Marugame Udon at Bonifacio Global City

I’m not really a big fan of udon, but that changed when my office lunch buddies dragged me to Marugame Udon at Bonifacio High Street. I had been trying to convince Boyet to give it a try, but he kept on telling me that he really dislikes udon. I guess it’s primarily because we have been going to the wrong places for years. It took me months of begging until he finally gave in a few weeks ago.

The queue at Marugame Udon gets really long so my office mates and I always make a conscious effort to go there before 11:30AM if we want to successfully have a peaceful lunch. I remember going there while they were still on soft opening. I was paying when the cashier sighed and said, “Hay! Ayan na! Ang dami na agad tao! Ang sarap kasi dito Ma’am, tapos ang mura pa!” Haha! Si Ate naman, nag-open up na agad ng feelings sa akin! :p

Just to give you an idea how long the queue gets, the photo below was taken on a Monday night around 5:50PM just after we had a very early dinner. Believe me, it gets longer during Friday, and much, much, longer on a payday Friday! :p

Marugame Udon Bonifacio Global City

Traffic here is really fast-paced. If you are into networking, please don’t go here and discuss things like, “Yayaman ka ng walang puhunan!” You’ll definitely get angry glances from hungry diners lining outside! Wahahaha!

Marugame Udon has minimalist interiors. The colors you’ll see are mostly black, white and brown. It’s a self-service restaurant so in case you’re lucky not to fall in line outside, you still need to fall in line to get your food. Hihi. Don’t worry, though, because you’ll definitely be entertained watching how your udon gets prepared in front of you! I’ve been here countless of times before, but I am still in awe with how the servers seem to have a seamless rhythm in making the udon.

Marugame Udon BGC

Apart from the systematic way of preparing my food, I also don’t mind lining up because I really enjoy choosing side dishes. Choosing what side dishes to get always feels like I’m making an important life-changing decision! :p

Marugame Udon BGC Side Dishes

Most of their udon have two sizes – regular and large. I really have a big appetite, but the regular udon has always been enough for me. Price differs by PH50. I buy side dishes instead of getting the larger serving of udon. :)

Boyet had their beef udon upon my suggestion. It has a generous serving of thinly-sliced beef strips. The beef is so tender that you’ll feel like it’s melting in your mouth. The broth has a very subtle salty taste which was perfectly complemented by a hint of sweetness. My husband followed my lead and topped his udon with tempura flakes and leeks which added more flavor and texture.

Marugame Udon BGC Beef Udon
Beef Udon Regular PHP185

It was my first time to try their curry udon. The first thing I did was to smell the very inviting aroma from the beef curry. I was pleasantly surprised because the curry isn’t as spicy as I expected it to be. You won’t get that numbing feeling on your tongue when you eat it. (Please take caution with what I just said because I have a very high tolerance with spicy food. Hihi!) I’m also surprised that it’s not overpowering. I swiped my bowl clean! Just like the beef udon, every sip and bite of their curry udon was a treat to my taste buds.

Marugame Udon BGC Curry Udon
Curry Udon Regular PHP170

We got tempura and chicken karaage. Though sold at PHP60 per piece, I honestly don’t feel cheated with their tempura because I could taste the shrimp until the last bite. I really hate it when the only things I could taste in the tempura are flour and oil. My husband totally agreed that the tempura is worth the price. The chicken karaage was also good. It has the perfect crunch on the outside which was a good contrast to its moist and tender core.

Marugame Udon BGC Tempura Chicken Karaage
Tempura PHP60/pc
Chicken Karaage PHP60

Prior to eating at Marugame Udon, my husband gave me a “threat” which I didn’t really mind at all. I kept on raving about this restaurant so he told me that it better live up to the hype. Considering that we used to be udon haters, the fact that Marugame Udon “converted” us is proof enough that it is indeed worth lining up for. Apart from liking their udon, he was more surprised that he only paid less than PHP600 for everything we ate! Hihi. I’m pretty sure that we’ll be coming back soon. I think I’ll try their gyudon next time. :)

Marugame Udon
Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

* All photos were taken with a Huawei Mate 10

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