I woke up this morning imitating the prayer I learned from Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. “Thank you, Lord, for returning my soul to me.” According to that book, when you start that way, the rest of the day is just a bonus.

I just realized today that I enjoy my birthday more as I get older unlike other people who disregard theirs as they age. Lavish parties and extravagant gifts don’t appeal to me. An intimate dinner with my family, new Chucks from hubby, tons of greetings from friends, sincerest “I Miss You” messages from Navi BFFs, a simple celebration with my TW colleagues, a humble blog which serves as a canvass for my wired brain, a loving family, a husband who thinks that doing household chores with me is cool, are just few of the many things that I’m grateful for.

Days ago, I just found myself crying in the hospital. It’s as if battling asthma and anemia all my life were not enough. Then I realized that I am not dying and a lot more people are probably suffering more than whatever I’m going through. Endless hugs from my husband, encouraging words from my mother and heartfelt messages from my close friends somehow made it more bearable.

Now, I’m happy. I learned that what makes other people happy may not make me happy. The more I compare my happiness with someone else’s, the more I end up being empty and lonely. Happiness is not only a choice. It’s also an acceptance that life’s glitches are God’s gifts in disguise. The best way to achieve happiness is not with the possession of material things, but rather with the way we nourish our personal relationship with God and with other people. So to those who have been a part of my 28 years, thank you!

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Cheers to happiness!


  1. Happy Birthday Je!!!
    God Blss you always!!!
    Wishing you good health and genuine happiness!



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