20 things (some are stupid) I want to do before I reach 30

Published on October 14, 2008

(From my Friendster blog site originally posted on July 11, 2008)

1. Do at least one extreme sport.
2. Go back to my 23-inch waistline which leads me to number 3.
3. Wear a swimsuit. Hahaha! Walang pakialamanan :p
4. Wear a skirt. I’m a jeans girl e.
5. Spend a night out of town. I did this twice this year. But I am hoping to make more trips in the future.
6. Learn how to cook. (as in edible food)
7. Eat a whole Yellow Cab pizza all by myself.
8. Ride a bicycle. My mom never allowed me.
9. Fly a kite.
10. Bake a cake. I already tried cookies and brownies. Way to go!
11. Have my own business.
12. Write a song. Hmm , sige na nga lyrics lang. I’m not musically inclined e.
13. Have a picture with a popular celebrity. Babaw no?!
14. Have my hair all curled up even for a day.
15. Go to a live concert.
16. Go to a midnight sale.
17. Have my own house.
18. Have something named after me. Maybe a star???! In my dreams!
19. Start waking up every day of my life with my one great love.
20. Learn more, laugh more, and live more.

Silly me :)

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