, we also got to try their Gyoza. When we first came on a Saturday, we were seated in between four people who came together. A young man passed the gyoza to two older women. He said, “You gotta try these… one of the best you’ll ever taste.” Okay, believe what the guy said. I don’t need to say anything more. :p

mendokoro ramenba makati (1)
Gyoza (5pcs) PHP170

On our visit the following day, my husband and I shared a piece of Tamago. The silky smooth yolk is perfect to match whatever kind of ramen you’re eating.

mendokoro ramenba makati (25)

Aside from the food, I really like the ambiance of Mendokoro Ramenba. An officemate once told me that the owners of Mendokoro and Ramen Yushoken are the same. Ramen Yushoken is still on the top of my list. It has remained undefeated for years. I won’t be surprised if this is true because both Mendokoro Ramenba and Ramen Yushoken have the same vibe. That mabubusog-at-sasaya-ka-paglabas-mo-ng-pinto kind of vibe! :p

Mendokoro Ramenba
V. Corporate Center,
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* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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Zayne turned seven months old on June 8. I had a couple of important meetings to attend to so I was not able to work from home that day. Zayne’s Ninang Aubrey and I work in the same building so she usually (being a user-friendly that she already is, haha) invites herself to go home with us when Boyet fetches me at night. She joined us for dinner along with Ninong Jeff and Ninang Joie, who delivered Zayne’s delicious cake! As I mentioned in my previous posts, my husband and I decided not to splurge on her monthly birthday celebrations. Apart from the time when her monthly birthday fell on Mother’s Day, we just celebrate it at home with Mama and Papa and whoever is available to join us. What make our simple “feast” extra special are the yummy cakes from My Sweets’ Haven! It never fails. It never does! On Zayne’s 7th month, her Ninang Joie made a nice cookies ‘n cream cake. And just like before, it was a big hit!

Even Zayne thought so, too!

Taking her mandatory monthly birthday photos has become such a hard job! She can’t and won’t stay still. I was still supporting her as she sit with her cake in front of her on her 6th month birthday. I never realized what a month can do to a baby! Look at her!!!


Her reactions when she saw the cake were priceless! I kept on telling her “No sweets until you’re two.” I bet she was saying, “Two is likeeee forever from now!” Hahahaha!


And here, she probably said, “I don’t care if I get jailed for eating MY cake!” Hahaha!


People are so surprised that she could already sit up straight. She learned to sit on her own a couple of days after she turned six months old. Although I welcomed this big milestone with a grateful heart, a part of me got a bit too emotional because the clichΓ©, “They grow up so fast,” is happening right before my eyes. Parang kailan lang, dede-meme-poopoo lang ang buhay niya.

This photo was taken three days after she turned six months old.

She loves eating time. She grabs the spoon… and throws it up in the air! Haha. I would have wanted to let her eat on her own, but we needed to catch up on her weight. Plus, my back hurts each time I get the spoon from the floor. Haha! I told myself that baby-led weaning, just like cloth diapering, is not for everybody. I've already forgiven myself for failing at that part. I stopped being bothered because I’ve already seen her being independent in other aspects. And besides, I realized that she won’t be a baby for so long so I’ll just savor every chance that I get to put food on her mouth. Time will soon come when she won’t be needing me the way she needs me now. (Shetdapwet! Huhuhu!)


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She’s such a strong baby. Her Ninang Mitch said that it’s probably because she has been a survivor from the very beginning. A week or two after she learned to sit on her own, she started to stand up with support. I’m just glad that she’s not lampa like her Nanay. Hahaha!

I bully her every chance I get to! :p

I’m amazed to see her grow up a smart baby. Ok, I’m a little biased here because I’m her mother. :p But people around her also say the same. When her pediatrician tells us the things that she should already know, Zayne is probably saying, “Duhhhh! Doc, that is soooo last month!” Hahaha!

She also imitates a lot that’s why we are so careful when she’s around. No cursing and saying bad words in front of Zayne. She already knows how to find the things that are purposely hidden from her. Mautak, sobra!

