How My Dense Husband Got Me the Perfect Christmas Gift

DENSE. I really could not think of a better adjective to use. My husband may be dense, but his resourcefulness made my Christmas wish of having a Brother P-touch labeller come true! Hihi!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’re probably aware how vocal I am on the amazing effects of essential oils to my family’s health. I started my journey on June 2017, and I noticed the significant improvements on our overall wellness. We now sleep better at night. We stopped being dependent on painkillers, antacids and antihistamines. I’ve also started ditching some of the synthetic beauty products I used for years and replaced them with essential oils. I stopped using some of my makeup save for my lipstick and eyebrow pencil. (Because, duh! Kilay is life.) My husband and even my parents are now firm believers of essential oils. I have to say that I’ve leveled up after being an oilbularyo for half a year. But owning a label maker makes me a certified OC oilbularyo! HAHAHAHA!

Brother PTouch Labeller (2)

You’re probably asking why I called my husband DENSE. Oh, well, because he really is! HAHAHA! Married couples will probably agree that you will somehow reach a point in your married life when giving gifts become an arduous task. The difficulty lies either in knowing what your spouse really wants or how to sneak out to buy the gift once you already know it. My main problem was the second because my husband and I are always together. But online shopping saved my a** countless of times already. I knew long ago that my husband wants a pair of Sperry shoes so that was what I got him for Christmas. I was having a hard time going to the mall without him so I just purchased from Zalora! On the other hand, my husband didn’t have the slightest idea what I really wanted for Christmas despite my numerous attempts of dropping hints since the BER months started.

Boyet: Pengeng clue.
Me: Tatlo ‘yung gusto ko. September pa lang nagbibigay na ako ng clues!
Boyet: Sige na, last na lang.
Me: ‘Yung number 1, kelangang kelangan ko na. Ako lang makakagamit nun. Yung number 2, hindi ko masyadong kelangan pero magagamit natin pareho. ‘Yung number 3, kakatanong ko lang sa’yo kung may malapit sa office mo.
Boyet: ‘Yung number 3 natatandan ko nga na tinanong mo ako e.
Me: Oo, kahapon lang ‘yun!
Boyet: Alam ko na!
Boyet: SSS ID?!

O ‘di ba? HAHAHA! Infernez, inask ko kasi talaga siya kung may malapit na SSS sa office niya para makakuha kami ng SSS ID! Pero after nun, tinanong ko siya kung may malapit ba na Office Warehouse kasi magpapatingin ako ng labeller! HAHAHAHA!

Brother PTouch Labeller (1)

Again, my husband may be dense, but he is very resourceful! I was actually very surprised that he was able to figure out that I wanted a label maker. Because believe it or not, he really looked like a clueless three-year-old being introduced to Trigonometry while he was figuring out what I really wanted! But then again, my husband is not really the best in covering his tracks. He knows this. This is why he told me that he could never cheat on me. And this is also why I told him that if ever he has plans of committing a crime, then he better make me an accomplice because he will surely be caught in no time! HAHAHAHA!

My husband has a very low EQ so he gave me his gift before Christmas. I got so excited so I immediately told my office mate, Jen, who is also into essential oils.

Me: Jen!!! Binigyan ako ni Boyet ng P-touch!
Jen: Ay oo. Tinanong niya kami ni Sheen so sinilip namin ‘yung wish list mo sa Kris Kringle.

Antokwa. Gumuho ‘yung mundo ko. HAHAHAHA!

But, oh well! It is the thought that always counts. So the Monica-Geller-oilbularyo in me is sooooo happy!

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