After our four-year wait, our Little Kolokoy, Pia Frances Zayne, has finally arrived! On November 7, my husband and I went to St. Luke’s BGC for what we only thought was a routine weekly checkup, but we ended up not going home that day. We welcomed her into our loving arms the following day, November 8. I’ll reserve a separate post for my birthing story. For now, allow me to share with you some bits and pieces of the five-pounder girl who changed our lives forever!

During the four years that we were praying for a child, my husband and I asked for the intercessions of two saints – St. Pio and St. Gerard. Boyet and I agreed to name our first born Gerard, if we’re gifted with a son, and Pia if we’re blessed with a daughter. Pia also means pious or spiritual. We want to remind our daughter that she is the best proof that nothing is impossible with prayers.

Frances means free. We also chose this because my husband and I were deeply touched by the recent visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. We braved traffic, a large crowd and even heavy rains just to have a glimpse of Lolo Kiko. And after countless of attempts, we finally succeeded when he celebrated mass in Luneta. Having a baby this year was also one of the many things that I fervently prayed during that mass. And I guess our four-year journey is somehow similar to what we went through during his visit.

Boyet and I wanted our kids’ names to start with the letter Z. Zayne is technically a boy’s name. It’s usually pronounced as ZEYN so we pronounce our daughter’s name as ZEY-NI to make it sound like a girl’s name. Hahaha! :p Zayne means “God is gracious”. I believe it’s only fitting to name her Zayne because she is and will always be a testament of God’s grace in our lives.

People around us tell us how strong she is. She fought really hard for her life from the very start. And when you hear about my birthing story, you’ll agree with me that she is one strong baby. Now that she’s out, Zayne still continues to surprise us every single day. The doctors, nurses and even the lactation experts at St. Luke’s BGC told us that we’re lucky because she effortlessly latches to me. They also said that Zayne’s sucking “skill” make it easier for me to produce more breast milk.

Her motor skills also amaze us! And I’m pretty sure that she didn’t inherit them from me. Haha! We were surprised that she could swiftly move her head when we make her burp. While we were still in the hospital, she cried really hard when I tried to feed her while I was sitting down. (She got so used to being fed in side-lying position.) It actually took three (yes, three) pediatricians to restrain her! Iskandalosang bata! Hahaha! :p There are also countless of times when we would find her at the edge of her crib! Sobrang likot! People who have been visiting her in our house were amazed because she can already tilt her head, and she can lift both her legs to touch her tummy! Because of these, people get so scared carrying her. Making her burp and changing her diaper have become arduous tasks for me and Tatay! And oh, when she was just barely a week old, I found her almost succeeding in lying on her tummy! I texted Mama, “Mama, nahuli ko si Zayne na sinusubukan na dumapa!!!” Sabi ni Mama, “Weh?!” Hahahaha! :p

She’s also very ginawin. I know that it’s common for newborns, but she’s very much like her Tatay. Tipid sa aircon! Nyahaha! People say that she got my lips and my super duper taray eyebrows! I think she got her Tatay’s eyelashes. I actually prayed for that because Boyet’s lashes look better than mine. She got my kunot ng noo, but she also got her Tatay’s wackiness! She loves making faces! Bwahahaha! And oh, I think she got her Tatay’s atomic bomb-like fart! Parang hindi babae kung makautot! Nyahahahaha! :p

Ok, ok! I think I might be boring you with my stories so let me just share with you some of our little one’s photos and videos! Ako na ang stage nanay! :p

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Duck Face?! :p


This crib is tooooo big for me!

Kanina lang nasa gitna ka, ha?!

Bedtime story with Tatay ^_^

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A photo posted by Jerellt Abenoja-Andrade (@dahwanderer) on

So in case I go on blogging hiatus once again, you know who to blame! :p
I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email invitation from Janine Mendoza, Marketing Manager of Alchemy Bistro Bar. I told Janine my apprehensions telling her that I might not be able to try out some items from their menu because of my pregnancy. But Janine assured me that they offer a wide array of food choices, even healthy ones, which cater to all kinds of guests, pregnant women like me included! And so one rainy, Saturday afternoon, we had the chance to check out this hot spot at the heart of Makati.

alchemy makati (1)

The first thing that caught my attention is the area called Solaris Oven. It houses a rustic oven which is used to cook their infamous wood-fired pizzas. The interiors of Alchemy Bistro Bar may strike as a haven for late night partying. But when we arrived around 4 in the afternoon, the place seems perfect for a laid back food trip or a random rendezvous. As a matter of fact, the guests behind us were having a business meeting at that time.

