My Newest Addictions

Published on March 23, 2013

It’s not drugs. I gave that up years ago! Pero madalas, sabog pa rin ako. Hahaha! Chos lang! I don’t even drink or smoke. Since this is a food blog, you probably know that I’m talking about my latest food discoveries.

Last week, I went to S&R with my parents to take advantage of their 5-day sale. In fairness, sanay na si Mama. Hindi na siya nagrereklamo na malalaki ang mga tinda sa S&R! :p After hours of shopping, we took home XX,000 worth of items. Incidentally, a large percentage of these is actually food. We bought tons of fruit juices and junk foods. And these three are my favorites.

I first learned of Pop Tarts when I stayed in the US for three months. Since I have to catch the 7:30AM bus, I was forced to have quick breakfasts. Each time I overslept for a few minutes, I’d just throw a pack of Pop Tarts in the microwave oven. Two magical pastries are already enough to keep me energized the entire morning.

I was ecstatic when I saw my favorite Strawberry Pop Tarts on the shelves of S&R when I first went there last year. It seems like I wasn’t the only person who fell in love with it. Boyet could actually finish one box in a few days!

S’mores is my favorite Pop Tarts flavor. I don’t think S&R has it. But the Brown Sugar Cinnamon was a very nice alternative. We were able to get one giant box of Pop Tarts with two flavors. This made me one happy foodie!

While we were in S&R, my mom pointed out that every cart contains a huge transparent container full of cheesy goodness. She asked me to find it and get one. Ironically, when my mom saw it on our cart, she asked me why I bought one. Tatay ko gatong pa! “Singkwenta pesos lang ‘yung nakaplastic na Cheese Curls ha!” Ayun, pagdating namin sa bahay, ayaw na tantanan. Muntik ko pang hindi makunan ng picture. :p

Now this tops my list! I first bought this last February. I was eyeing a tub full of colorful figures when Boyet noticed me. We were both happy after meeting my new OB/GYN for the first time so he gave me the go signal to buy it. It was gone after one day. Of course, I got a lot of help from my mother and my brother!

When I saw that it was on reduced price, I got one tub of my favorite gummy candies. When my mom saw me, she asked me to get two more tubs! Now, I am having a struggle as three tubs of gummy candies lure me every day! Hahaha!


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  1. whoah gusto ko nung gummy candies!!!! :( I think I really need to get my S&R membership card soon!!! Hahahah! Gummy candies sealed the deal. :-P

    1. Go! Para naman hindi lang ako ang jologs sa S&R! :p

  2. I love herrs! Sabi na magugustuhan mo yan hehe. If mahilig ka sa cinnamon flavor try mo cookie butter lasang cinnamon for me haha! Sarap mamili sa s&r pepero almond naman ako addict!