Just Because I’m Missing Minnesota

Minnesota will always be my second home. Even if with some twist of fate that I will be sent to another country again for work, Minnesota will still remain on that spot. I had my first taste of full independence while I was there. And though I was thousands of miles away from my family, the warmth of the people I met there made me feel at home.

Another thing I seriously miss is the food. I know that it may not come even close to the Top 10 Foodies’ Haven, but most of the restaurants we tried are really good. Every time I need to think of happy thoughts, I always picture those big and juicy burgers from Matt’s Bar, SmashBurger and Dave’s Downtown. And if these thoughts are still not enough to cheer me up, I add Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar in my imagination. Unfortunately, all are currently not accessible in Manila. So unless a reader of this blog with a very good soul sends me one, I need to go back to Minnesota to have a taste of these again. Another possible scenario is when a kind-hearted businessman puts up a franchise of any of these. If this happens, that business owner can make me a slave for the rest of my life.

Fortunately, few items which remind me of Minnesota are available at S&R! Kellog’s Pop Tarts and Swiss Miss are our all-time favorite. But the last time I came to S&R, I got these two for the first time.

I saw that White Castle was on a PHP60 off deal. I wasn’t initially convinced that I’d get the same quality given that it’s just microwavable. Surprisingly, it’s just as good!!! I wanted to do cartwheels because of the joyful feeling that each bun gives me. But I don't know how to do cartwheels so I clapped instead! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sabi sa kanta 'di ba? Kung ikaw ay masaya, pumalakpak. Clap Clap! :p

Johnsonville sausages were my best friends in Minnesota. When I’m too tired to cook, I’ll just put one giant sausage in the microwave. With the right sauce, Johnsonville sausages also transform even the simplest pasta dishes. My favorites are the Beer Brats and the Jalapeño and Cheese. Since I can’t find both in S&R, I just settled with their Breakfast Sausages. Ironically, mom cooked it for… ehhhhmmm… DINNER! Wahahaha!!! But honestly, I don’t care whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even midnight snacks! It’s so delicious.

Both are pricey but definitely cheaper than a plane ticket to Minnesota. ;-)

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  1. Drool! Oh my! Another kagutom-gutom post from the one and only certified wifey.. and food blogger! LOL! Kinabahan ko noh?! Haha!

    Uy si Je, mukang ang daming cravings lately! Hihihi...

    No, but seriously.. I feel starving because of this post! Maybe because I haven't eaten dinner, pero iba! Iba talaga ang tama nitong giant langgonisa este sausage sakin.


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