Product Review: Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliner

I have always wanted to try using an eyeliner, but I am just so clueless when it comes to makeup. That and the fact that my eyes are naturally kirat so it’s quite difficult for me to apply eye makeup. I remember the effort exerted by the makeup artist I hired for my wedding just to make sure that my eyes look proportional! Haha! This alone created my fear in using eyeliners. I tried buying different kinds of eyeliners, but I ended up not using them. But because I love Happy Skin very much, I decided to give Eye Am Here To Stay a try. I purchased this when my BFFs and I had a girl bonding activity a few months ago. Joie purchased an eyebrow makeup while Aubrey and I bought the eyeliner.

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay
So what can I say about the product? First, I am such a big fan of Happy Skin. I have two shades of their Shut Up and Kiss Me lippie. I also use their makeup remover. And just recently, I switched to their foundation after my two-year relationship with my good old BB cream from The Face Shop. So trusting Happy Skin is not that hard for me. I love the fact that it makes girls prettier and still lives up to their promise of taking care of our skin. I tried using other brands of eyeliners before, and I have to say that using this is much easier, especially for a makeup noob like me.

Applying it is easy-breezy. I had experiences of hurting my eyelids because some eyeliners take forever to apply. I mentioned earlier that I am naturally kirat. Normal people have just one crease in their eyelids. I, on the other hand, have one crease on the right and three on the left! That means that I have to apply more on one eye, and just one solid stroke on the other. Fortunately, Eye Am Here To Stay is highly pigmented so one stroke goes a long way. I checked out the label and found something interesting. It says that it contains Argan oil! I am an avid user of Argan oil so this was a delight for me. I am thinking that the Argan oil is probably the reason why it’s easier to apply. It easily “slides” to the eyelids.

Its staying power is also noteworthy. I remember Aubrey tried to use this on ReigningTatay (I know, right?!) and it wouldn’t go off after his many attempts to wash his face. So I guess that is also a proof that Eye Am Here To Stay is really there to stay! Haha! And oh, it doesn’t smudge, too! Additionally this eyeliner comes with a built-in sharpener. No need to use your rusty pencil sharpeners! :p Hay, thank God for Happy Skin! Ang laki ng utang na loob ko sa kanya! :p

And after so many failed attempts, most of which resulted in me looking like a panda, I finally had the courage to go out of the house with eye makeup! Achievement unlocked! Haha! Excuse the selfie, I’m not really good at it! I just want to prove my point that Happy Skin products are not limited to beauty junkies. =)

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