Pasta-less snack at The Old Spaghetti House

I had to accompany Boyet to his doctor’s appointment last Thursday because he hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days. We thought that his headaches were only because of the extreme heat in Manila. But the doctor said that he has to take antibiotics to treat his upper respiratory tract infection. He was so quiet which is contrary to his normal state. I knew that he wasn’t also in the mood to eat so we just decided to have a quick snack at The Old Spaghetti House.

I have been to TOSH a lot of times before but I never really liked it. Their serving size is too small for my appetite and some branches have really slow service. But since I was with a sick kid, I had to concede with his desire to have some hot soup. But I honestly believe that he chose TOSH because he was too lazy to walk.

He chose Pumpkin Soup which was served a few minutes after we placed our orders. I have always loved pumpkins/squashes because we were trained to eat them. I started wearing glasses at a young age so my father convinced me to eat squash to prevent further damage to my eyesight.

I find it rare to get a boiling cream-based soup. I don’t know why but most of the cream-based soups we get from restaurants are just lukewarm. I was glad that the pumpkin soup served to us was really hot. It was a good way to ease Boyet’s scratchy throat.

I enjoyed the slight sweetness of the soup. The crunchy croutons were a great contrast to its creamy texture.

IMG_2483 Pumpkin Soup Php75

Since I am not a fan of their pasta dishes and Boyet refused to have a heavy meal, I settled for the Four Cheese Pizza. I was actually surprised when the thin-crusted pizza was served to our table. I am not sure if the crust they use is pita bread because it tastes like one. Their presentation is very different from the usual round pizzas. Since the pizza is sliced in strips, we enjoyed it by folding each piece as the cheeses overflowed. The combination of ricotta, parmesan, quick melt and mozzarella cheeses was perfect. A few sprinkle of fresh basil added a distinct minty flavor to the pizza.

IMG_2491Four Cheese Pizza Php220

I have to admit that I forgot all my disappointments from previous experiences with TOSH after tasting this pizza. I enjoyed their Chocolate Truffle Pie from our last visit but I had to control myself from getting desserts. ^_^

The Old Spaghetti House
Level 3 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. haven't tried their sandwiches and pizza. i'd always get pasta-- love the arrabiata, pesto with grilled chicken, oriental spaghetti, gambasetti! their roast beef rice meal is good too.

  2. hi there, hope it's okay i used the 4 cheese pizza photo in my blog post. Credited you for it. Let me know if you want me to remove it. thank you so much:)


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