Zayne's First Christmas Gift from Nanay and Tatay

Christmas of 2015 just passed by without me knowing it. Zayne was just a month old then so I didn’t really get the chance to “experience” the usual Christmas that I got used to. I didn’t want to risk her getting an infection so going to the mall was already out of the picture. ButI did better this year. Although I was still exhausted from doing so many things – planning Zayne’s first birthday party, our trip to Bacolod, handling a team at work, making sure that my household is well-fed, chasing a toddler, and the list goes on. But like I said, I did better this year. I got the chance to go the mall with my husband. We stayed there for two hours! Two freakin’ hours to complete my shopping list. I had to rush home because we only have a stay-out nanny who was looking after my daughter. I had to resort to online shopping to complete my holiday list. And just like that, I realized that I turned into my own mother – empty-handed for Christmas day. I was planning to reward myself with the pair of sneakers that I was eyeing for the longest time. If my budget permits it, I told myself that I could probably add more nursing tops to my very limited wardrobe. Dang! Waleyyyyyy!!! I told myself that it didn’t matter, at least I have gifts for everybody!

I was wrong!!!

I forgot to buy a gift for my daughter! 


Wait, wait, wait! Let me explain. I didn’t buy her a Christmas present last year because I knew that she still wouldn’t appreciate it. A year ago, she was the happiest baby on Earth if she sees a boob! This year, I totally forgot about it. Can you blame me? I didn’t receive Christmas presents from my parents. We were not well-off so the “presents” I received from my parents were the new clothes and shoes they bought for me for Christmas. I used that same excuse for Zayne until I realized that I didn’t even buy her anything! Hahahaha! She got new clothes as birthday presents, and we bought her shoes that she still hasn’t worn yet.


I’m such a bad mother!

Pero pursigido akong bumawi sa anak ko! Hahahaha!

I told my husband that I don’t want Zayne to believe in Santa Claus. I was raised that way. (Side story: When I was young, I asked Papa for a red sock so Santa could put his gift for me. My father immediately told me that Santa is not real! “Wala tayong chimney, anak. At isa pa, yung mga nanay at tatay ng mga bata ang nagpapanggap na sila si Santa. Nilalagay nila ‘yung mga gifts nila sa medyas kapag tulog na ‘yung mga anak nila!” That, my friends, was how my father ruined my childhood. Hahaha! But at least he spared me from the heartbreak of finding out later on that Santa was indeed a lie. :p) Anyway, I had all the intentions of making it up to my daughter. I want her to receive something from her real-life Santa - kami ng Tatay niya! Para naman hindi masyadong sira ang childhood niya like her Nanay! Hahaha!

I remember getting really excited when I saw a specific toy when we were shopping for my godchildren. I told my husband that we should get it for Zayne for her second birthday. Ayun napaaga. Dapat pala nireregaluhan ang mga anak kapag Pasko, ano?! Eto talagang mga magulang ko, masyado akong tinipid! Hahahaha!

Anyway, here is a video of Zayne on the morning of Christmas day. She was in awe when she saw our surprise for her! :)

inflatable playhouse
Bale sila Bear at Oinkoink ang first visitors niya. Housewarming na, mga besh?! :p

inflatable playhouse 2
Ayaw na niyang umalis! :p

Anyway, our Christmas gift to Zayne was the first real toy that we bought for her. We got her a Sophie the Giraffe, but then it’s also a teether so I don’t think it’s counted. For months, she would play with the very few toys that were given to her. We noticed that she would rather play with tissue paper and our curtains. We figured that it would be a waste to buy her more toys. But a day after we unboxed our Christmas gift for Zayne, we realized that it was actually more than a toy! Zayne now keeps on trying to go up the stairs. Her Tatay is not yet done baby-proofing that side of the house. Medyo brilliant idea din ang playhouse to keep Zayne from going to the third floor! Hahaha!

I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of our family on Christmas day. We tried to make up on both sides of our family by spending time with them. We were in a rush the entire day, and by the time that we got settled in the house, Zayne was already too tired to say “cheese” in front of the camera. I felt so bad not being able to have a family photo. I thought that I already missed the “moment”. But watdaheck?! Who cares if Zayne was just in her pajamas when I took the video?! E ano kung naka cloth diapers na lang siya? E ano uli kung ang labo labo ng pictures ko?! Ang saya saya naman niya dabah?! :p

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  1. Huwow!!! Ang bonggacious naman ng new toy na yan. Fit for the princess in your life. Waaaah, nakakatuwa, priceless ang reaction nya, pumapalakpak pa! :)


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