Coron Day 2 (Island Tour Part 5): Twin Lagoon

Our second to the last destination was the Twin Lagoon. Like what I mentioned in my previous posts, we availed of Centro Coron's worry-free package so I didn't even try to do some research about our trip. It also helped me to lower my expectations. So when we were about to go to Twin Lagoon, I asked Kuya Chris what to expect with the place. He said that we need to go through a very narrow opening to reach the inner lagoon. If the tide is high, tourists need to use the bridge. Or if you're the adventurous type, maybe you can still swim if it's high tide. Kanya kanyang trip lang yan!

Twin Lagoon was crowded when we arrived. Boats were everywhere making it extremely difficult for us to find a spot to dock our boat. More boats were arriving so the queue became longer. Because of this, Kuya Chris asked if we could manage to swim even if the opening was still far from our boat. Without thinking twice, we jumped to the water and battled the big boats along the way.

Fortunately, the tide was low during our visit so we were able to experience passing the cave-like entrance. Kahit butas ng karayom, papasukin namin! I think it would be less fun if you don’t swim and just use the bridge. It was scary at first and I figured it's definitely frightening for those who are claustrophobic.

After minutes of endless buwis-buhay swimming, we finally had a glimpse of the beauty of the place. We were like mythical creatures swimming in enchanting waters.

Our tour guides warned us not to drop anything because the water is too deep. When you drop something, say goodbye to it because you’ll never retrieve it. That’s why Jeff and Joie were very careful with their underwater camera! Haha!


Some parts of the lagoon are warmer than the other parts. It was a running joke among all the tourists that the warmer parts are the lagoon’s restrooms! Nyaha!

P1000297with Boyet and Kuya Chris

I really enjoyed the company of Boyet, Jeff, Joie, Kuya Chris and Kuya Arvin. Yes, I intentionally included our tour guides. It was very obvious that they were having fun. They were laughing with us and even cracked a few jokes. They were like kids acting like it was their first time to see the place. We all kept on playing like there’s no tomorrow!

P1000298Joie, Jeff and Kuya Arvin

PS: Photos courtesy of Joie

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