Almost a month after my birthday, I finally found the time to post about all the gifts that my friends and relatives gave me. I love giving gifts, even if it’s just a small thing or a simple note. Ironically, I don’t receive a lot of gifts especially on my birthdays. With the exception of my 7th and 18th, I think I received the most number of gifts on my 29th birthday. :p

You all know by now that my husband’s gifts for my birthday were a staycation, a kite and a promise that he’ll never stop until I learn to ride a bike. Surprisingly, some people actually helped my husband cross out some items on my wish list. It pays to have a blog! :p

From my Systems Team

I included baking spatula on my wish list for our Kris Kringle last Christmas. Some of my office mates are reading my blog so they probably thought of crossing out the baking tools out of my birthday wish list. Along with a spatula, they also gave me a heart-shaped cupcake pan.

Side Story (via IM):

Abby: Ako na lang ang bibili ng cake ni Mica.
Joseph: Ok sige. Anong gift natin?
Abby: Half day kasi si Mica ngayon e. Bigay na lang natin ‘yung cake tapos ‘yung gift, isabay na lang natin ibigay sa gift ni Je sa Friday kapag nanlibre sila ng lunch.
Je: Bakla ka! Nandito ako!!!

At least, alam ko na may gift sila sa birthday ko! :p

From Joie

When I received my team’s gift, I excitedly told Joie about it through IM.

Je: Joie!!! Baking thingies ang bigay nila sa akin! Pero ‘yung spatula, hindi ‘yung silicone e. ‘Yung pang smooth ng cake. Pero ok lang, kasi wala pa akong ganun e. I’m so happy!!! HARHARHAR!!!
Joie: Hehe!

Kaya pala NR, kasi nabuwisit! Eto kasi ang gift niya sa akin! :p

I was laughing out loud when Boyet told me what Joie said when they met up to give him my gift. Nakakainis, naunahan ako ng teammates niya. Pero tama ang spatula ko! Mwahahaha!!!

Joie did not just cross out one item from my birthday wish list. She is also helping me cross out one item from my bucket list! I will soon be trying to bake a cake using these!!! *cartwheel sabay split*

From Abes and Kate

I have long accepted the fact that my younger brother is the least thoughtful person in the family. When Boyet asked me if I already have the TMR books, I knew that he is asking because someone will give it to me. But never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would be from my brother. I am pretty much convinced that it was his girlfriend Kate’s idea to give me a gift on my birthday. :p

I have been a rusher since I was 16. I have actually influenced a lot of my friends to become a rusher. But because of the number of unread books that are already collecting dust in my shelf, I had to restrain myself from buying the TMR books. I promised myself not to buy books, but I can’t control people from giving me more. :)

From Hervi

My childhood best friend sent me some gifts through her dad who came back from Seattle for a quick vacation in the Philippines.

Because we are both book lovers, she ALWAYS sends me good books! Teehee! I was supposed to buy The Language of Flowers but I ended up buying Before I Fall instead. What a lucky move! She recently had a trip to Europe so she also got me an Eiffel Tower key chain. She knows that I have a key chain collection. :)

She also sent me an Anne Klein watch. I told her that most of my watches are actually from her. Last but not the least is a Victoria’s Secret body mist. This by far is my favorite VS scent! I do hope I can find one here in Manila. Lumalaklak kasi ako ng pabango e! :p

From Me

Joie, Aubrey and I agreed to go shopping on my birthday. We had to tag Aubrey along because she knows a lot of things about looking like a woman. And for some odd reason, she knows where to get the inexpensive stuff!

After checking out the department store, we went to The Face Shop. We were like high school girls trying out lipsticks while the boys bored to death. I was eyeing one shade which costs PHP500+. I was about to pay for it, but Aubrey saw another set of cheaper lipsticks. I felt that it actually suits my personality more so I got it. The shade is not far from my natural lip color that’s why I liked it even more. And to top it all, it only costs PHP300+!!! Aubrey got a little bit too excited that her best friend is finally using a lipstick that she even wrote a blog post about it! Read it here. Proud na proud ang bakla! Joie also got the same lipstick and the cushion blusher. Parang mas birthday niya e! :p

I wanted to cross out the LBD from my birthday wish list. Unfortunately, the LBD I liked from Freeway was on a buy-one-take-one deal and I could not find something to pair it with. But because I am a Freeway cardholder, I am entitled to a 20% discount on regular items on my birthday month. I cheated a little and got myself this black polka dot dress! Little Black with white circles Dress! :p

After hours of non-stop walking, we decided to go inside Terranova. Nothing really appealed to us. We all then went to one corner. Each of us was holding at least a piece of clothing.

Je: Mahal dito ‘di ba?
Aubrey: Alam ko oo e!
Je: 195 Pesos ba ‘to? Or 1,950 Pesos? Baka naman 195 Dollars ‘to?!  
Aubrey: Miss, magkano ‘to?!
Saleslady: Ma’am, 195 Pesos po!

I told you! Aubrey knows where to get the cheap stuff! She promised herself not to buy anything, but she couldn’t refuse the price tag! I got myself this. Summer, here I come!!! >:)

More than the presents, I’m grateful for all the people who celebrated my 29th birthday with me. Come with me as I welcome the road to my big three-ohhhh!!! :)

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