I have visited the Greenbelt branch of Chili’s Bar and Grill a few times before. So the sight of one near our hotel made me really excited although I wasn’t really enthusiastic in trying it out. Their food is bit pricey and I really wanted to try eating in restaurants which can’t be found in the Philippines. But Rhia suggested we try it out because according to her, they serve a certain kind of onion rings which Chili’s Philippines don’t offer.

A basket of onion strings with Jalapeño dressing first arrived on our table. One thing I noticed is that the white onions from USA are sweeter than ours here. This makes me enjoy onion rings more each time I get the chance to have it in my meal. I enjoyed this appetizer because the sweetness of the onions was a perfect contrast to the spicy Jalapeño peppers.

DSC_0474Crispy Onion String & Jalapeño Stack USD3.99

Another thing that convinced us to pay Chili’s a visit is their 2 for $20 treats just like what we had in Applebee’s. Diners can choose an appetizer and two entrees to enjoy this indulgence. It was a nice deal because we could enjoy a dinner for four for a price for two. Everybody agreed we get the Texas Cheese Fries for appetizer. Large chunks of fries were topped with Jalapeños, bacon bits and cheese. It was served with ranch dressing on the side.

DSC_0478Texas Cheese Fries

Cajun Chicken Pasta was our first entree choice. The grilled chicken breast brought a smoky flavor to the garlic Alfredo sauce. Spring onions and tomatoes added not only flavors but also color to the pasta dish.

DSC_0485Cajun Chicken Pasta

A half-rack of baby back ribs completed our dinner. It is usually served with fries but we opted to have ours with mashed potatoes topped with cheese and bacon bits. We savored every bite of the ribs along with the loud shouts and laughter from a large group seated near us. The waitress was actually gracious enough to chat with us and apologize for the noise. She told us that they don’t usually have such a big crowd. I actually didn’t mind it that much because I really enjoyed my Chili’s dining experience in Minnesota. I’ll probably drop by Greenbelt when I crave for some Mexican and American foods.

DSC_0488Baby Back Ribs

3625 Pilot Knob Rd
Eagan, MN

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