Product Review: Shoebox & Me

Published on August 22, 2011

I have a huge fascination with flat shoes. That’s why my mother is having a difficult time comprehending this simple truth. I can’t blame her. It’s not easy to figure out why her ALMOST 5-ft tall daughter is not interested in wearing high-heeled shoes. I frown each time I see one. On the contrary, a pair of cute flat shoes magnetizes me. It draws my attention as if it has its own voice. It’s like a restless soul pleading to be freed. Nyaha! :p

My latest purchase wasn’t planned. But seeing lots of cool flat shoes in the middle of a crowded mall was like a diabetic being teased with a bar of chocolate.

Shoebox & Me offers comfortable and stylish shoes. I was eyeing a pair of yellow checkered flat shoes. I tried it on and noticed how comfortable it was. It would have been nice for long walks but they no longer have my size. :(

I was about to let it go when Boyet handed me a pair of blue shoes. It wasn’t as appealing as my first choice. But I realized that I needed it more than the yellow one. I am alternately using two pairs of flat shoes. I bought a gray Bass shoes in an outlet store while I was in the US. And the other is a black velvet shoes which I bought from a tiangge for only PHP250. It looks like it is about to retire VERY soon because I already applied some Mighty Bond when I saw the soles smiling at me. Hehe! I also have a white one that I don’t usually wear since we’ve already entered the rainy season. It dawned on me that I already need a good pair of office shoes. :)

DSC_0803Flats from Shoebox & Me PHP749

Shoebox & Me
Level 2
Robinson's Place Manila

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