alchemy makati (9)

One of the staff members told us that aside from bands playing at night, there are certain days of the week when they hold some sort of dance classes. They are also open for reservations for special events.

alchemy makati (8)

alchemy makati (7)

The moment my husband saw Alchemy’s bar area, he gave me a sharp look! He said that I should have told him that we were invited to a bistro bar so he could have left our car at home! Hahahahaha!

alchemy makati (10)

Alchemy Bistro Bar has more seats at their second level. The al fresco setup somehow sets Alchemy Bistro Bar apart from the other bars in the city. Aside from its unique vibe, another “attraction” of this area is probably the DJ who plays nightly. Too bad we were too early to see it.

alchemy makati (3)

alchemy makati (6)

alchemy makati (5)

alchemy makati (4)

alchemy makati (2)

Now, let’s talk about my favorite part of my visit at Alchemy Bistro Bar – the food! Hahahaha! My husband and I were so lucky to have witnessed the extreme generosity of Alchemy’s management. I told them beforehand that I would just be bringing a plus one. Had I known that they would be serving the amount of food that they did, I would have brought the entire Kolokoy Household with me! My husband kept on asking the server when she would stop serving food. =))

alchemy makati (14)
Artichoke Spinach Dip PHP295

The Artichoke Spinach Dip was the perfect way to jumpstart our gastronomic adventure at Alchemy! I love spinach dips! I find it a perfect match for both breads and chips. In this case, the dip goes with crunchy pita triangles. The Artichoke Spinach Dip has the perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess. The taste of the cream cheese was very evident. And there was that distinct kick at the end of every bite from an ingredient which we could not put a finger on. My husband and I were debating whether it’s ginger or curry or some unidentified kind of herb. But the bottom line is, it’s delightfully delicious!

One of the things that Janine mentioned to me prior to our visit was their wood-fired pizzas. I am totally fascinated with wood-fired pizzas ever since I first tried it years ago. Its exceptional flavors and distinct texture have always been pleasing to my taste buds. So imagine how my eyes beamed when this beautiful thing arrived to our table!

alchemy makati (13)
Alchemy Pizza PHP450

Based from the menu, Alchemy Pizza has speck, arugula, Scamorza cheese, balsamic reduction and truffle oil. The taste of the speck tickled my palates. It’s like eating a hybrid of ham, bacon, salami and salmon. It may look so plain but it’s packed with so much flavors. Its saltiness goes perfectly well with the slight bitterness of the arugula and the perfect mix of sweetness and acidity of the balsamic reduction. The smoky flavor of the speck blends well with the Scamorza cheese. And oh, let’s not forget the striking aroma of the truffle oil!

Alchemy also let us try their Roasted Beetroot Salad. I have always been intrigued with beetroot ever since I saw it in the hands of Rachael Ray, Ina Garten, Guy Fieri and almost all the other Food Network celebrities! Trying it for the first time was a welcomed experience.

I have to warn you, though, that beetroot is not for everybody. Some palates may repel its earthy flavor. I initially didn’t like, but I learned to appreciate its uniqueness. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same for my husband. Hahaha! I therefore conclude that it’s an acquired taste. Good thing that the salad has cheese, walnuts and apples to balance out the earthy flavor of the beetroot.

alchemy makati (19)
Roasted Beetroot Salad PHP280

And then they served us steak! Steak!!! I am not sure about other pregnant women, but my cravings for steak became more frequent ever since I got pregnant. I guess it’s my body’s way of telling me to get more protein and iron.

Anyway, this has got to be the most fragrant steak I have ever tasted. We could already smell all its crazy goodness even before it arrived to our table. The thickness and tenderness of the steak are both perfect. Cutting it into pieces was simply effortless. The meat is very juicy, too! And the sauce! Oh my, the sauce! The peppercorn sauce is insanely tasty especially as it mixes with the natural juices of the meat!

alchemy makati (17)
Steak Frites PHP520

The crispy fries flawlessly matched the steaks. Every piece was seasoned to perfection. Because all of the food served to us has very generous servings, we had to take home tons of leftovers. We were completely surprised when we reheated the fries because it has managed to retain its crispness.

