Recap: 20 Things Before 30

In a couple of weeks, I’ll finally step into the last leg of the 20s zone. Unlike those who dread getting a year older, I don’t. I’m actually excited to seize the remaining days of being in my late 20s and hopeful that I’ll welcome the big three-ohhh with grace. In line with this, I decided to revisit my 20 Things I Want To Do Before 30 list. Actually, I have totally forgotten about making such a post. I was just rereading my blog out of boredom when I stumbled upon this very old blog post. I never realized that I was already unconsciously crossing out a lot of things from that list!

1. Do at least one extreme sport.

I asked around 5 people whether ziplining is considered an extreme sport. All of them said yes. I’m still not yet convinced so I tried another one extreme activity during our last out-of-town trip. I’ll post about that really soon. I wasn’t that successful. But at least, I tried. :p

2. Go back to my 23-inch waistline which leads me to number 3.

Pwede bang kalimutan na lang natin ‘to? HAHAHA! I was a 24 when I got married. E balak ’kong magpabuntis this year! :p

3. Wear a swimsuit. Hahaha! Walang pakialamanan :p
DONE! No blog post to support this, so you just have to trust me. :p

4. Wear a skirt. I’m a jeans girl e.

Thanks to my kikay friends Joie and Aubrey for always convincing me that I have great legs to flaunt. Hindi man siya kasing haba ng traffic mula Buendia hanggang Edsa, pero legs pa rin naman na keri mag skirt at dress. :p

3IS_6921 The SHORTEST so far! :p

5. Spend a night out of town. I did this twice this year. But I am hoping to make more trips in the future.

Dito sa part na ‘to, sobrang quota ako! :p We were actually out of town almost every other month on the first half of 2012. Some girls my age find thrill with branded shoes and bags. But I find excitement in learning new things and seeing different cultures through traveling. I hope I’ll still have that thirst years from now.


6. Learn how to cook. (as in edible food)

Hindi lang edible, great food pa! Go ask my husband and my super pintasera nanay. :p Ang ebidensiya - Je Tries To Cook

7. Eat a whole Yellow Cab pizza all by myself.
Seriously, I’m challenging myself to do this!

8. Ride a bicycle. My mom never allowed me.
I’ll pray that I’ll still have the legs to flaunt after my BIKING 101 sessions with Boyet!

9. Fly a kite.
I saw some kids doing this in Luneta. Who wants to join me?! :p

10. Bake a cake. I already tried cookies and brownies. Way to go!
I really hope that I’ll find the time to bake my own birthday cake. :p

11. Have my own business.
Meron na kaso may iba pa akong gusto i-try. :p

12. Write a song. Hmm , sige na nga lyrics lang. I’m not musically inclined e.
This. Is. Still. Doable. :p

13. Have a picture with a popular celebrity. Babaw no?!

He may not be popular to a lot of people, but he is popular in my world!

DSC_1207 Wapakels kahit out of focus! :p

14. Have my hair all curled up even for a day.


15. Go to a live concert.
This should not be on my list as I remember being in an ANG TV concert when I was 10 and a PAROKYA NI EDGAR concert when I was a teenager. :p

16. Go to a midnight sale.
May midnight sale pa rin ba?!

17. Have my own house.

I’ll be exactly 30 years old when our house gets turned over to us.

18. Have something named after me. Maybe a star???! In my dreams!
Dear Joie, ituloy mo na ang pag-name sa akin ng isa mong flavor ng brownies. May Mary Melts ka na e. :p

19. Start waking up every day of my life with my one great love.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-1256

20. Learn more, laugh more, and live more.
Do I still need to expound on this? ^_^

12 out of 20! I only have less than 400 days to challenge myself and do the remaining 8. Who wants to help me cross out as much as I can from this list? :p


  1. di din ako marunong mag bicycle. Loser di ako marunong mag balance eh hehe!

  2. Advance, happy Birthday JE! May you meet all your challenges in life! Go for the gold! Kalimutan mo na talaga ang waist line, di yan uso sa may asawa! Hahaha! From size 24, naging 26 ang waistline ko after giving birth to Cyler! :)

    Btw, yes may midnight sale pa din! Usually pag December sa Glorietta or any SM Mall. Hihi


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