Things Your OB/GYN Failed To Tell You

Published on March 07, 2013

You are not supposed to read this post if you’re a boy or a girl who easily gets grossed out. While you still can, go to my archive section and read other posts or click the X button before it’s too late. Go! Run as fast as you can! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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When you reach this part, it means that you didn’t heed to my warnings so I might as well continue.

I changed my OB/GYN of 6 years. She was my second OB/GYN as my mom convinced me to see one when I reached 18. In those six years, I only started visiting her religiously last year. But I decided to seek for a second opinion because I have this certain condition that needs special attention. After my first consultation with my new OB/GYN, Dra. Australia Luz, at St. Luke’s Global, I asked myself what took me so long to leave my old doctor behind. My previous OB/GYN makes me wait for as long as 6 grueling hours and only talks to me in less than 60 seconds. It’s as if she looks at me like another source of consultation fee.

I hate sharing TMI in this blog. I actually cringe at how other people divulge everything online. Kulang na lang sabihin na, KAKAUTOT KO LANG… LIKE 3 SECONDS AGO! Pwede siguro 'yun kung amoy strawberry ang utot. That's worth sharing. But I’m not that type. Up until now, most of you still don’t know the “condition” that I was referring to. HAHA! Anyway, I’ll make this an exception. Kahit labag na labag sa loob ko. When I talked to a few of my girlfriends about my recent “discoveries” c/o my new OB/GYN, I was surprised that they also didn’t know this stuff. I realized that I need to share this.

The best thing about Dra. Luz is the fact that she explains everything to me. I get to stay inside her office for 30 minutes. May halong tsismisan pa! She does not stop until she had everything explained to me and my husband. She also makes it a point to combine medical terms and words that can be understood by her patients. On my last visit, she started discussing things that are actually not connected to my condition. Because of this, I learned so much from our discussion. She told me that women who are trying to conceive are more prone to infections. This is because ideally, you have to wash after you-know-what. But since you have to “preserve” those swimming buddies, women are encouraged to lie down for hours to avoid “spillage”, thus the washing part has to wait the following day. See, I told you this will gross you out! :p

Because I’m naturally curious and inquisitive, and she’s always accommodating in answering my questions, I asked her what should be done to prevent infections. Nobody wants infection, right?! So here it goes.

1. Use feminine wash twice a day. She told me that infections usually happen when our vajayjay’s acidity is being “disturbed”. It is acidic, and semen is alkaline. The acidity protects it from bacteria. (I was once a champion of a Biology quiz bee so I know this part! Hahaha!!!) It doesn’t matter whether you use PH Care or Lactacyd. Both products do what they are supposed to do, and that is to maintain the acidity down there to its healthy level.

2. As much as possible, avoid using panty liners! I’m very much guilty of this. Even if you change regularly, you are still prone to infection with regular use.

3. Use loose underwear when you’re sleeping. The more air gets through, the better. Haha! She said, “Kung meron kang butas-butas, mas ok ‘yun!” HAHAHA! I love her! Kaya mga teh, huwag itapon ang mga bacon panties! K?! :p

4. Wear skirts and dresses more often. My eyes popped out when she told me that I should avoid wearing skinny jeans. I wear skinny jeans almost every day, and I wear dresses just once a year! BWAHAHA!!! She encouraged me to wear dresses and skirts more often. If I need to wear pants, I have to make sure that it’s not too tight.

I came to office in a dress for two consecutive days. I’ll probably need to ransack my closet and see how many of my dresses and skirts still fit me. I’m such a lazy dresser so I usually grab my pants and a shirt that my hands will pick first. But that has to change. :p So don’t be surprised if you see my transformation. It’s not because I have a date or nagdadalaga lang ako. It is my doctor’s orders, for my strict compliance. :p

To cap off our conversation, she said (and this made me laugh really hard), “Basta ang bottomline, habang nakukulob ang p3p3 natin, mas prone sa infection.” HAHAHA! This is why I’m so glad that I switched to a new doctor.

I hope you learned something. I promise not to have more topics like these in the future. Haha. Hopefully, this post did not turn you off and make you decide to quit reading my blog. I’ll see you on my next (less yucky) post!

P.S. Hirap na hirap akong i-censor ang post na ito!!! :p

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