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Our tummies were so happy after we finally got to try Nice Two Meat U, a Korean restaurant at Circuit Makati, a few weeks ago! We were supposed to have our wedding anniversary lunch at Nice Two Meat U last year, but we were disappointed when we found out that they start their operations at 2PM. (We went to Shabu Shabu Ichiban instead which is one of our family’s favorite restaurants at Circuit Makati.) We then made countless of attempts to try Nice Two Meat U but to no avail. Until one day after hearing the Sunday mass, I noticed that there was already someone manning the store! Ang OA ko nga because I remember screaming out of excitement as I told my husband, “Tay!!! Bukas na ‘yung Nice Two Meat U!!!” Boyet reciprocated my excitement as I saw his eyes gleamed with joy! HAHAHA!

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Nice Two Meat U is very spacious. We have been to the restaurant twice this month, and we were the first customers on both occasions. Zayne was able to move around freely inside the restaurant without giving me a heart attack. Ample space is vital especially when crew members work around hot pots and grills. I remember going to a cramped Korean restaurant in Makati. Masarap ang food pero buwis buhay kasi parang anytime may lilipad na uling! Hahaha!

I am not sure how Nice Two Meat U and Circuit Makati as a whole look like at night because we usually go there for lunch. But judging by the additional seats on two sides of the restaurants, I assume that Nice Two Meat U can get really busy late in the day.

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I love the industrial interiors of the restaurant. The high ceiling (well, it’s high relative to my height, haha) and the glass panes which let the natural light pass through give me the “illusion” of more space. Maaliwalas ang design ng restaurant. Ang sarap magpagulong-gulong after kumain ng samgyeopsal! Harhar! I specifically like the unfinished walls which give the restaurant more character. Even the HE/SHE signs on their restroom doors have a unique character – literally and figuratively! Hihi.

Nice 2 Meat U Circuit Makati

We had their Pork BBQ set meals on both of our visits. A Korean feast is not complete if it’s not jump started with banchan. Our set meal comes with unlimited servings of it. On our first visit, we had kimchi, eggplants, radish and quail eggs with pork. It was actually our first time to have quail eggs with pork in a Korean restaurant. It somehow reminds me of the dish that my mom prepares on special occasions like a fiesta, tapos ako lagi ang tiga-balat ng itlog pugo! Hihihi. Anyway, that being said, it was more of an ulam than an appetizer! Inulam tuloy namin kasi ang sarap sa rice! Harharhar!

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On our second visit, the eggplants were replaced with spinach! Owww-em-geeehhh, the spinach! It was so good! We had 4 servings of it!

We were able to try Pork BBQ Set A on our first visit. It consists of samgyeopsal, doenjang hotpot and unlimited servings of banchan and Wrap Me! What’s unique about their Wrap Me! (May ! kasi talaga sa menu e) is that they serve four different kinds of lettuce. One looks like Pechay Baguio, though, and I don’t think it’s considered as a type of lettuce. Plus, it was kinda weird to use it as a wrap because it’s too difficult to fold. Hihi! Anyway, that alone gave our palates some extra treats because of the varying textures from the different kinds of wraps!

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For PHP998, Pork BBQ Set A offers three kinds of pork – samgyeopsal (pork belly), moksal (blade shoulder) and hangjeongsal (jowl meat). We opted to try all three. This set meal is already good for 2 people.

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Fat!!! I love fat! HAHAHAHA!

I’m used to doing all the grilling when eating in a Korean restaurant just like Hwangso-Ga and Samgyupsalamat. But in Nice Two Meat U, the very gracious and friendly servers will take care of it for their guests. Some may argue that grilling on your own is part of the “experience”, but if you’re parents like us who love to eat out with a toddler, then it was definitely a very welcomed idea!

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I was awed with their precision in grilling the meat. They heat the grill first, grease it with a piece of fat (IKR?!) and then use a thermometer to check if it’s already the right temperature to put on the meat! They also use a timer to make sure that the meat is cooked to perfection! Imagine me being so impressed the first time I saw it. I even kept on asking, “Ate, ano ‘to? Ate, para saan po ‘to?” HAHAHAHA!

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And just as expected, the meat was perfect! It went really well with gochujang, kimchi and lettuce! The meat wasn’t charred so we were not able to taste any bitterness. They don’t grill the meat in charcoal making me somehow miss that distinct smoky flavor, but I still enjoyed it very much!

The Pork BBQ Set A also comes with doenjang hotpot. You can choose between kimchi or gochujang. We opted to have the latter. It was cooked in front of us which awakened all our senses.

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Tapos paghigop namin, awake na awake kami! HAHAHAHA! I’m a big fan of spicy dishes so this one was definitely a big delight for my taste buds. One look at the pot gave us a glimpse of what was in store for our palates! It’s definitely one tasty and spicy treat! I felt like the tofu absorbed all the pungent flavors. The texture of the mushrooms and vegetables was the perfect contrast to the silky tofu.

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We initially thought that the set would not be enough for us so we decided to add japchae. We miscalculated because we ended up taking home half of the hotpot and half of the japchae. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you’re probably aware that my baby daughter is addicted to pancit and anything that looks like one! I guess it would be a big understatement if I say that she enjoyed eating it, because just like what I said, we only took home HALF of the japchae. You figure out where the other half went! Hihi!

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Japchae PHP345

Although their japchae is on the sweeter side, I could still taste the varying flavors that are usual with the traditional japchae. I also loved that the glass noodles are still firm and the veggies retained their crisp which added more texture at every bite.

We had the Pork BBQ Set B on our second visit over the weekend. It’s a bit cheaper at PHP935. The hotpot is replaced with your choice of mac n cheese or mashed potatoes. There were no leftovers this time around as Zayne took charge of finishing the mac n cheese! Harharhar!

Apart from the good food and ambiance, Nice Two Meat U has very warm, friendly and efficient people! They were very attentive to all our needs. Each table has a buzzer so a server can immediately address whatever you need. They are also all smiles from start to finish! I guess this is why we enjoyed both visits at Nice Two Meat U! :)

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Nice Two Meat U
Level 2 Circuit Lane
Makati City

* All photos were taken with an Asus Zenfone Selfie

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