Coron Day 2 (Island Tour Part 1): Siete Pecados

The emotional roller coaster of quitting my six-year job and getting out of my comfort zone added delay to my blogging habits. My travel time also increased since I now work at Taguig. But then again, I would also like to blame my constant laziness in blogging. :p

I was planning to make one long post for our Coron island tour. But I was overwhelmed when I looked at the tons of photos that I needed to work on. We went to Coron last November and I am still in part 1 of our island tour. Only God knows how many parts this will be. For now, please bear with my installment style of blogging.

With our legs aching after our Mt. Tapyas adventure, we reserved all the strength left in our body because we knew that our second day would be doubly tiring. Our island tour was included in our worry-free package courtesy of Centro Coron. It was a jam-packed day.

Aside from Kuya Chris, we were also accompanied by another tour guide (Kuya Arvin) and two very funny boatmen. Kuya Chris kept on teasing one of the boatmen since he looks like Vandolph! Parang sila yung magbabarkada na nag-tour tapos sabit lang kami! Nyaha!

Since our itinerary was already provided by Centro Coron, I intentionally didn’t research about the places that we were scheduled to go to. It would not only lower my expectations but it would also surprise me. I have the tendency to overthink and compare my experiences with the way I imagined them. So with our Coron trip, I simply let go and went with the flow.

Because of my traumatic experience the first time I tried snorkeling, I was a bit scared. I would anxiously check, double-check and triple check my vest. My hubby probably noticed it so he made sure that my vest was properly strapped and would not loosen up. He asked me to try if I’d float and made sure that I was already comfortable with how it fits to my body. And then whoala! I turned carefree in the water.

With Joie

It was the first time that Jeff and Joie used their new underwater camera. But no matter how good your camera or how great the pictures turn out, nothing beats personally seeing the underwater creatures. The anxiety was replaced by enthusiasm and fear turned into bliss. And it was only our first stop, so watch out for my future posts! :)

Nabulabog ang mga fish!


  1. Bakit parang nakakatakot yung mga fishies sa pictures.. kinabahan tuloy ako.. next week na kami, Je! After 8 months of waiting hahaha :)

  2. Haha! Sorry naman Becky. Perstaym namin sa underwater camera :p


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