Last Hurrah for 2016: Blog Makeover

I was initially thinking of doing a year-end post, but I decided to squeeze this in for two reasons. First, I’m still not yet done with my year-end post because ‘yah knaw, I have to keep on chasing a hyperactive toddler, and I’m also busy preparing for our new year’s feast! And second, I simply want you, my dear readers, to know that my blog is currently undergoing renovation! Hahaha!

I have been single-handedly doing everything for my site – writing, taking and processing photos and designing my blog’s look. But because I became too busy with life, I already sought help from ze best friend, Aubrey, who happens to be designing blogs as her side work. We were supposed to do it a few months ago, but we had to postpone it as we got busy preparing for Zayne’s first birthday party and our group’s trip to Bacolod. I decided to “relaunch” my blog (Yes, maka-relaunch naman akala mo sikat ang blog ko, haha) by January, in time for my birthday, but Aubrey needs to go to a quite faraway land next month. She’ll be extremely busier so we had to squeeze this in to our very busy schedules!

Aubrey tasked the same artist who did my old header to do another one for me. My blog has started taking a different route last year so I made sure to reflect it in my new header.


The sketch is just sooooooooooooooooooo me – with my shirt-jeans-sneakers, food always on my mind, books on the side, and two minions who keep on bugging me all the time! Hahaha! (When Boyet first saw the sketch, he said, “Yes! Kasama ako!” Hahahahaha!!!)

For more than a year, I struggled transitioning to being a “mommy blogger”. Gone are the days when my blog is filled with nothing but restaurant reviews, trips and product discoveries. Now, my blog is overwhelming with tons of my stories about motherhood, so I guess my new header will help me with my metamorphosis.

I tried to remove all the pink-ness in my blog. Yes, my blog probably looks like a blog of a guy now (haha), but it’s actually a personal decision. I just want a cleaner and more subtle look for my blog. The calligraphy was Aubrey’s idea. It was perfect to put some much needed arte on my blog! Hahahaha!

Aubrey is still doing some minor updates. It’s funny because we just started working on it late last night. We just talked through FB chat, which I think was unnecessary. She makes an update, asks me what I think about it, and we both send messages like, “Yuck ang panget” at the same time. Same wavelengths, eh? Anyway, if you find something “broken” in my blog, please let me know. Again, it’s still a work in progress.

If you’re looking for someone to do a makeover for your blog, just send Aubrey a note. She knows magic! In case you are new to the blogosphere, she can also teach you some blogging tricks. Grabe, ang daming alam ng bruha! Outdated na kasi ako! Hahaha!

So, there. My home may have changed its look, but it’s still the same happy space that I’ve built over the years. I do hope you stick around with me despite all the gray-ness of my new home! Hahaha!

Happy New Year!!! :)


  1. Di naman grey na grey! Salamat sa green na menu bar! :) Work in progress pa pero push na! :) Here's to a better blogger life for 2017. :)

  2. I like this new look! Happy new year!! -- Dawn

  3. Happy New Year, happy new look! :) It looks very neat, tapos ang lamig pa sa mata ng kulay :)

  4. New year, new look! Ang ganda! Galing ni Aubrey, ha! Gusto ko rin yung color mix (gray and green), calming sya. :)

  5. I like your choice of neutral colors for the layout kahit dim than bright. The grey color somehow had a relaxing effect on my eyes.


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