Kolokoy Household: Episode 81

Hello, guys! I know it is taking me forever to get my groove back on blogging. I really wanted to write and tell you more stories, but my hands are so full. My team at work is growing. My toddler is getting more demanding. My husband is still recovering from his surgery last month. I spend Saturday mornings cooking our meals for the following week. I do not even have the time to watch KDramas. Madalas, ganito na lang ako...


Anyway, if you feel that our lives have become boring because you’re not seeing a new Kolokoy Household post, then you’re gravely mistaken. Our house is crazier, noisier, and yes, happier! Hindi na nga lang si Boyet ang bida kasi grabe ang sense of humor ng bagets. Nakakatakot!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


A lot of people compliment me with how I am raising my daughter. She’s a fast learner. Her pediatrician always tells us that she’s advanced for her age. But Zayne is like any other two-year-old. She misbehaves at times. I always teach her how to be a strong girl, but it sometimes backfires at me. I get mad at her, she gets mad at me, she says SORRY, and then we make up.

One night, she requested to watch the movie Brave. I found this as the perfect opportunity to talk to her about her defiance. We were having a serious talk while she was latched to me.

Me: Kita mo ‘yan o. ‘Yung mom ni Merida naging bear.
Zayne: Why?
Me: Because she’s not listening to her mom. Gusto mo maging bear din ako?
Zayne: Nooooooooo!!!
Me: Kaya magpapakabait ka. Kasi kapag hindi ka sumusunod kay Nanay, baka maging bear din ako.



Zayne saw my CS scar and asked me what it was.

Zayne: Nanay, what’s that?
Me: That’s an ouchie.
Zayne: Why?
Me: Dati kasi, hindi ka makalabas sa tummy ni Nanay kasi nasasakal ka. Kaya ginawa ng doctor, hiniwa ako sa tummy, tapos kinuha ka para makalabas ka.

Zayne looked so sad and concerned after hearing my story.

Zayne: Awwwwwwww… Wawa naman pala ako!

Huwawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! =))


One night, Zayne saw Boyet drinking a beer in can.

Zayne: I want that.
Boyet: Nope, this is not for babies.
Zayne: Hindi na ako baby. Big girl na ako!
Boyet: Hindi ‘to pwede sa’yo. Pang-Tatay lang ‘to.

Zayne started crying!

Zayne: Gusto ko maging Tatay!!!
Boyet: Hindi ka pwede maging Tatay kasi pang-boys lang ‘yun.
Zayne: Gusto ko maging boy!!!


I told my husband that I missed blogging. Every time I would turn my laptop on, Zayne would always stick around me. Nakaka-guilty naman kasi so I always end up choosing her over blogging. Sabi ng magaling kong asawa, “Mamimili ka lang naman kung matutulog ka ng hapon kapag weekend o magba-blog ka.” Sabi ko kahapon, sige try ko hindi matulog baka maisingit ko ang pag-blog.

Zayne: Nanay, matulog ka na.
Me: Ayaw ko.
Zayne: Why?
Me: Kasi mag-blog ako kapag nakatulog ka na.
Zayne: No. Matulog ka na.
Me: Gusto ko mag-blog. Kasi happy si Nanay kapag nag-blog siya.
Zayne: Nay, nakaka-happy matulog. Pwamis.
Me: Hahahahaha!
Zayne: See, you’re laughing. O ‘di ba, happy matulog? O tulog ka na.

Ayun, natulog ako! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


I have always been conscious with what I feed Zayne. We followed Tamang Kain. I started being a bit lenient when she turned two years old. I allow her to eat chips or chocolates on weekends. I’m very glad that she’s not a picky eater, she’s knows the importance of eating healthy, and she definitely knows her boundaries.

Exhibit A

Pagkadating ko galing office, sinalubong ako ni Zayne.
Zayne: Nanay, Nanay! Si Mama, binigyan ako ng chocolate cake kahit hindi pa SATUYEY!
Mama: Etong anak mo, sumbungera e. Ipapaalam ko pa lang, inunahan na ako.

Exhibit B

Me (talking to myself): I want chips.
Zayne: No, Nanay! It's not yet SATUYEY!

Exhibit C

I gave Zayne bread with chocolate spread for breakfast.
Zayne: Chocolate, Nanay? Baka hindi ako makatulog neto ha.

Exhibit D

Zayne: Nanay, I want banana.
Me: Here.
Zayne: One more, please.
Me: Ok.
Zayne: Gusto ko pa… Kaso hindi na naman ako makakatae neto e.

I think I should end this post with a video of Zayne.

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  1. Hahahahhaa shucks sobrang benta nung T-W-I-X ni Zayneeee! Do you imagine Zayne reading through your blog and your entries about her when she grows up? Nakakatuwa siguro yun :)


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