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The first time I heard of Taiwan Excellence being introduced in the Philippines, I underestimated its importance. I told myself that I don’t buy things that are made in Taiwan. But after a few minutes, I started to question my earlier claim. I consulted the ever reliable Google and searched for famous Taiwanese brands. I was perplexed with the search results! I didn’t know that my storage devices and even some of my gadgets are from Taiwan. I didn’t even know that my old mobile phone is also made in Taiwan. So just in case you have plans of taking Taiwan Excellence a little too lightly, think again.

Filipinos love to buy imported goods. But unknown to many, consumers are not necessarily guaranteed that a product is of high quality just because it is imported. That is why I firmly believe that efforts like Taiwan Excellence will benefit the consuming public.

So what exactly is Taiwan Excellence? The Ministry of Economic Affair’s (MOEA) initially came up with a five-year plan to improve Taiwan’s international competitiveness by supporting its local brands. Part of this plan is the Taiwan Excellence campaign. Through this effort, Taiwan-based brands (consumer and business IT, fashion, arts and culture, sports, education, transportation and others) are scored by an international panel of judges based on the following: R&D, design, quality and marketing. If a brand has been evaluated to score well in these four categories, it will be allowed to carry the Taiwan excellence seal. The judges will then choose from the qualified brands and award the Silver and Gold Award recognition. It’s like choosing the valedictorian and the honor roll from a sea of graduating students.


You’re probably asking why this is important. I see it as Taiwan’s effort to ensure the consuming public that they are getting what they paid for. It also serves as an assurance that the brands value the trust given to them by their consumers. As a consumer, I want to be assured that I am getting the value of every cent I paid for a specific product. Let’s put it this way. If you go inside a doctor’s clinic, odds are you’ll see the doctor’s diploma, awards and recognition on the wall of his/her clinic. It’s the doctor’s way of telling his/her patients that he/she is qualified and is deserving of their trust.

Now, Filipinos also get to benefit from Taiwan excellence. I’m the type of buyer who scrutinizes the labels of the products I am buying. I look for the expiration date, ingredients used and even the nutritional facts of every food item I buy. It also helps when there are seals from trusted and incredible organizations to ensure the buyers that the product is of high quality. So just in case you find yourself buying Acer, Asus, BenQ, Draytek, HCG, KingCom, KW Trio, Kymco, MSI, Silicon Power, Sym, Transcend, and other brands from Taiwan, look for the Taiwan Excellence seal!

To know more about the Taiwan Excellence campaign, visit their website and Facebook page. Let us all discover Taiwan’s best!

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  1. Hmmm, this is very informative esp. for gadget-lovers. Like you, I scrutinize the labels of the products I buy. Talagang mega basa ako ng lahat ng nakasulat. Lalo pag food products! Better to be safe than sorry. :)


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