Restaurant Review: Kitaro

Hey there readers! I am back to regular programming. I posted two entries to aid the Filipino voters in making the right decision. That gave me quite a few backlogs. :)

Two Fridays ago, Boyet picked me up from work for a dinner date. It was drizzling that night and it was also a payday so we already dismissed the idea of going to Greenbelt. I suggested a Chinese restaurant near our office but I was surprised when I found out that it already ceased its operation. There was a line of restaurants a few steps from where we were so I asked Boyet to make the decision. It was a choice between Persian and Japanese food so Boyet opted for the latter. Kitaro was the final choice.

A cup of boiling miso soup started our meal. It was perfect for a breezy night. I loved the texture of the soft tofu cubes. My only complaint was that the soup was a little salty. I initially thought that giving it a quick stir will make a difference but it didn’t.

IMG_2397Miso Soup Php45

I was still full from my lunch at Sbarro so I just ordered for Salmon Kawa Maki. I fell in love with it because the crispy salmon skin reminds me so much of my favorite fish skin appetizer from Mr. Choi Kitchen. I was like a child eating the maki while making exaggerated noises from the crunchy salmon skin. I know it’s unethical but I really enjoyed the maki. Haha! :)

IMG_2408Salmon Kawa Maki Php125 (8 pcs)

IMG_2402Chahan Rice Php60

I had few bites of the Chahan rice. It wasn’t like any typical fried rice because it wasn’t oily. But it was a little salty. It was also the same case with the Seafood Teppanyaki. The vegetables remained crispy but the sauce was really salty. We could feel our lips getting numb from too much salt after eating.

IMG_2404Seafood Teppanyaki Php240

It was a wise choice for me to get chocolate mousse to end the meal. The sweet and delectable cake was a great way to balance all the saltiness from the miso soup, Chahan Rice and Seafood Teppanyaki. Hehe! :)

IMG_2425Chocolate Mousse Cake Php60

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