We were able to score round trip tickets to Bicol on one of the PISO-FARE promos of Cebu Pacific last year. We were originally slated to leave on December 7, but we got an email and a text message from CebuPac telling us of flight schedule changes. They moved our departure time an hour earlier so we were set to leave Manila by 07:50. I immediately sent a text message to CebuPac to confirm that we’re ok with the schedule changes. But the succeeding turn of events threatened this trip from pushing through.

On the last half of November, my doctor told me that I needed to undergo a medical procedure. I have already undergone several tests as prerequisite for the said procedure. We were already willing to let go of our tickets, but we still tried to make it work. On the email sent to us by CebuPac, it was stated there that we can either refund or rebook the ticket within 30 days without extra cost. I didn’t think it would work because I already confirmed our flight through SMS, but hubby still tried to get in touch with CebuPac. To cut the long story short, we were able to rebook our ticket. And to make things even better, my doctor said that medical procedure is no longer necessary. Masaya naman ako, pero panira ka ng trip, Doc! :p

Sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa Bicol din ang tuloy…

bicol Bicol 

Joie and I agreed that this was the most unorganized and unproductive trip we ever had. But still, Bicol is beautiful and I was in the company of my favorite people. I can't wait to tell you all about it! ^_^ Sana lang hindi ako tamarin. :p


  1. wag kang tamarin aabangan ko post mo :)

  2. maganda ba ang naging bicol trip niyo je?

  3. Uy! You went to Misibis Bay! I'll be waiting for your Misibis Bay post! :D

  4. hi! nice blog! but wondering how much is the total cost of your expenses on your bicol-misibis bay trip?


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