I Cut My Hair Short

Abot hanggang roots na kasi ang split ends! Sporting a short hairstyle isn’t that new to me. I had really short hair when I was in college, and I had to cut it short right after the wedding. So when I decided to go back to short hair after more than a year, I was surprised with how people reacted to my new hairstyle.

- Ano bang pinagdadaanan mo at nagpagupit ka?
- Akala ko new hire, ikaw lang pala!
- May intern pala kayo?!
- Ma’am, new look ha!

Pero walang tatalo dito!

While the building guard was inspecting my bag, he was looking at me and not my bag. With matching kunot ng noo pa! Then he said, “Ma’am, kung hindi dahil sa I.D. mo, hindi kita makikilala!”

Eto ang pinakamalupit!

Officemate: Nung nakita kita, inisip ko pa talaga “Si Je ba ‘to?!”
Officemate: Nagpagupit ka lang ba?
Me: Oo.
Officemate: Wala ka ng ibang pinagawa?
Me: HAHAHA! Wala akong pinaretoke!

Next to my split ends problem, I changed my hairstyle for my 29th birthday. But it seems like I ended up looking like I’m 9!

DSC_1090 Photo taken by Hubby. Sorry for the lost strands of hair, may electric fan sa gilid! :p
Haircut courtesy of Jesi Mendez Salon (PHP395)

I don’t look “different”, do I? Everybody kept on telling me that they don’t recognize me because of my new look. It’s as if I am on disguise or something.

Do you know that my wildest dream is to become either an assassin or a secret agent? So if people are having a hard time recognizing me just because I changed my hairstyle, then I already have an edge! HAHAHAHA!!! Who would suspect a 9-year old?! >:)


  1. Tol!! Oo nga! 9yr old nga. Hihihi.. but i love it. :) wenu kung 9! Ung iba nagpapabotox pa at nagpapa-belo bumata lng. Ikaw nagpagupit lng 20 decades ang nabawas. Hahaha


  2. Ang ganda ng buhok mo sis! Kaya pwede ka magpashort at kahit anong cut bagay sayo! :)

  3. Ayos! mukang bumata nga...
    not sure with ur "old look" but this hair seems very good to you and thanks sa mga comment na un na lalong nagpabata sayo. lol.
    Ang dream, wagas! assassin? ninja gusto mo din. mas gusto ko ata yun.. hehe


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