A bowl of Market Greens was served to us along with the Steak Frites. I am not sure whether they come together or it’s a separate order. I got confused because of the number of plates being served to us non-stop. Hahaha! Anyway, I appreciated the freshness of the vegetables along with the perfect blend of acidity and hint of sweetness of the salad dressing.

alchemy makati (18)
Market Greens

We also got to sink our teeth in their Boeuf Bourguignon – US Angus beef marinated in red wine, cognac, lardon and glazed onions. I immediately tasted the alcohol on my first bite. I know that the alcohol has probably “evaporated” during the cooking process, but I didn’t touch it further just to be on the safe side. I just focused my attention on the tasty pasta that came with it! Hahaha! Because I didn’t touch the beef, my loss suddenly became my husband’s gain! That same night, he reheated the beef and enjoyed it with a cold glass of beer!

alchemy makati (16)
Boeuf Bourguignon PHP580

My husband, being a big fish-eater, was so happy with Alchemy’s Pan Seared Salmon. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you probably know that fish is my least favorite member of the food pyramid. Haha! I only eat salmon if it’s in the form of sashimi. But being married to Boyet and the fact that I need Omega-3 for my growing baby, I have learned to love salmon. I even find myself craving for it once in a while. I’m not saying this because our dinner was complimentary, but my husband and I really enjoyed Alchemy’s Pan Seared Salmon! The taste of salmon usually gets too overpowering, but it wasn’t the case with this dish. And to top it all, we didn’t get the fishy smell and taste.

The natural fats of the salmon mixed with the buttered vegetables were a perfect combination. And let us not forget the mashed potatoes that came with it. Its silky texture makes each bite slips down my throat effortlessly. I think I instantly inhaled it along with all of its creamy goodness!

alchemy makati (15)
Pan Seared Salmon PHP465

Alchemy Bistro Bar is one-stop shop for both foodies and partygoers. With its mouth-watering food choices and unique ambiance, it’s a perfect place to unwind after a stressful day at work or simply indulge in a gastronomic feast!

Alchemy Bistro Bar
4893 Durban St. cor Polaris St.
Barangay Poblacion,
Makati City

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Helloweeeeehhh!!! Oh, yes! I’m still here! Hahaha! And in case you’re wondering, no, I still haven’t given birth to our Little Kolokoy. My last leg of pregnancy was harder than I expected. Aside from the usual fatigue, something scary happened on my 33rd week of pregnancy. The day after my younger brother’s wedding, I had a fever and my temperature shot up to 38.4C. I immediately informed my OB/GYN, and I was advised to go to St. Luke’s BGC for a blood test. I was praying hard that it wasn’t dengue fever. As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I was attached to a fetal monitor. A few hours later, my blood test results came out, and I was positive for bacterial infection. Fortunately, my fever went away the following day. But I was still ordered to be on bed rest because bacterial infection can cause preterm labor. I was also showing some signs of contractions as per the fetal monitor reading. When I reached my 36th week, my OB/GYN got concerned because I stopped gaining weight. I even lost 1 lb from my 34th week checkup. Although her BPS result showed that her weight is within the normal range, it’s still considered a week behind her gestational age. And because my endocrinologist ordered me to stop my sugar monitoring because my gestational diabetes hasn’t manifested throughout my pregnancy, my OB/GYN ordered me to eat anything I want for the next few weeks! I can even eat chocolates, cakes, doughnuts and ice cream. Hahahaha! I was still asked to take things easy because we wanted Baby Z to stay inside me for a couple of more weeks. Last weekend, I came back for my 37th week checkup. I still didn’t gain weight and my cervix is still not dilated even if I already had a bloody show the day before. I was ordered to come back next week for another BPS just to check what’s preventing Baby Z from engaging. But the good news aside from me being able to eat whatever I want, kailangan ko ng matagtag! Pwede na akong mag-mall! Harharharhar! :p So please continue to pray for my safe and normal delivery. =)

Anyway, I know that I have neglected this blog. (Wala pala akong entry for October?!) But I know that a lot of you are praying for our growing family, and that you will all still be there when I get my groove back! I was initially planning to blog as much as I can and have scheduled posts so it will look like I am still blogging on my first few weeks of motherhood, but I just don’t have the time and bandwidth to do it. But I will still try to do it this week! I guess a new Kolokoy Household post is a good start, don’t you think? =)


I don’t really get the chance to watch local teleseryes except for On the Wings of Love. Yeah, I’m sort of a JaDine fan! Hihihi! I remember the time when people were laughing at me because I watched Diary ng Panget. And now these same people are salivating over James Reid! (Oo, Joie! Kasama ka dun! Hahaha!) If you’re an OTWOLista, then you probably remember the memorable (and quite funny) scene where Clark (James Reid) and Jigs (Albie Casino) went on a shirtless battle.

