Coron Day 2 (Island Tour Part 2): Kayangan Lake

Published on January 25, 2012

After Siete Pecados, our island adventure continued as we head to Kayangan Lake. I read from forums that insect repellent is a must-have if Kayangan Lake is part of your Coron itinerary. Because of this, I asked Jeff to bring Off lotion for us. Boss na boss ako! :p

Our tour guide advised us not to remove our life vests, thus the explanation for the following photos. My husband breaks all the rules so he stands out in all the pictures.

After our tour guide paid the entrance fees, we started traversing the very steep path to the Kayangan Lake. It’s so steep that you need to give way to the other tourists coming from the opposite direction. In short, bawal ang siga!

My legs were still recuperating from the very exhausting hike to Mt. Tapyas. Fortunately, the hike to the lake was just a piece of cake. We were then brought to a scenic view where we had the chance to sit in a giant rock and have our pictures taken with a picturesque background.

I envy my friends who were able to take decent photos of this spot. Our actions were very limited preventing us from getting a nice shot. Next to the fact that we couldn’t move freely because there’s no room to do so, there were other tourists behind us and the family before us brought a small kid who were throwing tantrums and would not let go of his spot at the rock. Argh!

After our short-lived photo op session, we went down to yet another steep path. People may think that it is one’s way to hell. On the contrary, it’s the gateway to paradise. I know that my photos can’t give justice to my previous statement. But you have to believe me. I froze for a couple of minutes after seeing the place. Years ago, I was only watching it through the Living Asia Channel as I die out of envy while tourists dive into the turquoise water.


P1000181Kuya Chris and Kuya Arvin


Dipping into the lake was very relaxing. The view was breathtaking. I would love to spend hours in the lake as my body floats and my worries get washed away.

P1000192Water shots from Joie's camera

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