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Before you start thinking that I had another drastic haircut, forget it! I’m talking about the new look of jE's AnAtOmY. This explains the lack of new posts for the past few days.

I have always wanted to change the look and feel of this site. Although that brown birdie template that I had for years is my favorite, I started feeling that my site looks gloomy, very far from how I want this site to be – A HAPPY PLACE.

I started looking for new templates over the weekend because I wanted to have a background with light colors. According to Joseph (my office mate who used to be a web developer), food and travel blogs usually have backgrounds with light colors.

Je: Gusto ko FINK!
Joseph: Tama! Kapag food blog dapat talaga light lang. Para appetizing at inviting.
Je: Kaya pala di sikat blog ko, kulay brown e. Mukhang tae!

The original background of the template I got is gray, but I find it too formal. Joie didn’t like it too. I tried 2 other colors until I reached the final decision. I also reused the monogram from our wedding. E sakto JE = Jerellt + Efren! :p

I spent hours coding just to customize the template according to what my blog needs. This is actually very tedious. I needed to realign stuff, change fonts, try out different colors, and install all my old widgets. Malalang nosebleed sa HTML! :p It’s funny how God answers my life’s questions in the most unexpected ways. I have long been asking Him my purpose in the IT industry when my heart belongs in writing. Now I know that being a software developer goes really well with being a blogger. :p

Though I have all the basic things already in place for this site to function as it should, it is still a work in progress. Some parts of this site are still a bit distorted. I also have to figure out how to have better-looking thumbnails at the main page, so please bear with me. :)

P.S. Thanks to those who “QA”-ed my blog’s new look – Boyet, Joie, Aubrey, Joseph and Abby!

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