Coron Day 2 (Island Tour Part 4): Coral Garden

If compared to having exercise, our bodies were just warmed up after going to Siete Pecados and Kayangan Lake. Fortunately, I ate a lot during lunch in preparation for a strenuous battle.

With the scorching heat of the sun, our boat stopped in the middle of the sea. Then, our tour guides suddenly jumped out of the boat. Surprised with what was happening, I asked Kuya Chris if we should also go into the water. He said that it was the farthest that the boat could get because the area is protected. The boat’s anchor and propeller might destroy the corals.

Just like soldiers who are about to face the battle, I prepared my battle gears.

P1000231That's me testing the waters, literally!

Kuya Chris and Kuya Arvin were both swimming without their life vests. Kuya Chris took out his vest and asked us to hold into it while he was holding the other end. Kuya Arvin also did the same for Jeff and Joie.

P1000232Jeff with Kuya Arvin

The current was so strong! I admire our tour guides for courageously facing the strong current and putting our safety on top of their priority. Each time I pull the belt of our guide’s vest to signal that I need a break, he would stop and make sure that everything’s fine. There were instances that I needed to adjust my vest, wipe my goggles or fix my snorkeling gear. Snorkeling in the Coral Garden was absolutely hard. But the underwater experience was surreal! Thanks to Joie for the underwater shots.

After a few minutes, Kuya Chris spotted something and caught everyone’s attention. It was a lobster, the very first one I saw other than those being cooked in the Lifestyle Network shows. I was a little bothered when Kuya Chris took it out of the water. I told him that he might disturb the ecosystem. Haha! But he assured me that the lobster was already dead when he got it.

Hubby with THE LOBSTER

It was very tiring to swim non-stop. I was really scared of two things – the strong current and the sun! Heller! Ang itim ko na kaya! But I’m glad I faced my fears. It was definitely worth it!


  1. Aww...those underwater shots got me awed! Nakakainggit dami mong lakwacha! :D

  2. Haha kayo din naman ni Mark! :)


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