Restaurant Review: Wham! Burgers

We were supposed to go out on a date to celebrate hubby’s birthday weekend, but something came up which totally ruined my mood. I would have wanted to go somewhere more romantic, but my mind was preoccupied with a lot of stuff to even think of a decent place to go to. After hearing mass two Sundays ago, Boyet and I decided to just find the very few dining places in Robinsons Manila which we haven’t tried yet. My husband surely knows how to cheer up his sad wifey. He wanted fried rice and hot noodles, but he knows that a mouthwatering burger can shift my mood completely. That led us to Wham! Burgers.

I told him that I wanted to pig out that day. I wanted something else aside from the burger. I could actually eat a dinosaur and wouldn’t mind at all. Dinosaurs aren’t being served so he got me French fries instead.

fries, burger, restaurant French Fries PHP66

I love that their fries are thicker than the usual. It gives me the more authentic potato “flavor” as I bite into it. The fries are not oily, and perfectly salted too.

Hubby and I usually get different food when we dine out so we can try as much in one sitting. We both wanted cheeseburger that day, and nobody wanted to give in. Birthday nya, masama loob ko. Sige, cheeseburger tayo pareho! :p

fries, burger, restaurant Always Fresh! Always Hot!

There is a sign at the store saying that they grill the patty after you order to make sure that customers get the freshest burger. I didn’t wait that long though because hubby and I got our burgers hot and fresh as promised! It was definitely worth the wait.

The doneness was perfect, just the way I like it. I felt the juice coming out of the burger which made me really scared that blood would start to drip. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Again, ayaw ko ng humihinga pang baka. :p

fries, burger, restaurant
Wham! Burger with Cheese PHP145

fries, burger, restaurant

I put some chili sauce on my burger which added more heat to it. I’ve tasted other burgers which cost more than the one I had at Wham. But I have to say that this one tastes way better. For only PHP145, this is actually a decent meal. I don’t know what took me so long to finally try Wham! Burgers, but I’m happy that I finally did.

And yes, my mood changed after eating!

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