Ang hindi alam ng marami, may humamon kina Clark at Jigs!


Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! =))=))=))


The Kolokoy Household is a proud member of the AlDub nation. Mama makes sure that she does not miss a single episode of the Kalyeserye. Kahit gaano siya ka-antok, pipilitin niyang manood bago siya mag-siesta. Papa does not get to watch it because he sleeps earlier. But one time during dinner, we got surprised when we found out that he is actually updated with AlDub. Apprently, his friends are also big AlDub fans!

Papa: Malapit na palang magkita ‘yung AlDub ‘no?
All: ???
Me: Kilala mo ang AlDub?
Papa: Oo naman! Pati ang mga lola!
Boyet: Aba! Updated si Papa!
Papa: E tuwing mag-iinuman kami, ayun ang topic nila e. Tinapatan na rin nga daw ng kabila ‘yun e. Si Polvoron Girl!
Me: Pastillas, Pa! Pastillas Girl!!!


Boyet and I were discussing about my fear on the possibility of having Baby Z through a Caesarian section.

Me: Kausapin mo nga si Baby na dapat normal delivery kami.
Boyet: Positive thinking ka lang kasi dapat. Ang liit naman ni Baby e so kaya niyo ‘yan!
Me: E kaso nga, ‘yung ibang body parts niya behind ng gestational age nya. Pero ‘yung ulo niya, palaging 1 week ahead naman! Baka mamaya hindi magkasya ‘yung ulo e!
Boyet: Hay naku! Huwag mong problemahin ang ulo ng anak mo. Kung sakaling ma-CS ka man, hindi ulo niya ang sasabit sa’yo.
Me: Ano?!
Boyet: ‘Yung nguso niya!

Baby Z 4D Ultrasound


Boyet bought a book about pregnancy and taking care of a newborn baby. As I was reading it, I stumbled upon a topic about how to make a baby burp.

Me: Dapat kapag after ko magpa-breastfeed, ikaw naman ang magpa-burp para maka-rest ako o kaya makagawa ako ng gawaing-bahay.
Boyet: O sige ba! Madali lang ‘yan.
Me: Sige nga, paano?
Boyet: Kakargahin ko siya ng patayo, nakasandal siya sa’kin paharap tapos ‘yung ulo niya nasa balikat ko.
Me: Pero sabi dito sa book, aside diyan, may two ways pa raw ng pagpapa-burp. Eto ‘yung isang way daw o.


Boyet: Ayyyyy! Nananakal?! Hindi niya mahal ang baby niya?!
Me: Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Sorry, Anak! Ngayon pa lang, humihingi na ako ng tawad para sa tatay mo! :p

One night, Boyet decided to open his coin bank. Kakatapos ko lang maligo, tapos biglang nagsisisigaw!

Boyet: Baby!!!!!!!
Me: Bakit????
Boyet: Tawagan mo si Doc! Dali!
Me: Bakit????
Boyet: Sabihin mo, may pambayad na tayo sa kanya! Kahit i-CS ka pa niya ng 3 beses!
Me: Magkano ba ‘yang laman ng alkansiya mo?
Boyet: 1,200!

Hahahahahaha! Hiyang-hiya naman ang St. Luke’s sa mga barya ni Boyet! :p

Enjoy the rest of the week! :)
I got really excited the moment I found out that Buffalo Wild Wings was finally coming to Manila. This restaurant holds a very special place in my heart because it reminds me of my second home, Minnesota. I remember eating my first big, fat, juicy burger at Buffalo Wild Wings after an almost 24-hour flight from Manila to Minnesota! I was just disappointed because when the news broke out, I was still working in BGC, and the nearest branch would be in Glorietta. So when our company moved to Makati, one of the very first things my teammates and I did was to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings!

The restaurant is very spacious making it easy for us to score seats even on a busy Friday afternoon. Buffalo Wild Wings does not only cater to foodies because its interiors speak loudly of SPORTS! I already lost count of how many TV screens there are inside the restaurant. During our visit, they were showing different programs ranging from NBA reruns, live coverage of UAAP and even old boxing matches. I didn’t pay much attention to any of it because I definitely came to Buffalo Wild Wings to dig into their mouthwatering food! Hihihi!

