Coron Day 2 (Island Tour Part 3): Atuwayan Beach and Banol Beach

We went back to our boat after our Kayangan Lake adventure. After a few minutes, Kuya Chris took out a can of Century Tuna, put it in a bowl and mixed a sachet of mayonnaise in it. He handed the spread to us along with a pack of sliced bread. “Ma’am, Sir, appetizer po muna kayo,” Kuya Chris said. I initially thought that it would already be our food for lunch! Haha! I never imagined myself feeling heavenly after eating bread with tuna spread! If you’ve experienced non-stop boat ride, hiking and swimming, you’ll definitely grab and munch anything edible.

A few minutes passed and we arrived at Atuwayan beach. Our boatman initially had a hard time finding a spot to park our boat. The beach was a bit crowded when we arrived but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the serenity of the place.

All the cottages were already occupied when we arrived so we were forced to sit on the sand. Fortunately, it didn’t hinder us from enjoying the feast prepared by Centro Coron. Our tour guides brought a large basket which housed our food and a cooler where they stored our cold beverages. We were so amazed each time they take out something. They brought water, ice and soda. They served shrimps, grilled liempo and fish. I told Kuya Chris, “Ang sarap ng liempo sa toyo’t kalamansi na may sili!” “Don’t worry Ma’am,” he said as he started slicing the kalamansi and mixed it with soy sauce and chili. Anong sinabi ng boy scouts?!

And yes, we didn't eat using paper plates and plastic cups!

Our feast didn’t end at that. Kuya Chris took out a plastic bag containing something that looks really familiar. He cleaned it, placed it on a plate along with the sliced red onions and tomatoes. I said, “Wow, arorosep!” Kuya Chris was bedazzled because the seaweeds is known to them as lato and not arorosep.

I saw the disgust on the faces of Boyet and Joie. I asked Jeff if he eats the slimy green seaweeds. He gave me a smile and started digging into the plate. Suffice to say, Jeff and I enjoyed it!

We were encouraging our guides to join us for lunch but they begged off. They insist on having theirs after we’re done. So after our sumptuous lunch, there was nothing left to do but to enjoy the calming view and the crystal clear water.

DSC_1401 Joie

DSC_1403 with Joie

DSC_1406 with Hubby

DSC_1408 Joie and Jeff

DSC_1415 Hahaha!


After a few minutes of resting, our tour guides told us that we were off to our next destination.

Banol beach was quieter than Atuwayan, well at least when we were there. There was nothing much to do other than swimming and taking pictures.

P1070993Banol beach photos courtesy of Joie

We were so eager to continue with our water adventures but Kuya Chris told us to take advantage of our break. He advised us to recharge because we’d definitely need our energy for our next stops. I later found out that he wasn't lying!

Until my next post! :)

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