26 Wishes

It’s another year! I don’t know what is with time but it is surprisingly flying faster. It feels like yesterday when I’d wear my dad’s supporter over my knee-length shorts thinking it was cool. Now, I think it would be quite gross if I put it on again.

I was hoping that this year would be better. Last year was quite a disaster that I even tried not to celebrate my own birthday. But I need to be positive. I’ll only be in my 20’s once and I’ll soon be approaching the late 20’s stage. Argh! What happened?!

Anyway, I don't think it's greedy to have 26 wishes. It's my 26th birthday after all. ^_^

1. I wish to have more readerships (and more advertisements) in this blog.

2. I wish to be less accident-prone. What’s with slipping from the stairs and just recently in the bathroom?

3. I wish I can find more reasons to smile.

4. I wish I can bring smile to more people. More good deeds to come this year!

5. I wish I can learn to be less grumpy and temperamental because wrinkles are starting to show up!

6. I wish I can find time to finish my “20 things to do before I reach 30” list. Somebody promised to teach me how to ride a bicycle so I wish that he still remembers that promise.

7. I wish my family and friends good health.

8. I wish better health for me this year and the years to come. I think I’m a little old for tonsillitis!

9. I wish I can let go of all the frustrations and disappointments that piled up for the last 25 years. I have been feeling each time I wake up in the morning that my heart is slowly being eaten up by negativity.

10. I wish I can learn that real friendships do not end. I felt that I was left behind by some friends. I didn’t realize that the physical detachment does not necessarily mean that the bond we’ve nurtured over the years goes away.

11. I wish I can freely accept that new friendships will come. I have the tendency to hold back from building new relationships when old friends leave. Maybe I just so got used to being with the same people. And as a result, my eyes are shut at how others try to reach out to me.

12. I wish I can spend more time with my friends. Friends, spend more time with me too! Haha!

13. I wish for more places to visit and more restaurants to try.

14. I wish Boyet and I can get back what we lost.

15. I wish Boyet stops acting like a child by starting to eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis!

16. I wish I can keep on my once a week fruit diet.

17. I wish to have more personal time with God. I have been skipping Sunday masses and I don’t remember the last time I’ve read the bible.

18. I wish my brother will start cleaning his room. It smells really bad.

19. I wish for a new computer for my room so that I won’t need to endure my brother’s stinking room.

20. I wish my mom stops reminding me over and over again that I’m getting older and that I need to be doing the thing that other 20-something women do.

21. I wish my dad minimizes his drinking. He gets really noisy when he’s drunk.

22. I wish they are still and will always be proud of what I have become.

23. I wish for the day that Erlie will finally introduce her boyfriend to us! Not that one!

24. I wish to unleash the child in me. Wohoo!

25. I wish for a clean and honest 2010 election. I wish for a president that does not only lead but also inspires people to do better.

26. I wish that my two-year wish will come true. I have been praying for something for so long but still nothing. If God thinks it is not yet the right time, I still wish He will continue to shower me with patience as I wait for His perfect time. My friend Mei taught me this prayer.

God, I want this but I want your will more. Help me to see what You really want me to do. Help me to recognize it without a doubt. Help me to glorify You always and may my decision bring glory to Your name.

Happy 26th to me!


  1. Wala bng world peace??

    hehe! I 2nd the motion, may all your wish come true :D

  2. Thanks *MrsMartinez* and Jhonny Bravo! :)

  3. ung pinagppray mo ba ung lagi natin pinaguusapan.. ehehee jokes

  4. mei, 2 yung lagi nating pinag-uusapan e. yung 2 years ko ng pray yung malapit mo ng makuha haha! may binura kong word jan sa prayer mo e, ayun yun. :p

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  6. Belated Happy Birthday future kumare ;)


  7. Happy Birthday future Kumare!

    ;) MJ


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