They offer four serving sizes for their chicken wings – Snack, Small, Medium and Large. If I remember it correctly, we got the Medium serving. It has 15 pieces of chicken wings coated in 3 different kinds of sauces. It was perfect to be shared by 5 girls!
buffalo wild wings glorietta (2)
Wings (Medium) PHP695

I love that their chicken wings cater to all kinds of palates. Whether you’re in for the sweet and mild, or the hot and spicy, Buffalo Wild Wings has one for you! I vividly remember licking my fingers and the chicken bones as I eat my Spicy Garlic-flavored wings! If not for my pregnancy, I would have dared try their Blazin’ or Mango Habanero! I guess that is reason enough for me to come back!

Aside from chicken wings, Buffalo Wild Wings also offers different kinds of burger. Big Jack Daddy Burger was my first meal in Minnesota. But because I was sharing lunch with four girls (na parang hindi mga girls kung kumain, harharhar), we decided to get two orders of their Cheeseburger Slammers.

buffalo wild wings glorietta (4)
Cheeseburger Slammers PHP475

I initially thought that a piece of this tiny cheeseburger would not be enough for me and my growing appetite. But I was mistaken! It may be small, but it’s definitely very filling! There was an awkward silence among us when we started munching on the burgers. And I distinctly remember chewing non-stop! That’s how good it was.

The bun is soft and has a hint of sweetness. And the patty is just divinely tasty! We requested to have the patty cooked well-done, but they have managed to retain the juiciness of the meat. Plus, the oozing cheese made the already succulent burger go a notch higher!

Buffalo Wild Wings
Ground Floor, Glorietta 2,
Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex,
Makati City

* All photos were taken with an iPhone 4s

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Hello, my dear readers! Can you believe that it’s already the last Monday of September? When did the time go?! I can’t believe that I’m already on my 32nd week of pregnancy and that we will be seeing our Little Kolokoy a few weeks from now! That is the primary reason of my blogging hiatus causing my backlogs to pile up. Boyet and I are very busy completing our to-buy list in preparation for Baby Z’s arrival. That alone makes me tired all the time. Plus, my pregnancy is making me very forgetful. (Partida, hindi pa ako nanganganak!) There are times when Boyet and I would laugh non-stop about something. I would take a mental note to include it in the next Kolokoy Household episode, but hours after, I would ask myself, “Why were we laughing again?!” Nyahahahaha! So bale, eto lang ang mga naalala ko! :p


One morning, I wore a dress for the first time. Boyet saw me, and he literally froze!

Boyet: Nanay, ang ganda mo!
Me: Bago kasi damit ko?!
Boyet (talking to my tummy): Anak, ang ganda ni Nanay ‘no? Pero paglabas mo, mas maganda ka sa kanya. Siyempre kasi nalahian na kita e!
Me: Kaya nga kinakabahan ako e!



Baby Z is getting more active. I couldn’t be more thankful. But there are times when she would kick me really hard! One time, I think her head hit my ribs while simultaneously kicking my bladder!

Me: Aray ko naman, Anak! Isa isa lang naman ang sipa!!!
Boyet: Hoy, Jerellt! Ikaw ha! Huwag na huwag mong papagalitan ang anak ko!
Me (habang pinandidilatan siya ng mata): Ano’ng sabi mo? Hindi ko papagalitan ‘tong makulit na ‘to?!
Boyet (while holding my tummy): Anak, huwag kang mag-alala. Ako bahala sa’yo paglabas mo. Dalawa na tayong papagalitan ni Nanay!
Me: Hahahahahaha! Ayan, mabuti na ang malinaw!


I still get to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. The only problem is that some of my dresses appear shorter because of my growing bump.

Me: Hala! Hindi ko na yata pwedeng isuot ‘to!!!
Boyet: Bakit?
Me: Ang ikli na, sobra!
Boyet: Ay magpalit ka na lang ng panty. ‘Yung ano ang isuot mo… ‘yung ano…
Me: Ano?!
Boyet: Ano ngang tawag dun? ‘Yung parang panty na shorts.
Me: Sige, kaya mo ‘yan!
Boyet: Kumbaga sa lalaki, boxers… 
Me: ... ... ...
Boyet: Ayun! BOYLET!!!
Me: Hahahahaha! Usually, pang bading ang boylet. Hihihi!


