Ramen and Maki at Tempura Japanese Grill

I have dined at Tempura Japanese Grill for many times already. Whenever my family craves for Japanese food, Tempura is always on top of our list. Two weekends ago after watching Iron Man 2, Boyet and I decided to have a quick snack at Tempura. Both of us were not hungry because it was already past lunchtime and we consumed a bucket of popcorn while watching the movie. Hehe! ^_^

Boyet was so in the mood for something hot so he opted to get their Seafood Ramen – egg noodles with vegetables and different kinds of seafood in a clear base soup. I remember that my mom tried to replicate it after we first tried the ramen. In all honesty, my mom’s version is really at par with that of Tempura’s. :)

The vegetables remained crunchy even after being soaked in boiling soup. The broth had the right amount of saltiness and the seafoods were really fresh. I hate it when restaurants serve shellfish that tastes like soil. Ewww! Tempura's seafood ramen is way better than that of Ajisen's. Believe me!

IMG_2437Seafood Ramen Php240

I had a maki hangover after enjoying the Salmon Kawa Maki from Kitaro the night before so I ordered for Tempura’s Firecracker Crisp. The picture at the menu book was really appetizing. I was already expecting a mouthwatering dish to stand by its description as fried maki balls, filled with spicy tuna, coated with special batter, swirled with teriyaki sauce and mayo. My first bite was awesome as I got the sweet and tangy mixture of the teriyaki sauce and mayo. The crunchy batter also appealed to my taste buds. So imagine my disappointment when I found out that what I paid for was just fried rice balls. I wasn’t able to taste anything spicy in the filling and the tuna bits were almost invisible.

IMG_2445 Firecracker Crisp Php160

This is the first time that I had a major complaint with the food. I think this is just an isolated case and it happens in almost all restaurants. Fortunately, my frustration from the maki was complemented by the sweet and cold watermelon shake. Aside from the cherry on top of the glass, I could also taste a splash of cherry syrup that added a little kick to the shake.


Tempura Japanese Grill
Level 1 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. I have not been to Tempura for such a long time. I have been invited to Penang Hill and Holy Cow though. These 2 restaurants are under the same management as Tempura.


  2. Tempura is my favorite among the three. I like Penang Hill but Holy Cow is a bit disappointing.


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