Apple Orchard

An officemate suggested we try to go to an apple farm. He said that first or second week of October is a nice time because the trees have changed colors and the leaves have not fallen completely. We drove to an apple orchard although I don’t know where exactly we went and how long it took us to get there because I was asleep (as always). The place was a bit crowded as evident in the number of cars squeezing in the parking lot.

I was just a bit disappointed because there was really nothing much to see in the orchard. The only apples I saw were those being sold on the stand and those that have already fallen on the ground. But instead of whining, we just took the most out of our trip to the apple farm. I just endlessly took pictures of every corner of the place.

This spot was my favorite. I think I made that obvious with the following photos. :) I just felt even smaller than a dwarf compared to the very large trees.

But I have to say that the most eye-catching scenery is not inside the garden. The only colors of leaves that I’ve seen in the Philippines are green and brown. I simply couldn’t hide my amazement at the sight of trees with yellow, yellow orange, orange and red leaves.

I liked a particular tree because it seems like the autumn I had in mind came to life by the sight of it. I didn’t think I’d get the chance to see such a scenic view because I only see it in movies.

DSC_0578I was actually trying to blend! :p

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