Izakaya Sensu at Bonifacio Global City

Izakaya Sensu is just one of the many restaurants that sprouted in Bonifacio Global City in the recent years. My office girlfriends and I finally had the chance to give it a try a few weeks ago. We initially planned to go to Mendokoro Ramenba, but the place was already packed despite being there before 11:30AM. We walked along the area without any idea where our feet would lead us until we finally spotted Izakaya Sensu. I saw a large group of Japanese diners inside which is probably one of the reasons we got convinced to give it a go. I Googled Izakaya Sensu as soon as we got our seats. I then found out that it’s part of Raintree Restaurants, the same company behind Saboten, Stella, Rocket Room, Terraz Bistro & Meetings and Friends & Family. Why does Raintree keep on emptying my wallet?! Hahaha!

I think the letters on the menu almost got erased because we kept on flipping it back and forth! Haha! They have a wide array of food choices making it extremely difficult for us to come up with a decision. The prices are quite steep so we really had to think everything through. Classic example of food is life, but bills are lifer! Wahahaha!

Buta Goma Syou-ga Shio Shabu Shabu Set from  Izakaya Sensu at Bonifacio Global City
 Buta Goma Syou-ga Shio Shabu Shabu Set PHP695

We all agreed to have Buta Goma Syou-ga Shio Shabu Shabu Set. The serving looks small considering that it’s priced at PHP695. This is why I love eating shabu shabu. It’s always filling no matter how small the serving looks like. It’s served with udon, so my gut feel says that it was the culprit in making me full in an instant. Hihi.

I was anticipating the broth to be salty judging by its looks, but I was surprised that it wasn’t. I also liked it because I could taste hints of ginger in the broth. It was served with two kinds of dipping sauces for the pork. I totally forgot what the other one was because I fell in love with the sauce made from chopped okra! Yup, okra! I’m glad that the girls hate okra so I devoured it up until its last (slimy) drop.

We also had Beef Katsu that day. Before I tell you what I think about this dish, let me first tell you a story about my friend, Mitch. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you probably know her as my source of KDramas. She’s like a walking AsianWiki. Hihi! But apart from that, Mitch is the “madam” of our group. She scans the menu 28 times and still ends up choosing the expensive ones. I honestly don’t know why, but she somehow has a way to hypnotize us. Hindi kami makapalag! And then she would say things like, “Sige, ako na lang ang bahala dito.” But we’re all working so we always end up splitting the bill equally. I told you this story because Mitch chose Beef Katsu! =))

Beef Katsu from Izakaya Sensu BGC
 Beef Katsu PHP450

I initially questioned why I allowed myself to shell out PHP450 for a small plate of katsu. I wondered what kind of spell Mitch put us through. Haha! But just one bite of the beef katsu was already enough to convince us that it was worth it. Unlike other katsu, this one isn’t oily. The breading is so thin so you’ll definitely get all the beefy goodness at each bite. It still got the crunch despite the thinness of the breading. I thought that the beef would be chewy because the cut was quite big, but I was wrong! I felt like my taste buds were getting a massage as I savored the beef katsu. Ok, fine. Mitch was right! :p

I know that my picture will not give justice to my claim, but their Dynamite Roll is the bomb! They should have named it the Bomb Roll! Nyahaha!

Dynamite Roll from Izakaya Sensu
Dynamite Roll PHP295

The symphony of flavors and textures from the salmon, blue fin tuna, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise, unagi sauce, chili powder and tempura flakes gave my palates an extraordinary treat! I love anything spicy so this definitely got my seal of approval. A bite from this roll is like going on a roller coaster ride. You taste something sweet, tangy and spicy, and then you bite at something soft and crunchy. We even tried scraping the sauce out of the plate after we finished eating the rolls! Sorry lang talaga sa shonget na picture. :p My camera was just days old when this was taken.

Izakaya Sensu also serves different kinds of yakitori. If I remember it correctly, the cheapest I saw from the menu was PHP35. Again, this was Mitch’s idea. :p

Butabara Aspara PHP60/pc
Mune Cheese PHP45/pc

Mitch, Sheen and I got Butabara Aspara which is asparagus wrapped in thinly sliced pork. I don’t need to tell you about this because I honestly believe that you can never (as in never) go wrong with asparagus and bacon! Jen got Mune Cheese which is chicken breast topped with cheese. I didn’t get to taste it, but Jen said that it was also good.

Sheen wanted to try their matcha ice cream. We didn’t want to end up washing the dishes at Izakaya Sensu (haha) so we all agreed to just get two orders which we just shared.

I’m not really a fan of matcha. I remember years ago when it suddenly became a hit, and everybody was raving about anything matcha-flavored – ice cream, cakes, donuts, chocolates. I felt like a fish out of water because I really could not find a hint of appreciation to matcha. This is why I wasn’t really keen on trying the matcha ice cream. I’m saying this because I want you to know that my opinion on Izakaya Sensu’s matcha ice cream does not count. It was just okay for me. Sheen, who is a lover of anything with matcha, said that she liked it, but it’s not on the top of her list.

Matcha Ice Cream from Izakaya Sensu BGC
Matcha Ice Cream PHP70

Izakaya Sensu has a lot to offer from their menu. Albeit a bit pricey, I was actually surprised that everything we tried exceeded our expectations. So in case you find yourself craving for Japanese food on your next payday, consider trying out Izakaya Sensu. :)

Izakaya Sensu
Ground Floor, Net Park,
5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

* All photos were taken with a Huawei Mate 10

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