Boyet read an article which says that a normal healthy person farts 10-25 times a day.

Boyet: Sabi dito sa article, healthy daw ang pag-utot ng 10-25 times a day.
Me: Hahahaha! O e ‘di ikaw na ang healthy!

After a few minutes…

Boyet: Prrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttt!!!
Me: Kanina ka pa ha!
Boyet: Pang 22 ko na yata ‘yun ngayong araw!
Me: E alas-siyete pa lang ng umaga!!!
Boyet: Ayaw mo nun, maaga akong naka-quota?!

Enjoy the rest of the week! =)
Last Monday, my husband and I took a day off from work to go to my routine checkup at St. Luke’s Global. We first went to see my endocrinologist. Fortunately, I was able to manage my gestational diabetes by following a strict diet. I’m such a disciplined Nanay! Hahaha! We also took advantage of our day off to see our OB/GYN for my 30th week checkup. We were so excited because we were also scheduled to do a 4D ultrasound!

During my prior visit, my OB/GYN told us that we could already opt to have the 4D ultrasound as early as my 28th week. But she told me that the best time is really between the 30th and 32nd week because the baby has gained more fats making her appear “cuter” in photos. She made us choose when to have ours. And because Boyet was so excited, without even thinking twice, he said that we’d have it on the 30th week!

I remember that my friend, Abby, discouraged me to have it on my 32nd week. When she had hers while she was still pregnant with my inaanak, Andrei, the placenta was already blocking her baby’s face, making it quite difficult to get clearer photos of Andrei. I told my OB/GYN about this concern. She told me that I need not to worry because as per our Congenital Anomaly Scan, the placenta is at the back of Baby Z.

My concern with the placenta was baseless. But our Little Kolokoy was such a tease! Just like the last time when she kept on covering her you-know-what when we were about to find out her gender, this time around, her face, arms and legs were covering her face! To make things even worse, she was “playing” with the umbilical cord! Dra. Australia Luz even said, “Hala! Lumalambitin pa sa umbilical cord!” Plus, she was soooooo likot! Napapakamot na lang ng ulo si Doc! :p I even felt dizzy during the procedure.

My OB/GYN said that because 4D ultrasound emits heat, we had to stop to limit the baby's exposure. I was actually advised to come back the following week. She then did the pelvic ultrasound to check Baby Z’s development. She was initially worried because I wasn’t gaining the required weight. She was concerned that I might be taking my “strict diet” too seriously. But Baby Z’s size is still consistent with that of a 30-week fetus. After checking her size and heartbeat, she tried to check again if Baby Z would cooperate. Baby Z probably figured out that her Tatay and I could not afford to take another day off from work. Hahahaha! And so, voila! She gave us a glimpse of her chubby cheeks and busangot nguso!!!
Baby Z 4D Ultrasound
When this was being taken, Boyet mouthed, “Kamukha mo! Mukhang masungit din!!!”

This photo really cracked us up! When we went out of the room, Boyet said, “Parang ang laki laki ng problema ng anak natin?!” Nyahahahahaha!

Baby Z

I showed the clips to my younger brother. He said that Baby Z got my lips. My parents said that it looks like she also got my eyes. They still can’t decide if she had my nose or Boyet’s. Pareho naman kasi siyang talo kahit kaninong ilong pa ang manahin niya! =)) I have been praying for Baby Z to inherit her Tatay’s long and curly lashes. I guess we need to wait for a few more weeks to know if God granted my wish. Hahaha! But the most important thing is that she’s healthy. I’m just a bit worried because she’s currently in a breech position. My OB/GYN assured me that she still has time to move around. All we could do is to pray that things will get better as I reach my 36th week. We also talk to her to convince her to change positions. Her Tatay even tried to bribe her! ‘Yung matitipid daw namin sa normal vs CS delivery, ipambibili daw namin ng toys, clothes, shoes at books niya! Hahahahaha! :p
My teammates and I finally got to cross out Nanbantei of Tokyo from our must-try-restaurants-in-BGC list as we were counting down the last few days in our old office. I had been meaning to try this restaurant located in Bonifacio High Street Central, but some of my teammates had already tried it before. I assumed that they weren’t up to give it another try. But when I told them in passing that I wanted to try it because of their PHP888 for 3 promo, I found out that a lot of my teammates, those who were not yet hired before the initial visit at Nanbantei, also wanted to give it a go!

