Dairy Queen’s Dilly Bar

Published on December 01, 2012

One day while hubby and I were strolling at Robinsons Manila, we heard a ringing bell along with an inviting voice of a woman. These two led us to Dairy Queen, the ice cream shop that reminds me so much of my youth. When I was in high school, my classmates and I usually go to Dairy Queen every Friday after school to grab our favorite Blizzard. It has been my favorite which is probably why I haven’t noticed this particular ice cream which the woman asked us to try. We bought one which Boyet and I lovingly shared. I remember that three strangers looked at me when I unconsciously shouted “Mmmmmmm” after my first bite of this delectable treat.

So after a couple of weeks, we made sure to drop by Dairy Queen once again. No sharing this time around!

dairy queen, ice cream, dilly bar
Before we tried it for the first time, Boyet said that it might just be another version of Magnum. But when I did some online research, I found out that Dilly Bar has been around since 1955!

dairy queen, ice cream, dilly bar Hubby Holding His Dilly Bar

With vanilla ice cream (which is my favorite ice cream flavor) coated with thick chocolate, Dilly Bar is the best example of “Less is more.” When I first tasted it, I was immediately convinced that Dilly Bar is better than Magnum. And to topple Magnum even more, Dairy Queen’s Dilly Bar only costs PHP39! So in case you’re feeling really down, go to the nearest Dairy Queen branch and grab yourself a Dilly Bar! :)

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