Restaurant Review: National Sports Grill

I went home late last Friday night after having dinner with Yen. Because of that, it was terribly hard for me to get up the following morning. Boyet and I were supposed to buy some items for our chocolate candy-making bonding. Instead of Robinson’s Ermita which is our usual destination, we opted to go to Makati to check out Greenbelt, Landmark, SM and Glorietta.

I was already starving when we arrived at Greenbelt around past noon. The place was a bit quiet and not as crowded as the night before. We strolled around Greenbelt 3 in search of a place to have our lunch. Boyet suggested we go to National Sports Grill. I have been to NSG a couple of times before and I have to say that it is a nice place for sports enthusiasts. Boyet was hoping that he’d catch the Brian Viloria fight at NSG but he was dismayed when we found out that they are showing an NBA game. Oh well, it was an NBA game. Boys…

We were greeted by a friendly and pretty waitress. The place was not packed making it easier to catch the staff’s attention.

I couldn’t decide whether to get pasta or hamburger so Boyet convinced me to get both. It turned out to be a very nice decision. ^_^

Chicken Parmesan arrived first. You have the choice of red or white sauce for the pasta. We picked white sauce of course. The penne pasta was cooked al dente which has always been my preference. The combination of flavors of the cheese and garlic was perfect. It was served with two chicken breasts topped with melted cheese and a slice of bread. I enjoyed munching the chicken because it wasn’t oily at all.

Chicken Parmesan Php425

My jaw dropped while the burger was being served. I didn’t know that it was that big! I started eating the fries which was perfectly seasoned. The spicy and salty coating of the fries was really enticing. I was trying to save some room for the remaining order so I just split half of the burger into two. It was one of the best burger I’ve ever tried. I had my burger well-done but there were no signs of charring unlike other restaurants who think that well-done is synonymous with burned. The patty was still moist and flavorful. But the bread stood out as well as the patty. I brought home some of the burger and my mom only ate the bread leaving some of the meat behind. The menu said that they use sourdough parmesan bread. I am not sure what it is but it sure added flavor to the hamburger.

San Francisco Burger Php395

I almost fainted when the Half Mile Chicken was served. I thought it was just a two-piece fried chicken but I might have just mistaken it with another meal. I was so dense not to realize that Half Mile means half chicken. Their fried chicken is crispy on the outside yet juicy and moist on the inside. I liked the salty kick of the breading which matched the mushroom gravy sauce.

Half Mile Chicken Php335

I think it was the longest lunch we’ve had. We really tried to finish the food but we failed. We took home three fourths of the burger and 2 pieces of chicken. Aside from the food, the sporty atmosphere made my date giddy and started talking about basketball while I felt like I was being punished for not understanding a single thing. But I guess he was just trying to over talk so he could burn more calories and eat more food. Hehe!

National Sports Grill
Level 3 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St.
Makati City


  1. This restaurant serves food like Friday's and Chili's, right? Now, I miss Chili's lol xoxo

  2. Hmm yeah sort of. I love Chili's! :)

  3. Wow, everything there looks so good and now I am so hungry! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for dropping by Catherine! :)

  5. OMG! ur pics are getting better and better.. :-) naks! congrats tol! and thanks again for the Tagaytay trip! :-)


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