We paid the restaurant a visit on a busy Friday afternoon so we weren’t surprised to see the place packed with hungry diners looking for a quick Japanese fix. But luck was definitely on our side because we were able to score a table. As I mentioned earlier, we went there to try their PHP888 for 3 promo. They offer three kinds of set meals good for three people which only cost PHP888. There were 8 of us so we decided to share three set meals – two sets of Samurai Set A and one Samurai Set C.

Waiting time was actually not that bad considering that we were there on a busy day. What kept us entertained was watching the group of staff members grill our food as we peek through the glass of their open grilling station.

We all then started to panic when the food started to arrive at our table! We lost track of the amount of food being served to us. Hahaha! So please pardon the unorganized and blurred shots. We were just all too excited to dig in. Please note that the photos I’m posting here are probably just 2/3 of the actual food that we consumed since we got two sets of Samurai Set A.
nanbantei of tokyo bgc (6)
Everything is just so delicious! We were initially worried that we would not be able to finish everything. We then stopped talking to each other while we were munching non-stop. And before we knew it, everything was gone in 15 minutes!

nanbantei of tokyo bgc (4)
nanbantei of tokyo bgc (9)
nanbantei of tokyo bgc (10)
We got two sets of Samurai Set A because everybody wanted to have tempura. I think this was one wise decision because we all loved it. I appreciate the fact that the tempura is not oily at all! Plus, I got a decent serving of shrimp unlike other restaurants that serve tempura with 10% shrimp and 90% breading.

nanbantei of tokyo bgc (12)
nanbantei of tokyo bgc (13)
I loved the distinct smoky flavor that I got from every bite of all the grilled treats. The meats are very tender and juicy, too. Everything is seasoned to perfection, and the serving size is also perfect.

nanbantei of tokyo bgc (15)
nanbantei of tokyo bgc (1)
nanbantei of tokyo bgc (3)

All of us enjoyed our lunch at Nanbantei of Tokyo. Although I enjoy the experience of grilling my own food the way other Korean and Japanese restaurants do it, I loved the fact that we didn’t have to sweat it out at Nanbantei. I think I can say in behalf of my teammates that we had one helluva experience at Nanbantei of Tokyo! Super sulit!!! ^_^

To know more about their set meals or their menu in general, check out the Facebook page of Nanbantei of Tokyo.

Nanbantei of Tokyo
Bonifacio High Street Central
Upper Ground Level, East Superblock,
Bonifacio High Street Central
7th Ave. corner 29th St., Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City

* All photos were taken with an iPhone 4s

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I remember buying this book ages ago when I vowed to read all of Rainbow Rowell’s books after I was done with Eleanor & Park and Attachments. I promised myself to read at least 20 books this year. But sadly, this is just my fifth read!

I initially had a love-hate relationship with Fangirl. It was a very slow start for me. I remember putting it down after reading two pages, and going back to it after days. My very delicate pregnancy might be the one to blame for being a sluggish reader or the book simply really had a slow start. But I trust Rowell so much that I gave this book a second chance. Believe it or not, I was so glad that I did!

I was initially preparing my heart for another heartbreak just like what Rowell did with me after reading Eleanor & Park. I may have not gotten the heartbreak that I was anticipating, but I was surely caught off-guard with how the story progressed! From a very slow start, I wasn’t aware that I was already engulfed by Rowell’s every word! I found myself smiling and acting like a foolish 16-year-old while reading the book. It tells about the story of twin sisters – Cath and Wren. They were initially inseparable until Wren decided to live her own life when they both entered college. That includes leaving the fan fiction-writing to the hands of Cath – one of the many things that they used to enjoy doing together. I guess these were two of the reasons why I initially failed to relate with the story. First, I am not really into fan fictions. And second, I had no idea how it feels to have a sister! But after inching through the first few chapters, I found myself relating to Cath. She is an aspiring writer. She's also a na├»ve and overthinking College freshman who hates socializing! (Very me! Hahaha!) I simply fell in love with how her mind works. And yeah, Levi definitely added all the needed kilig factor in the story! Homaygaddddd!!! I wasn’t sure if it was just my pregnancy hormones, but reading Cath and Levi made me endlessly roll in my bed because of too much giddiness! Levi has probably become one of my favorite “leading men” because he has the perfect balance of being the bad boy that gives that sense of excitement in a relationship, yet he also possesses that innate sensitivity that can make any girl fall in love with him. These qualities paired with Cath’s inexperience with love was perfectly narrated by Rowell.

