Celebrating Mr. Kolokoy’s 30th at Saboten

My husband and I had a great time when we first tried eating at Saboten that we decided to take the entire family with us on his 30th birthday. We had a simple dinner with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, with Kaye Abad and Guji Lorenzana in the background. =)) Believe me, my father and my husband both claimed that Kaye Abad was there because of them. Ini-stalk daw sila ni Kaye! Nalipasan yata sila ng gutom at nag-hallucinate! =))

Boyet and I could not stop raving about Saboten. But since I come from a family of food “critics”, we were still a bit worried that they wouldn’t like it. One of the things that I could not stop talking about was the complimentary appetizers.
DSC_0428 FYI, I used an old photo I took on our first visit because my camera malfunctioned.

I mentioned on my previous post how my taste buds went gaga over the shredded cabbage drizzled with sesame dressing. Well, it was the same case on my second visit. And fortunately, my entire family loved it too! Even after we were done eating our orders, they helped themselves with more servings of this shredded goodness.

Just like on our first visit, we got their Special Sharing Set with 2 deep-fried shrimps, 1 loin cutlet, 2 crab cream croquettes, 2 rolled cutlets, rice and miso soup once again.

DSC_0440 Special Sharing Set PHP995
Again, this is an old photo.

Unlike last time wherein we only got the rolled cutlets with cheese, we decided to have cheese and asparagus that night. Both were definitely delicious. But I still could not change my mind with the croquettes. It is still my least favorite from the platter.

Knowing that the special sharing would definitely be not enough for six people, we decided to try out the other offerings of Saboten. During our first visit, I saw an American family who were enjoying a Katsu Curry. Even if I don’t like eating anything with curry, I gave it a shot.

DSC_1140 Katsu Curry (Tenderloin Set) PHP410

But I am so glad I did! The dish surely delivered what the menu claims – that their curry is made with special spices. The blend of flavors is just extraordinary. The spicy and pungent sauce complemented the already good on its own katsu. I would endlessly dip the katsu in the curry sauce. I had to restrain myself from finishing the entire plate. :p

We also got to try their clay pot dishes. Guests can choose whether to have tenderloin, loin or chicken. We opted to have the chicken set.

Tender chicken is served with a special sauce in a clay pot. The sauce stood out even with its subtle flavors. I am pretty sure that the dish is just as good even if we opted to have the loin or tenderloin set.

DSC_1147 Clay Pot (Chicken Set) PHP395

Fearing that our initial orders would not be enough, we decided to have a last-minute addition of the Pork Loin Karaage (PHP275). Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it. Hihi. Small bits of perfectly seasoned deep fried pork loin with a hint of spiciness arrived last on our table. It is included in the menu’s appetizer section, but we thought of getting it later in our meal thinking that it would be the fastest to be served. Appetizer or not, we all enjoyed it.

My mom had the same feedback as ours, that even if we are eating deep fried food, it’s not too oily. I bet you will agree with me that more often than not, eating too much deep fried food gets overwhelming for our tongue to handle. I am really happy that my entire family enjoyed their first time at Saboten.

And thanks to the always cheerful Saboten staff members for singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband and for the complimentary birthday cake. They did the same to one guest. But when I told him that it was also my husband’s birthday, the waitress laughed. Ayaw maniwala ni ate! =)) I even had to tell her that I was serious. I was just able to convince her when I got a little backing up from my father. Although Papa looked like he’s also joking, bumigay na rin si Ate! Hahaha! Buong Kolokoy Household ba naman kasi ang kasama ko, malamang hindi talaga kami seryosohin. :p

Ground Level Serendra
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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  1. I had dinner at Yabu yesterday at naisip ko na naman tong saboten! sana magka branch na sila sa alabang :) kelan kayo uli mag A alabang? dami bagong resto around alabang :)


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