When she was still younger, she would always be game to play peek-a-boo. But she grew tired of Eat Bulaga and responds more with, “Where is Zayne?” If you have Baby TV, then you’re probably familiar with, “Where is Grandpa? Where do you think he hides?” So when we put a cover over her head or face and sing, “Where is Zayne,” she would wait until we sing, “Where do you think she hides,” before she removes the cover. Hihi. Believe me, ang saya saya niya sa laro na ‘yun. Minsan, “Where is Nanay” or “Where is Tatay,” and she would do the same. Haha!

A reader once asked me if I let my baby watch TV. Yes, I do. But I have a few rules. First, Zayne should never watch a TV unattended. Second, she’s only allowed to watch Baby TV and Disney channels. I scold my husband if he watches Spongebob when Zayne is around. I told my mother never to watch Doble Kara and Tubig at Langis when Zayne is awake. Peyborit pa naman nila Mama at Yaya ‘yun. Hahaha! Buti na lang, siesta time ni Zayne ang airing. I let Yaya watch Food Network when Zayne is around once in a while. Pampadagdag English din haha. Good thing about Zayne, though, is that, TV is not her primary source of entertainment. She would rather play with the remote control than watch TV. Haha! Third and the most important of all, I tell whoever is watching with her to repeat whatever she’s watching. That is why even Mama and Yaya know a lot of songs and nursery rhymes. Zayne already got passed through her addiction with Charlie and the Numbers. Occasionally, she would be hooked to Sofia the First. (I initially thought puro kaartehan lang si Sofia, but the girl has real good values! I was actually surprised to see one episode that teaches kids about gender sensitivity. So aprub sa akin si Sofia!) Once in a while, she’ll watch Hi-5. Her favorite song is WOW. Susme! Ulit ulit, pero hume-headbang ang loka loka tuwing WOW ang kanta! “Wow, what a surprise! You open up my eyes. You really are amazing!” Hahaha! O dabah, kabisado ko?! But her most favorite, as in walang mintis, is Sheriff Callie’s Wild West! Umiikot ang pwet tuwing kakanta ang Prairie Dogs trio. Iisa lang naman ang tono. Hahaha!

She can also identify objects by association. Minsan nga lang sablay. There was this one time when she held her Tatay's chipipay backup mobile phone in front of the TV. She pressed the keypad endlessly and got frustrated when nothing happened! I almost died laughing! Hahaha!

She reaches everything - phones, toys, my hair, my nose, and almost anything that piques her curiosity. Her grasp has become even stronger. (My usual spiel: No Zayne. Don’t pull ____’s hair!) She can even hold smaller things that’s why we make sure that anything that can choke her is out of her sight.

I only bought Zayne one toy. It's Sophie the Giraffe which also happens to be a teether. My husband and I decided not to shower her with toys. Books, yes. Toys, no.

All of her toys are gifts from our friends. I let my friends spoil Zayne. Haha. Zayne is a low maintenance baby so she would rather play with a lampin, the curtain or baby wipes rather than with real toys. Hihi. But for months, Zayne was addicted to Scout. Scout talks when the buttons are pressed. And since Zayne loves to press any buttons, Scout gets so confused all the time. Hahaha!

This photo was taken when she was around four months old. With her is Scout, a toy she received from her Ninang Joie. She did not like Scout at first. Isn’t it obvious? Haha! 

But more than being a smart and strong baby, my heart is just overflowing with so much gratefulness each time I see Zayne growing up to be a very happy child!


Her everyday reactions crack us up! Para siyang isang buhay na emoji! :p




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I consider myself a shy person that’s why I have always imagined having a shy baby. When Zayne was younger, she would just stare at people. Tulala Level: God. Ganun siya ka-NR. But now, I believe she has become more sociable than me! Hihi! She smiles and giggles when our neighbors play with her. She even shows off when strangers pay attention to her. There was this one time while we were waiting for her turn in a doctor’s clinic when a Korean lady smiled at us and said, “Very pretty baby!” Zayne smiled back… and… played with her saliva! Nag-shower ako! Hahahaha!!! I guess he got his Tatay's bubbly personality! :p

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I’m posting this a few days before she turns eight months old. I realized that it has become a pattern. I would notice that I still haven’t posted her monthly milestones days before her next monthly birthday. More than being a busy working mother, I think it’s mainly because the days are just going too fast… way too fast.