I initially thought that the love story of Cath and Levi would be full of complications because of Cath’s roommate, Reagan. I was bracing myself for the non-stop drama and catfights, but I was just glad that it didn’t happen. Reagan is probably the coolest character in the entire fiction world, haha! I think that is how love is supposed to be in the real world. Walang drama, walang arte! That alone made me enjoy the book even more. Another thing I appreciated about Fangirl is how Rowell tackled family issues in an in-depth but not overly dramatic way. She spoke about the simple and usual issues of siblings up until the more complicated topics like divorce, parents abandoning their children and even mental illness. I think Rowell has that inherent talent to discuss these things and still manage to inject humor and sarcasm without washing away the very essence of her message. Oh, now I love her even more!
I have heard a lot of positive reviews about Recovery Food, most of which come from my officemates. My husband and I were supposed to try it earlier this year, but we ended up eating at Kuse because there were no available seats at the time of our visit. But a couple of weeks ago, we finally got to visit its second branch in BGC, the one in BGC Stopover Pavilion.

We arrived around 11AM on a Saturday which probably explains why there were only a few occupied seats. That made me curious how the place looks like on weekdays.

The restaurant is quite spacious. The minimalist interior somehow radiates an industrial vibe with black, white and red as prominent colors.
recovery food bgc (4)

My husband knew that it was going to be a long day. We were supposed to check out the Baby and Kids’ fair which will then be followed by a scheduled medical appointment and a food-tasting invite that we had to attend. To pump up his day, he decided to have his second serving of coffee. Too bad I could not share it with him!

recovery food bgc (1)

I think I may have finally uncovered the mystery behind the name Recovery Food the moment I laid my eyes on the restaurant’s menu. They offer food to diners who simply want to… uhmmm… recover! They offer comfort food for those who are trying to recover from a hangover, those who want to recover after spending an all-nighter from work, those who are still gaining their appetite back after recovering from flu, and even those who are struggling to recover from a broken heart. Hahaha!

I asked one of the waiters what their bestsellers are. The one who attended us said that we must try their Tapa de Morning and S.S.T (Spicy Sweet Tuyo). I wasn’t in the mood for tuyo so I went ahead to try their famous tapa.

Their rice meals come in two sizes – Regular and Full Recovery. My husband and I opted to have the regular serving.

recovery food bgc (3)
Tapa de Morning (Regular) PHP180

Their Tapa de Morning comes with their homemade tapa, rice, egg and ensalada. I know it is just a matter of preference, but I actually don’t like tapa that has an overpowering sweetness. If I wanted something like that, I should have just eaten tocino instead. (It reminds me of this very famous restaurant that claims to serve the best tapa in town, but I got disappointed because their version is a bit too sweet for my liking. Again, it’s just a matter of preference.) I like my tapa to be more on the salty side with a perfect blend of acidity and a hint of sweetness. I was just glad that Recovery Food’s version passed all my criteria! Plus, I loved the fact that the beef strips are very tender, which almost gave me the melts-in-your-mouth sensation at every bite.

I was guessing that my husband would get the S.S.T. because he loves tuyo! But because we just had dried fish for breakfast a couple of days before our visit at Recovery Food, he checked out the other items on the menu. At that moment, the waiter told us that they have new items that aren’t written yet on the menu. He pointed at this small board on top of our table.

recovery food bgc

Boyet skipped tuyo and settled with the equally sinful (and deadly!!!) Doc Sisig! The crispy pork bits are sitting comfortably on a bed of garlic rice. Mixed with tons of onions and then topped with a generous amount of chives and sliced green chili, you’ll surely get that perfect mix of heat and salty flavor. Mixed with calamansi, the acidity somehow added a nice kick to an already tasty dish.

recovery food bgc (2)
Doc Sisig (Regular) PHP155

We could not complain about the taste. However, my husband pointed out that it would have been better if the sisig and garlic rice were served separately. What happened was that the oil (both from the sisig and the garlic rice) settled at the bottom of the bowl, making his last few bites quite unbearable because of too much oil. But other than that, this rice meal will surely help you RECOVER from whatever you are going through. Hihihi!!! :p

Recovery Food
31st Street Corner Rizal Drive,
BGC Stopover Pavilion,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

* All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3600

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